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Final video from Japanese reporter, killed in Syria.

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 02:03 PM
(I came across this as I checked down my list of news sites. It's a few days old, but I couldn't find a hit on the forums by running her name or variations of a Japanese Reporter killed in Syria. I hope I didn't miss one.)


We have seen many videos and short bits which claim to show the rebels being pounded or in combat with Syrian Government forces. I've rarely seen the kind of video I want to see most in these situations. General shots of daily life and how it's actually working over there for reality among the Rebels or Gov't forces.

This video seems to do that quite well as it covers a general scene of the rebels during what appears to be a quiet period in the fighting. I bring it here for general background and added perspective to what is happening over there. It would also be proper to remember to Japanese lady this was created with and who has been killed in the crossfire. (I can't get this video to display, visit the link for the playback)

Ms Yamamoto, a 45-year-old award-winning journalist working for the Tokyo-based independent news agency, Japan Press, was fatally wounded while travelling with the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo. She became the first Japanese national killed in the 17-month conflict.

Ms Yamamoto is shown reporting from the beseiged city with her husband and colleague Kazutaka Sato as they follow a patrol of rebel soldiers. In the final moments of the footage gunfire breaks out before the camera freezes on what is believed to be the last shot she filmed.
Source & Video

That is quite a view of life over here. What a mess....

* Additional Material Added

I found this on youtube to add to other link above. The link above goes to raw video created with Mika Yamamoto before her death. This one is a news report about her death along with a brief shot of her talking about her purpose in Syria.

There is another video showing her, after the shooting..but that isn't the material I'll link to. It's out there if someone wants that level of information. However someone feels about the conflict, she sounded like a good and dedicated person.

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

The job she had definitely has risks! It's unfortunate that a life has ended, however, it's inevitably going to happen in any battle zone. Let's also not forget all the other lives that have been lost in this western incited "revolution". Those who didn't have a choice whether to be there or not.
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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 10:17 PM
In the interests of presenting as fair and complete a picture as I can for this thread on where she was working and the situation this Lady gave her life to cover, I bring a link to the latest Cryptome photo set from the Rebels in Aleppo.

It's important to note, on a political basis, I'm unchanged in my view and feelings about this over all situation and the place of the Rebels or Assad for that matter.

However, I'm trying to keep politics out of this, for my own part, in presenting a simple view of what is happening there and what it looks like from the perspective of the average guy, as a part of the events.....and of course, one very courageous reporter who I don't consider politics in either way.

Free Syrian Army Photos 2

As a mild warning, some of these are graphic by Western standards, but nothing as bad as the average war movie or horror flick has. Nothing gory that a child would have nightmares by seeing. I'll never be the source of links to photos of that nature. These show the dead, but in as respectful way as I've seen....and obviously, not by major Media. Cryptome is a fairly solid source for on-the-scene material for events all over the globe and usually from a perspective unique to their offerings.

For those who may have trouble with loading the whole thing, here are a couple from the set which are entirely clean of material anyone may find unpleasant over dinner or the like. They are I've made Image links for the single images this time.

and finally, one I think is representative of the whole thing, in this narrow apolitical look at the scene.

It appears it may have been someone's living room, before war came. Perhaps a recently as 2010, a scene for laughter or Birthday parties. We can't know either way, but perhaps a doctor, or lawyer or just a street sweeper once lived there in times of peace. Now, it's a place to exploit for sniper fire down onto those they call their enemy. The furniture someone likely saved up to buy once, now items to collapse on for a few minutes of rest.....and a surface for leverage to get a better view and line of fire to what lies below.

Whatever side someone takes regarding the fall of Syria, I'd hope we can all at least agree on this. It's a human tragedy and one very real and without concern for side or flag when it comes to the individuals who now live in a world torn by fighting.

However it turns out..I hope it gets there soon for the sake of everyone there.

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 05:51 PM
As an addition to keep material relevant and interesting for this thread I am adding links here to additional photo lines from Aleppo rebels. Similar to the above photos, these are 'man on the street' type candid shots and not the formal and staged photos of the Major Media outlets, trying to achieve a purpose with the coverage.

As noted in the caption of one photo, a war of attrition is where the Rebels are headed for their own planning and take on the situation there. Again, I''m personally trying to keep all my politics and attitudes about this conflict out of my presentation of life there and what it looks like, at least so long as I keep finding new material to share here.

Free Syrian Army/Rebel Photos Part 1.
Free Syrian Army/Rebel Photos Part 3.
Free Syrian Army/Rebel Photos Part 4.

(Part 2 is the series linked and referenced above with some photos shown by image link)

It's a real mess over there, but knowing what it actually looks like vs. what CNN or Fox would like it to appear is always nice when the opportunity to see the other side exists, IMO. Take your own meanings from what the photos show, after all, that is the whole point in sharing.

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