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College Sports--more of the dirt comes to the surface--Lady Vols and Univ. of Tenn. on parade

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 01:16 PM
With many sports programs in a huge amount of trouble, due to extremes of tolerance to gain money for programs, it seems the problems never end. Penn. State hosted an obvious Pedophile and a system of corruption to cover it up. The legendary head coach soon dies of a heart attack, and problems get worse. imho

Down in Tennessee, things are still a disaster after the Lane Kiffin football disaster, the Hamiltion mismanagement resignation, and prominent coarch Bruce Pearl's huge lies that get the entire coach staff fired. There is even more dirty laundry washing up to the surface and unclean at Univ. of Tenn. New FB coach Dooley is on his last leg to get wins and keep the sidewalk alumni fans happy, or hit the road.

One of the lastest issues is BB coach Pat Summit left over Dimential Issues, and soon after her pal in Media Relations, Debby Jennings, essentially gets fired for insubordination. Jennings runs a Private Eye company in Knoxville to spy on divorce issues and other matters, and appears to be doing that now. So, Jennings was going to sue UT and another coach named Bud Ford was going to sue UT, in these lastest UT mishaps. So, with the media propaganda hounds missing now, the dirt is appearing.

Turns out that Summit had the Dimentia issue problem for some time and kept loosing her car keys and accusing everyone of taking them. But, with cameras catching her total loss of concentration on the court, the end of a career was obvious. Jennings went down shortly after for some E-mails she wrote that appeared to blame AD Dave Hart for wanting UT to distance from Summit. It appears that big blazon on the UT court calling it "The Summit" is past due to be sanded off the BB court. These days, it seems Summit has good days and bad, and that she can't really drive around anymore on her own. It is that bad, it appears.

Is Pat Summit really due the legend assigned to her, or is what people see more the media hype from persons, like Debby Jennings, that left off the dirty side of UT atletics? It turns out that Pat Summit was a good bit over the top in her coaching methods, by pushing athletes up against the wall and pushing her knee in their belly to ream them out. Sounding too much like a physical assault to some, and with one athlete's remark that I thought she was going to kill me, that is too much coersion to get performance out of the BB team. Was Summit more of a tyrant than coach is the question?

Persons like Debby Jennings set up BB Media Relations at UT and it is an interesting issue of the invitation of reporters that will play the UT media hype game in reporting. All the Media invited gets lots of free food that is catered to the UT Arena by area restautants, and they get one full meal before the game begins followed by a Pizza party at Half-Time, and then the Press Conference at the end of the game with still more free food. All that done in a little private area kept well away from the Fan's eyes. Essentially, UT pays for positive press and gives out nice perks to the press that see things the way Media Relations wanted to happen.

That type thing is small potatos for UT, as the Press area at Neyland's Box area is a huge event that looks like a 5-star restaurant buffet, with all manner of plush accomodations and huge wide screen TVs and premium seating for the game.

In Comparision, Let Geno Auriemma (U. Conn. and former UT Asst to Summit) try that knee in the belly method with a Lady BB team member and he would likely meet the bars of a jail for the same issues or an enraged Press Question session. There exists a double standard that UT used to go well past acceptable behaviors by a female head coach. So, it gets down to if Summit used these over the top methods to gain wins, is she deserving of credit for those wins due to pushing players with what sounds like tyranny behaviors. Behind the cold ice stare on the court was a coach that used profanity and physical intimidation methods that sounded like she crossed the simple assault blue line.

On top of all that going on, if the BB players didn't cut the mustard they also didn't get their names on their jerseys, didn't get the help of student managers doing their laundry, and had to change out somewhere else besides their own dressing rooms. If anyone thought that Colledge Sports was about giving the atheletes coaching and positive support, this isn't the case at UT. I don't think even Military's Drill Instructors were allowed to do what went on at the Univ. of Tenn. to push athletes into what appears to be high numbers of injuries to gain fame for the coach and the school.

So, behind the very methods that Penn. State used to hide many issues with Media Hype is just plain old Crony system of ethics, these methods go across the board to infect all college sports, and UT is no exception. What are the SEC and NCAA doing to correct this problems at UT with over the top tyrant coaching? Nothing!

These days the State of Tennessee runs nothing less than a huge high dollar Sports Entertainment Program that competes with private sports to gain huge monies and pay the athletes very little, just a scholarship. But those Sports Scholarhips folks have to put up with coaches that had huge amounts of profane language use to drive the players. Football in Tennessee is big money and most can't buy tickets unless they Pony up a $5,000 contribution to the University first. Isn't this interesting that citizens that pay to run a state supported university can't buy tickets at face value, as there is this hidden charge of $5,000 under the table to be able to purchase tickets. It starts sounding more like a little Mafia operation from that point to shake down the public for money.

It also gets worse, as the tailgate parties are loaded with public drinking and drunks, which the local police from UT, the City of Knoxville, and Knox County plus surrounding counties all overlook. The Campus rules the students must obey are tossed into the wind for UT Sports events and especially for Football games. It is a game day custom for lots of the students to get drunk on a dry campus for football games and come to the games smashed. The students also have a forced activity fee they have to pay to attend UT.

Sports has little to do with higher education and in the recruitment of athletes they don't go looking for academic qualified, as they take anyone that can play the game and they compromise the higher education with allowing simple things like Walking, Bowling, and Physical Ed stacked things to keep them in college.

These days, it appears anything goes on College Campuses as the Administrations turn a blind eye to right and wrong and toward money at any cost. imho

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 01:28 PM
Some detailed allegations. Care to share the source of this information? Link?

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by Unthought Known
Some detailed allegations. Care to share the source of this information? Link?

There is a lot on the Internet Search for the various aspects.

Major shake ups are happening around UT. The former Women's AD moved to the Chancellors Office as an Asst there. Didn't see any moves to save either Summit or Jennings from that avenue.

The Dave Hart and Debby Jennings drama is here. Appears Jennings thought Summit was forced to retire. Dave Hart gets mad and basically fires Jennings. She goes to Hart's office and then goes back to hers to find her computer is locked down and various other things to limit her UT access. She is pretty much booted out the door.

Jennings runs a PI outfit called "WACHENU" that anyone can find.

It appears that behind the scenes at UT the insiders though that Hart was behind the issue that Summit would not be a UT another year. This set off the problems.

The Bud Ford story is here:

Summit is the poster girl for all the Alzheimers drive issues

It appears all athletics programs have lots of problems, which are shoved under the carpets. Atheletics programs appear more a good ole boyand girl system rather than one run with ethics. Money appears to corrupt absolutely in Sports these days. imho

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 06:59 AM
Looking like time for Tennessee to be doing drug screens on the players. What suddenly crops up but a "Violation of Team Rules" comment that keeps the world from knowing what is really going on at UT, as usual.

Tennessee has suspended star wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules.

UT's program is so infamous that it is usually known for recruitment of thugs. In the past UT athletic players have held up gas stations, failed drug tests, and gotten into street brawls.

Usually, when there is so much money involved the Media Spin hides a lot of problems.

Case in point was Paterno's bad moves with Sanduskey. They and the Administration covered that up for a long time, and it appears even the Penn State police were helping them.

Usually, when it comes to sports the police are right in the middle of covering up lots of athletic criminal behaviors.

In the moments after Joe Paterno died, it became common for people to write and say that he died of a broken heart.

No more Paterno Statue, 60 million fine, and 4 years bowl suspension. Paterno gets the death penalty. Sandusky gets lots of prison pals.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 09:05 PM
Few people know there was a secret "old War"between Pat Summit and and her former Ast. Coach Geno Auriemma over what Summit called "Recruiting Violations" to attempt to get Geno Auriemma.

Geno Auriemma was once one of Summit's Asst. Coaches, and things went bad. Geno Auriemma gets a good coach job at U. Conn. and knows the insider story on how Summit runs the Lady Vols, which Geno likely used to recruit Maya Moore, which steamed Summit so bad she wanted Geno in trouble to get back.

Summit goes a good bit over the top in her methods of coaching, and it appears that attracted her more to U. Conn and Geno's coaching. imho

STORRS, Conn. -- Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma said the regular-season series against rival Tennessee was canceled because Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt accused the Huskies of a recruiting violation.

Auriemma, speaking to reporters on campus Tuesday, said Summitt "doesn't have the courage to say it publicly."

UConn officials said in March they self-reported a secondary violation of NCAA rules in connection with a 2005 ESPN studio tour that the women's basketball office arranged for then-top recruit Maya Moore.

Tennessee canceled the 12-year series with UConn last summer, even though UConn had already signed a contract to extend the annual game through the 2008-09 season.


"It doesn't hurt me," Auriemma said about the series ending. "Some people, that's just their style, they're passive-aggressive. Always wanting someone else to blame for what's going on."


At the time of the ESPN tour Moore, the two-time national high school player of the year from Georgia, was courted by several high-profile programs, including Tennessee.

Moore signed with UConn and starred this season as a freshman, leading the top-ranked Huskies to their 14th Big East tournament title. She averaged 17.8 points and earned conference player of the year honors -- a first for a freshman.

Pat Summit appears so mad at Geno Auriemma over Moore that she was afraid the rest of the story would leak out if UT ever played U Conn. Somebody, somewhere would ask either Moore or Auriemma the wrong questions and problems would show up. And Geno calling the Summit gang the "Evil Empire" was Summit's greatest fear for being outed for being so over the top in coaching methods.

In the beginning when Tennessee, the reigning Queen of the women's game, first played Connecticut in 1995 at Gampel Pavilion, the Lady Vols were No. 1 in the country and had three NCAA titles. But in the wake of UConn's 77-66 victory, it gave Geno and Co. their first No. 1 ranking.

Three months later, when UConn won the rematch in Minneapolis, it gave the Huskies their first NCAA title.

They have met three other times with the national title on the line and UConn has come out on top all three. In Knoxville, that has not well received.


And when Auriemma, a Red Sox fan, likened Tennessee to the Yankees, he called them the "Evil Empire" in reference to a quote by Boston president Larry Lucchino in 2002.


Finally, after the 2007 season, Tennessee pulled the plug on what had been the greatest rivalry in women's college basketball after alleging that UConn had committed violations in the recruitment of Maya Moore. Nothing came of those allegations and the two teams haven't played since.

So, went the huge cold war between Pat Summit and Geno Auriemma, but as Summit became sick and resigned from Coaching, Geno sought to heal wounds and a peace agreement in their long cold war. imho

In the mean time, it appears the UT Black Sheep, Bruce Pearl, has a ESPN commentator job to supplement his job as HT Hackney grocery salesman that he took after his UT coaching disasters.

Pearl's Ex-wife, in Knoxville, runs a Hair Salon, which she named "Allimony", over her huge divorce settlement with Bruce Pearl, which is right on the busiest street in Knoxville.

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 10:41 PM
The Geno and Pat rivalry was strong, and this is a good write up on Geno and the way the Coaches control the press. Geno is an over the top profane language user also:

Geno Auriemma, Mr. Women’s Basketball

Correction: Geno was not an Asst. Coach to Summit.

It appears Summit became afraid to play U. Conn. because they would mess up her statistics.

The News is Summit is going to write her own autobiography, perhaps as mental exercise to stave off the Dimentia, or memoirs of sorts, which is similar to what Geno wrote of himself that is talked about in the above article.

It will be interesting to see if her "Raised Knee" methods to impress players she is upset with them will make it into her words. We'll have to see if that really means she loves the players or loves her statistics. It might also be interesting to learn why the CIA, which is a rather sinister organization, asked her to come teach them her methods of coaching.

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 11:03 PM
Dude - i applaud the effort but it's women's basketball.

Nobody cares except maybe you & the 10 other people watching the sport besides friends & family's of the players & than even the players don't care after they stop playing the sport.

No offense.

But did give a flag & star cause Auriema is a scumbag & Summit is crazy as a fox ; )
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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by BABYBULL24
Dude - i applaud the effort but it's women's basketball.

Nobody cares except maybe you & the 10 other people watching the sport besides friends & family's of the players & than even the players don't care after they stop playing the sport.

No offense.

But did give a flag & star cause Auriema is a scumbag & Summit is crazy as a fox ; )

Thanks for the star and flag.

One has to remember that things are always not quite as pretty as PR paints things. Yes, it is Women's BB and it is mostly attended by lots of women well over 60, but they might not be so impressed if the learned Summit uses profanity worse than Geno when she is sitting in her section watching the Men's games and her son play BB. Plus, lots of the other over the top methods on players. The old lady fan club for Pat Summit might be very embarrassed to take their church pals down to sit near her at games.

I think, if Summit had been like a Fox, she would not have been beaten up by Racoons at her house and gotten a bad injury because she lost the battle there.

If she paid lots more attention to the foods she was eating, she might not have the arthritus and dimentia problems so early in life. She is very type A and even her personality changes when it comes to sports.

It might not be good to have all these over 60 female fans of Summit to act the same way as she does. From the dread on her player's faces, if they loose, it appears lots of them would rather she was different also.

In 20/20 hindsight, we'll have to see what this book of her's tells the fans, or if it will be another PR job.

Encounter with raccoon leaves Summitt with dislocated shoulder

"When I realized what could have happened, it almost brought me to tears," she said. "It wasn't very smart on my part."

It appears too often that Sports at UT means an excuse to use extreme language, which doesn't appear something that an academic medium should be teaching students or the fans.

UT does a lot of really stupid things. You name it, Coaches doing extreme things, athletes holding up gas stations with guns, professors getting tossed in prison for espeonage, and the extreme Alumni that UT celebrates.

Not long ago the BB Arena was used to host of Big Band show, which is known for Pot Smokers and Gate Crashers. That turned the entire UT BB Arena into the largest Pot Party ever on UT's campus, as the band's fans lit up their pot cigarettees and filled the Arena was dense Pot Smoke so extreme parents wanted to take their kids outside due to the amber pot haze that filled the entire Arema. The Cops did nothing to curb that fiasco, and just about all of them had to report they were exposed to pot at the event in case they had to do a drug test and explain how they came up positive. These fans also trashed all the parking facilties and made UT into their own drug festival. imho

The Person that Booked this Big Show into the UT BB Arena is a UT Alum, who is celebrated on the pages of their Alumni Newspaper, but they omit that this Alum set up the largest Pot Party in the history of UT. The same person also sets up Bonnaroo down in Middle Tennessee, which is known for the same things with drugs and music on par with their attempt to make a new Woodstock festival. imho

The very same UT alumni promoter also set up downtown concerts that were free, but made money by selling beer. So, this attracted tons of UT students and the older students bought the younger students beer, which caused all manner of under-age drinking problems. That eventually had to be stopped.

Seems UT knows nothing about how to do anything correctly.

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 05:28 PM
If anyone ever doubts just how much the athletics dominates a colledge like UT, check the numbers. State Colleges like UT are actually in the entertainment business and not the education business.

Atletic facilties dominate the buildings on the UT campus and education is a farce at UT.

The department reported revenues totaling $106,485,376 against expenses of $110,466,652, creating a deficit of 3.98 million. The shortfall, which the department said in a release was "anticipated," shrank a reserve nest egg of approximately $5.5 million that athletic director Dave Hart has voiced concern over throughout his first year at UT.


In April, Hart told the News Sentinel, "I look at the people we are competing against to build a championship-level program, and those people have reserves of $50 to $100 million. We need to focus and prioritize long term."

The article also shows a breakdown for spending to the various athletic department facilties.

One wonders why education is an afterthought at UT, find they don't run an educational institution---they run a huge entertainment operation which doesn't really care about higher learning and actually results in dumbing down the operation.

UT these days is just a little training camp for the Pro-leagues, which one must question why UT is in the sports business.

If one looks at what is going on, if this operation was allowed to be in the private enterprize all these massive funds would be taxable as profits, which would boost the well being of the whole state from the collections of those taxes. UT's sports entertainment operation is all about not doing the job of education and taking profits from private enterprize operations that would be taxable on the whole in terms of their building assets, in terms of the massive profit taking, and UT's opeations competition with private enterprize is essentially a communist level operation where the state runs the operations and not private enterprize.

There are lots of crimes happening in the sports area if one really looks at what is happening carefully. imho

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 06:35 PM
It appears the football player that Dooley let go over failing drug test, which was recently admitted, has been taken in by Tennessee Tech for a second chance. Guess we'll see what is next on that regard.

In the lastest saga of University of Tennessee Athletes gone wild, there is the issue of one athlete beating up the girlfriend with his cast.

Vol long jumper charged for beating ex-girlfriend with a cast

If one does a Google search for Unversity of Tennessee ahtletes arrested one finds there is a ton of UT athletes arrested for everything from armed robbery, assault, brawling, and theft. So much so that many call the UT sports more the recruitment of thugs that students interested in education.

So, what drives these occurances. One finds there is a double standard at UT where the law school raves about domestic violance, yet the athletic department recruits thugs. It gets worse because when one looks at high profile coaches like Pat Summitt one finds she basically assaults her female players in a little back room of the dressing area.

Her method is to take them into this back room and press them up against the wall with her knee planted in their stomoch and berate them with profane language, so intense that a sailor of blush. That is basically physical assault and fear mongering to push the players beyond the limits. But, the Sports and Athletics Dept of the University of Tennessee, along with their lap dog UT Police Dept., doesn't see a thing.

Yet, the highest UT athletic coach at UT has been allowed for years to pin her players against a wall and rail at them so harshly so said they thought Coach Summit was going to kill them. Yet, UT has a Law Dept, that rails against such happening on the outside of UT, is blind to the ways of over the top assault against the players of the women's Lady Vols Basketball team.

And it gets worse, as the Gov of Tennessee, The UT Board, the UT President and Chancellors have all been behind Coach Summitt and basically underwrote these extreme methods of coaching that included basically assault upon the players with Coach Summit's knee played in their stomoch and an intense profane beradement ohappening with her typical veins bulging, red face, and intense stares. There was much more in the minds of the players when they saw Pat Summitt tapping her feet on the side of the court and that hard stare, as the flashbacks for many players see this extreme type of tyrannical coaching from those associations.

One can see there are extreme double standards at UT, where coaches can assasult players and the players have to keep quiet or loose their scholarhips. Even the UT press is courted to play the reporting game their way, and extreme problems such as this would never be reported via the lap dog courtship of the UT press methods to buy off the press for good and positive stories that would not expose situations like this Coach Summit push into the extremes against the players. When folks saw the Lady Vols look of dread when they didn't come out on top to satisfy the tyrant coaching methods of Summit, the dread was being taken to the back room and pushed up against the wall with a knee in your gut and being raked over the coals with intensely profane language. The little locker room appearance on camera were all dolled up for appeatances, but the real locker room coaching is extreme. imho

This is the real UT. Then one wonders why the athletes look at these sports manager's examples and decide there are no laws that apply to athletics at UT.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 02:09 AM
In reading some of the Pat Summitt book, "Reach for the Summit", about her methods, some of her extremes show up---just not all. The magic of her knee in the stomach motivation of the players pushed against the wall shows up a bit, as a metaphor of sorts. Any of her players that experienced this treatment would recognize the meaning for her knee.

That's who you're dealing with here. Someone who will sell her house to own your farm. Someone who will push you beyond all reasonable limits. Someone who will ask you to not just fulfill your potential, but to exceed it. Someone who will expect more from you than you may believe you are capable of. So if you aren't ready to go to work, shut this book.

They tell a story about me back in Henrietta, Tennessee. One day when I was about fourteen years old, I passed a neighbor boy who was struggling to load a forty-five-pound bale of hay on to a truck. He was hot and sweaty, and trying to push the bale up onto the flatbed. I was just a tall, stick-legged girl everybody called Bone.

I watched him for a minute, and then I said, "You want me to show you how to do that?"

I grabbed the bale from him and threw it four stacks high.

You're wondering what a bale of hay has to do with success. Well, there's a trick to loading hay. You have to use your knee. What you do is, you put your right knee behind it and half kick it up in the air. That way you get some loft on it. It works with luggage, too.

My point is, there are certain ways to make a hard job easier. Which is what this book is all about. It's about some tried-and-true methods of success, applicable to any job, that I have found over the course of my career.

I don't think UConn's head BB coach, Geno, could get away with the Summitt Method without landing in jail.

Summitt has gotten a BB Hall of Fame building in downtown Knoxville, she has been guest speaker for the CIA, the darling of Governor Haslam, and the honored guest of US Pres. Obama, so it appears they underwrite these Pat Summitt methods, or perhaps they don't know the real methods that were used to intimidate and scare the players into pushing the limits to avoid this coaches methods.

"As a manager and a master motivator, Pat Summitt transcends sports. The most experienced CEO can learn from her contagious work ethic and ingenious methods."
--Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One-Minute Manager

"I'm someone who will push you beyond all reasonable limits. Someone who will ask you not to just fulfill your potential but to exceed it. Someone who will expect more from you than you may believe you are capable of. So if you aren't ready to go to work, shut this book."
--Pat Summitt

When I get after something, the veins in my neck stand out. The color begins to rise up from my collarbone, and you can see the pulse going in my throat, and my eyes look like the high beams of an oncoming car. I am what you would call a classic Type A personality. An extremely demanding person.

So, one gets a little look at the real Pat Summitt. How she gets the players motivated is push them up against the wall with her knee and have veins bulge out, face red, and throw every profane word in the book at them to the point they are scared she is going to kill them.

It is management by fear and tyranny that drove the Lady Vols and methods that would get most coaches tossed in jail at UConn. imho

The question is does such deserve honors or disgrace to the University of Tennessee for allowing this to go on. It appears the same old good ole boy system of athletics that went on at UPenn with Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky goes on with coaching at UT and extends to the Governor's Office, the CIA, and the US President.

In the last years of the Summitt tenure at UT many players were walking around with crutches, some retired from sports due to injuries, and no one needs to wonder why they were pushed beyond the limits with such overboard coaching methods.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 10:38 AM
Some other issues linked with sports and connected to Pat Summitt is that of how hard pushing sports that causes injury leads to issues of arthritis, chronic inflammation, and this pre-disposes athletes to dementia.

Pat Summitt is the classic example and the undisclosed hazards of playing sports to the limit and breaking the body down, not only in the college years, but in the person's 60's all the bad trauma to the body, bones, and joints comes back with a vengeance.

In the last years of Pat Summitt's UT tenure it became first obvious as to her problems when she kept loosing her car keys and accusing everyone else of taking them. It got worse.

Other early indicators for these hard driving sports leading to injury and inflammation comes from football, but the same effects happen with BB players and even boxers. Many athletes activities essentially gave them dementia in older age.


NFL Players May Be More Vulnerable to Alzheimer’s Disease

Randolph says he first became interested in the brain health of retired athletes when he noticed that the former players seemed to have higher rates of MCI and Alzheimer’s diagnoses than other men their age. His new study confirms that they may indeed be more likely to exhibit the symptoms of MCI — which include noticeable memory loss, language problems and other mental deficits that are severe enough to be picked up by tests, but don’t interfere with daily life — than their non-football-playing peers.

Then the issues for arthritis and dementia being correlated to chronic inflammation began to appear more definable. So, not only did Pat Summitt career choice predispose her to dementia, so did her methods to pushing players to the breaking point.

Midlife rheumatoid arthritis increases the risk of cognitive impairment two decades later: a population-based study.

Inflammation has been associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and dementia.


The presence of joint disorders, especially RA, at midlife seems to be associated with a worse cognitive status later in life. Given the chronic inflammatory component of RA, this study suggests that inflammatory mechanisms may have an important role in increasing the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia/AD.

Summitt's hard drive also got her a knee injury similar to those that trigger football inflammation arthritic issues:

However, a serious knee injury suffered in her fourth game of her final season as a player at Tennessee nearly shattered her plans. But the University of Tennessee provided her with the perfect place to recuperate and still stay in the game after her graduation—as head coach of the University's women's basketball team.

Then the last of the injury issues appears to have been her battle with Raccoons. Here she dislocated her shoulder, got eaten up with raccoon bites, had to take the shots, and took three months to recover. The rest of the story is soon after, the dementia problems became detectable and worsened to the point of having to quit BB.

But, the very same course that Summitt pushed herself into becoming is also the same one she pushed other players into various injuries, and the same latter life outcome can become their sports destiny also.

There is much more to the UT and Pat Summitt story than the PR games of the university will admit. Should driving college atheletes into this level of injury for wins be considered higher education and just how does the unversity pay for the long term injury effects to the students that they profitted highly upon, who have to suffer and pay dearly for their experiences in later life.

The huge question is how does higher education at UT justify a coach that literally assaults the players to perform via backing them into a wall and pushing a knee into their gut, while having a road rage like person with veins bulging, eyes bulging, and tossing out humiliating profanity at the players to essentially instill fear to make them push to the limit and often break their bodies also.

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posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 08:18 AM
There are often political contrivances, both in Washington and Knoxville:

Sketching impressive contributions to society in intensely personal terms, President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to more than a dozen political and cultural greats Tuesday, including former Tennessee wome's basketball coach Pat Summitt.

When Pres. Obama presented Univ of Tenn. Coach Pat Summitt the Medal of Freedom that became about as bad a thought as JFK awarding Curtis LeMay the Medal of Freedom. Summitt represents anything but Freedom and is more like the tyranny of over the top General LeMay, and such isn't in the spirit of JFK's intentions for these medals.

Pat Summitt's coaching methods are as bad as a "Road Rage" experience, as her face turns red, she uses more profanity than any sailor, and her veins and eyes bulge. She is known for her extreme methods like pushing players up against the wall in private areas and shoving her knee in their gut to ream out players not performing up to her standard. Her standard is usually more than the player can deliver. Such verbal attacks and essentially physical assault on the players leaves them fearful of her rage and rath. Players have been in fear that she was going to kill them over these out of control methods of coaching.

Summitt also takes away their official dressing room, takes names off Jerseys, makes them loose their manager helpers. It is more like living in tyranny to come up short on wins. When the players see the ice cold stare of Summitt on the sidelines of games and her foot starts tapping, the team flashback apppears to be one of fear of these rage type coaching methods. Summitt's methods are harsh and extreme rather than positive coaching.

One might wonder, how in the world has this escaped the sports reporting, and the reasons are about the same as how the extremes at Penn. State escaped the news. All College Police Depts. do one thing, they work for the University and they cover up bad things. So, one sees the Campus police covers up and the Chancellors and Presidents of the College do the same to avoid any bad press. UT has extreme press control over the reporting, and for a reporter or radio person to be able to cover Summitt or even get interviews, you have to play her game and that means no embarrasing questions and always glowing commentary. Else, the paper or radio station looses advertising dollars and soon the radio personality or reporter is out looking for a new job.

Pat Summitt often exhibits the same sort of rage against her players that Curtiss LaMay did against JFK, so when President Obama give Summitt this JFK inspired award it was really an insult to freedom and JFK's intentions. Let other college coaches, like Coach Geno Auriemma of U. Conn., try pushing a female player up against the wall in a private area and pushing his knee in their gut, while acting out extreme rage and see how long he stays a Coach and how quickly he would get tossed in jail for assault.

There is a lot of undeserved credit for UT women's basketball if one looks at how hard Summitt pushes and how many players get injuries that will cause lifelong impacts on their health and well being. Summitt is the poster coach for Dementia, which happens to be stimulated due to sports injuries and arthritic causation that associate to injuries. These sports injuries then link with early inflamation effects in the body that correlate with much higher risks for Demetia in later life. The real story of Coach Summitt appears to be this hard driving athletics push both injured herself and pushed her players past reasonable limits. The Dementia that she now experiences, that removed her from Coaching, is the real story of the long term risks that College Sports players face in later life due to all out reckless efforts to gain wins at any cost to the body.

So, should America call such methods of UT's Coach Summitt as Freedom, or more like a system of oligarchic power and tyranny that treats the players more as slaves pushed to the breaking point for wins. I do think that JFK would never have rewarded the Coach Summitt coaching a medal of freedom any more than he would have given one to General LeMay. Both are extreme examples against freedom. imho

It appears at the University of Tennessee that freedom did not allow players to set their own limits for physical ability, as a Coach used extreme methods to gain wins at any cost to the athletes. The secret issue that Pat Summitt seeks to cover up these days is the strong association of sports injuries to arthritis inflammation problems that place players at higher risk for Dementia in later life. Such spin from the sports community does not appear to be about truth or freedom.

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posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 08:39 PM
The long term fate for College Sports injury, and is such a fate acceptable in higher education.

One serious issue in College Sports is how the injuries influence later life, and one can see that Pat Summitt is in denial over the cause and effect issues below. Plus, it appears the sports reporters are helping to hide these associations with Sports Injury to Dementia.

In the article below one can see the denial of the issues when Summitt tries to associate medicine with her Dementia problems. The problem began with her first serious injury and had lots of time to worsen into chronic inflammation that needed medicines as it became worse. ory.html

Summitt believed her symptoms were the side effects of a powerful medication she was taking for rheumatoid arthritis, an excruciating condition that she has quietly suffered with since 2006.

Summitt had inflammation issues long before the was hurting enough to go on medication, but the effects of inflammation on the body began long before the medicine.

And everyone saw the issues of Arthritis on Summitt and even the issues of her loosing her car keys was a problem long before the diagnosis for dementia:

"Pat has rheumatoid arthritis, and I could see it was a strain for her to walk," Goestenkors said. "You could tell that she has slowed down.

The problems began way back with this knee injury that was aggrivated as she continued to try to play. Her battle with the Raccoons appeared more bad choices as this dislocated her shoulder adding more inflammation injury:

However, a serious knee injury suffered in her fourth game of her final season as a player at Tennessee nearly shattered her plans. But the University of Tennessee provided her with the perfect place to recuperate and still stay in the game after her graduation—as head coach of the University's women's basketball team.

But the clear associations with injuries to arthritic chronic effect are clear in sports medicine professional's knowledge. But the Sports Reporters and Summitt herself are in denial of the associations, because it shows she had much to do with her plight toward dementia and arthritis, and her lack of insights there also affect the many players she drove hard into injury with extreme coaching behavior.

Trauma from any cause whether it be from accident or sports injury may lead to the development of arthritis. Depending on the severity of the injury, and the intensity of inflammation produced as a result of cartilage and soft tissue damage, a form of degenerative arthritis may develop. Repetitive trauma is almost a certain guarantee of future trouble. As an example, look at the number of former football stars who now either limp, or have had their knee joints replaced. e.g. Joe Namath, O.J.Simpson.

Seconded by medical opinion:

Sports Injuries and Arthritis
William Cottrell, M.D.

Americans of all ages are increasingly participating in sporting activities. This is a healthy trend, as sports are well known to be helpful for cardiopulmonary fitness and weight-control. However, with the benefits does come some risk, namely sports injuries. Most sports injuries are mild and temporary, with no long-term effects. Minor sprains and bruises or overuse injuries treated properly may be nuisances but do not necessarily cause any permanent problems. Some injuries, however, may lead to arthritis later in life.

But, the issues for arthritic inflammation in the long term are now being well connected with increased risk for dementia / AD. Yet, the Sports Reporting are helping to cover up these associations and Pat Summitt herself appears not ready to admit that her own actions got her into this later life outcome.

Inflammation has been associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and dementia.

The presence of joint disorders, especially RA, at midlife seems to be associated with a worse cognitive status later in life. Given the chronic inflammatory component of RA, this study suggests that inflammatory mechanisms may have an important role in increasing the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia/AD.

What one sees in the news reporting and from Summitt herself is the "Eyes Wide Shut" denials for the Dementia causation. College Sports does not want to face up to the issues of all these injuries to players will add up to latter life health problems. Sports Reporters appear to afraid to make these associations, because it may well affect their jobs, as the public's view on hard driving sports in the educational arena becomes more clear as to the long term damage to health.

The problems even show up in pro-sports with persons like OJ Simpson and Joe Namath needing knee replacements for arthritic joints. And the latest news of Joe Namath is that he is showing all the signs for demetia also.

With such well established causes and effects, one wonders why all the big cover up happening at the University of Tennessee with these medical causes and effects linked with sports injury. One really has to question sports reporting when they fail again and again to report that which is obvious on the injury to arthritic inflammation leading to Demential / AD for those that chose their fate long ago.

When Pat Summitt tells her players that she loves them, one must question the quality of such love when the long term health effects of players pushed past their limits results in health problems. Should Summitt's forumula and love be considered viable in light of the bad choices she made in her own career?

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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 11:57 PM
The University of Tennessee's PR snowstorm on Pat Summitt and dementia is likely hoping she won't soon connect that Women Basketball players are at much higher risk for concussions than men. There is almost no way for hard driving basketball players to not get concussions from aggressive ball recovery and elbows in the face and head.

But, in addiction to arthritic issues from injury the repeated hits to the head also make a contribution:

Are concussions more dangerous for girls?

A new study reports that girls are 68% more likely to suffer a concussion during sports-related activity than boys. A study released by the Journal of Athletic Training showed that girls, during high school and college who played basketball or soccer, suffered significantly more concussions than their male counterparts. The report also stated that boys returned to play sooner than girls did after having suffered a concussion.

A previous report links the increase in female-related concussions to a smaller head-to-ball ratio and weaker necks. Additionally, cultural differences may play a part in the number of reported concussions due to the fact that as a society, we are typically more protective of female athletes.

New technology even appears aimed at making detection of the brain injury process without the need for autopsy at death being the only method:

Early Detection Technology for Brain Injury
A recent article in the New York Times highlights how researchers are working on a new, relatively inexpensive way to spot injuries and monitor brain diseases using magnetic sensors that can spot changes in brain waves. This compact and portable detection device, part of the field of optical magnetometry, is constructed as a form of headgear roughly the size of a sugar cube, and works by having sensors measure changes in the brain’s magnetic field. The device’s size, portability, and affordability allow for a wider range of applications that may someday be mass produced and used on athletes to monitor collisions and subsequent brain injuries in sports.

With the current trends in finding the many health impacts of sports on the brain and linked with dementia, there are likely a lot of colleges suddenly going to find themselves paying for the damage to student athletes.

Perhaps, even coaches might get in on the trend in detection and the articles that link dementia to sports injury from playing even Basketball.

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 06:17 PM
It appears the major drug companies looking for drug treatments for Alzheimers have tossed in the towels and are cutting their losses. So, it appears there is no fix for AD/dementia coming down the pike.

Drug giants give up on Alzheimer's cure
Research too difficult and costly, say pharmaceutical companies

Such news means that the trend should be one more about prevention of the inflamation parameters that set off the brain problems.

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 06:30 PM
There are many issues of denial in the Pat Summitt fan community, as the media compaign painted too pretty a picture and White Washed a lot. Summitt's language is so bad that she doesn't allow many friends to be around her when sports is the issue at hand. Others have taken note of the over the top methods of Coach Summitt and these extremes appear to have given Geno at UConn players that didn't want the Pat Summit treatment. Example excepts from one person's observations:

I formed a negative opinion of her back in the 80's while living in N.C. and seeing her when UT played NCState. She was a tough teacher/coach; berating and yelling at her players in a harsh way that seemed personal. Geno berates and yells at his players but it doesn't/didn't seem as personal.


When I saw Pat interact with her team, even while winning, I saw a dominating personality. I remember observing how when she turned to face the bench the girls would seem to lower their heads and look up. They appeared at that time to be little girls to me. Geno, on the other hand will rant and rave and straighten his hair but the feeling I have is that the team knows that he's talking to them not as little girls but as people he respects for their ability. And if he's on a rant it's because they're not performing to their ability.

There are persons that use profanity as explicatives, and others that use profanity in ways to berate and make them personal against the person. Such is no proper way to do coaching. imho The latter was the Pat Summitt rage method with veins bulging, eyes popping, and yelling. Not to mention a knee poked in your gut.

Others speak to fear of Pat Summitt, which also has no place in coaching. Such overboard methods obviously gave Geno, at UConn, one player that Summitt tried so much to sign with UT. She lost the athelete from the git-go because she shows so little respect for many players, to the point of fear making and physical assault, technically. imho

The major difference: it’s the first NCAA Tournament without the infamous sideline antics of Pat Summitt, antics feared by players and opponents and revered by fans.

Since then, Pat has relinquished the bulk of her coaching responsibilities to top assistant Holly Warlick, yet everyone in Knoxville agrees Summitt remains very much in charge in and her presence is definitely still felt and feared.

“Pat still talks to us and motivates us, and she still yells at us at halftime.

Pat Summitt's methods run from some good to those that are highly improper and amount to tyrannical fear methods used on players. One of the issues is Summitt made some good rules, but those rules were more window dressings that she broke many times in over the top rants and fear methods used on UT's female atheletes.

Pat Summitt is “intense, demanding, focused . . . very caring” and yet also has a reputation for burning hot, being overly demanding, setting to many rigid rules, and acting irrational during games. Pat has broken all the rules of women as leaders and has been essential in redefining women’s basketball.

There are many players that have been on the receiving end of Pat Summitt's berating her players, and even what should like going into pushing her knee into them, leaving them afraid she was going to harm them. It was these methods of a tyrant that erased lots of her other values for those that knew about those methods.

It is this sort of extreme coaching method that apparently shifted one player into going to UConn, and it was these extremes that she may have realized were costing her, with respect from others, as well as loosing recruits.

The UT media and PR machine could not conceal everything, and some of those things were beyond the pale for being bad, if not illegal. imho It was like Pat Summitt needed to be forced to go to anger management classes for this over the top tyranny against the players, but as many things in Athletics don't get addressed because of the want of the dollar, this problem was allowed to happen again and again. imho

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 11:18 PM
The Pat Summitt media director sues the University of Tennessee Good Ole Boy system. Everyone sensed this was coming, and now more of the UT dirt begins to show up. Jennings alledges that the UT management is retalitory, with intimidation and hostility methods, and I have little doubt this is the case. imho

UT's athletics management is out of control in many methods. UT employs an alternate work force to do the work the typical workers of the Arena just won't do. The Arena management cheated on OSHA protection rules using these workers, with impugnity. UT claims they have a Safety Department, but the turned a blind eye to things that Tennessee OSHA investigations found to be dangerous.

Such is the atmosphere at UT, where if anyone complaigned of unsafe working conditions they are called Whiners and retaliated against.

The very same extreme methods are the way the UT athletics management tries to run over anything. imho|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Ex-Lady Vols media director Debby Jennings sues university, athletics director Dave Hart

Hart and other athletic officials wanted to remodel the athletic department as a “good ol’ boys” club while replacing her with a younger man, Jennings charges in the lawsuit filed Thursday with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Jennings was 57 years old when she left her job in May as the university worked toward consolidating the men’s and women’s athletic departments.


The suit also alleges that Hart forced former Lady Vols basketball coach Pat Summitt to step down at the end of last season. David Burkhalter, the lawyer representing Jennings, said the university retaliated against his client when she protested that Summitt’s early onset dementia protected her under the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Hart and other athletic officials “fostered a culture of intimidation and hostility in the athletic department where employees questioning them or their ideas in any manner were regarded as disloyal or divisive,” Burkhalter wrote in the suit.

It shall be most interesting to see what else comes out of the Debby Jenning's suit against the UT athletic's management.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 06:57 AM
For some time now, I have been hearing that Dave Hart ran off Pat Summitt because essentially she could not do the coaching job. The next questions are going to be is the playing court surface going to have the term "The Summitt" sanded off the planks of the playing court.

If it does come to light that Dave Hart essentially fired Summitt and Jennings, they tell the Lady Vol fans will want Dave Hart's head. imho

Former Lady Vols media director sues, claims Summitt was forced out

to step down. She says Hart met with Summitt in March before the NCAA tournament and informed her she would no longer coach the Lady Vols.

Jennings goes on to say that Hart informed Summitt he would be hiring Holly Warlick as the Lady Vols head coach.

She says Summitt told her of the meeting and that she was "very upset and extremely hurt."

posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 09:29 PM
The Pat Summitt story now gets better. Pat Summitt made a short appearance on the Today Show from Knoxville on Monday wearing Kentucky Blue colors in place of the UT orange. Perhaps that was a signal of more to come.

It turns out today, that she can't seem to get a story straight. She has said before Debby Jennings filed her lawsuit against UT that the idea to step down was her own idea.

Now, the Daily Beacon tells what appears to be the opposite. The same thing also appears to be happening from the Fraternity mess with Pi Kappa Alpha saying the police were all wrong today. imho

It appears there is a rash of this even involving Summitt's mind change: eed%3A+TheDailyBeacon+%28The+Daily+Beacon%29

Summitt files affidavit, claims forced retirement

"During this one-on-one meeting, Dave Hart indicated to me that I would not be coaching the Lady Vol Basketball Team in the next school year (2012-2013), and that he planned to name Holly Warlick as the head coach," Summitt said in the affidavit


"Dave Hart told me I would still have an office in Thompson-Boling Arena and my title could Head Coach Emeritus," Summitt swore. "This was very surprising to me and very hurtful as that was a decision I would have liked to have made the season after consulting with my family, doctors, colleagues, and friends and not be told this by Mr. Hart. I felt thiswas wrong."

This news will basically result in a huge fallout that will likely take down Dave Hart from all the outraged Lady Vol Fans. It won't matter that a coach with Dementia is technically not capable of doing coaching well, and assigning main coaching duties to Holly W. would be unfair. iimho

In a war, one does not put those in leadership that have any slowness of mind, and the same principle applies to sports. Technically, this is the AD's call as to when to pull the plug. imho

This will certainly turn out to be another Mike Hamilton type situation, as the sidewalk alumini always try to run the programs.

The next thing will be what will UT do with Summitt's story change, and how will Summitt explain talking lot of both sides of her mouth.

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