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13th Chime

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 10:23 AM

The 13th Chime formed in 1980 in the small London over-spill town of Haverhill in Suffolk. Born out of the British Punk scene: Vocalist Mick Hand, guitarist Gary O’Connor and drummer Ricki Cook were previously in The Antix while bass player Terry Taylor, played with the hard hitting three piece The Wynd-ups.
The band released three independent singles: Coffin Maker, Cursed and Fire, and disbanded circa 1983.
Singer Mick Hand is nowadays a window cleaner in Haverhill
Guitarist Gary O’ Connor is in a new band called “Long Bone Trio”
Brooklyn NY record label Sacred Bones has released the music of 13th Chime officially on a 2 LP collection, and one CD. 20 tracks, including alternate, demo and single versions. 20 tracks in all.
Available April 2008.
Tags: post-punk, deathrock, gothic rock, goth, post punk


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