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Operations Order pt 6 of "The Whistle Blower"

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 09:15 PM
Operations Order
Pt 6 of The Whistle Blower
By The Reb

Movement through California was easy enough. Ever been driving while an earthquake was happening? There was 3 of them. Hmmm. Dan was a little too willing to move into the Ashland bunker.

Intel was that Israel fired on Iran and started WWIII. There was some news states side also. There were multi car bombings in Seattle and Portland.

The drive through Arizona was quiet. Nothing going on out of the ordinary. New Mexico had some military movement. Lots of military movement. I pulled us into a Wally World parking lot which had a Diner open. It was 2am, and I noticed it was a little busy with locals. Boots and I went in while the boys watched over the gear.

Conversations were in the tone of dismay. World current events, rumors. The TV was on a news network channel. War was the subject. Time to check in with Dan.

Ringing................. “Reb, I have news.”
“Talk to me Dan”
Dan: “your deep throat was right. Seattle and Portland are on fire. Russians and Pakistani’s are coming in from Canada. They have taken out rail terminals and air ports as they go. I am shocked you don’t have anything going on down there.”

Reb: “all was quiet until tonight here in New Mexico. Military convoys heading west, you have anything on this?”

Dan: “I picked up some chatter on VHF hi band (ham radio) that Juarez is a war zone.”

Reb: “We should be in El Paso shortly after this break. Dan, get me a road report while we’re waiting here.”

Dan: “Okay hold on. I’m checking road cams, uh, here we go. They closed
I-10 at the Arizona New Mexico border and its closed all along the Mexican border. That’s what we were looking for, right?”

Reb: “ Yes sir. That’s why we didn’t shoot strait over to Denver. Seems the Remote Viewing has some credibility to it, like world karma just took a turn for the worse. Dan, I’m gonna hit the road, head on towards El Paso. Talk to soon, OUT!”

Trouble ahead.
Road flares.
The orange sky of sunrise had taken the bright out of the flare. I signaled the boys to get their inter personal communications gear on. They were already dressed in desert DCU pants and black T-shirts, tan Ball caps with Oakland Raiders insignia. That was the crew trademark over the years.

There is a familiar face. My cousin Tommy. He’s looking a little fat since returning from Afghanistan. I put the Daytona in park and Boots hopped out with me.

“Hey Tommy, you’re looking happy” I called out.

“Mikey, what’s up with you? How’s your dad after the stroke?”

“Tommy, he never recovered”

“Sorry to hear that Mike... Why are you here?” He always called me Mike, even in the field.

Reb: “Bad times were coming fast and was moving the squad to the Divide bunker complex. Heard stuff was going on and I guessed right. What’s up? What’s the situation?”

Tommy: “You heavy?” meaning did we have weapons. I nodded yes.
“Mike, Juarez is sacked. Cartel has taken ground at 2 I-10 overpasses in El Paso. Here look at the map. Porfirio Diaz street. and Prospect street.
Mike, I have a squad on the Prospect overpass but need one on Porfirio Diaz.
Can you do that for me?”

Reb: “You have any belted 7.62? Pyro?”

Tommy motioned at his Escalade and added “ Grab some smoke, a case of grenades and 4 L.A.W. rockets.

Into my squad commo I told Dalton to bring his hummer up. While they were loading up I asked Tommy if air support was on the way. He shook his head yes. “Mike you need to secure that overpass until............3 rounds just slammed into his Escalade with the report of the shots coming 2 seconds later. That puts the shooter 450meters out.

Lester the molester was already on it. Laying his Winchester model 70 across the hood, found sun glare and sent 1 round down range. Lester was a top Marine Corps Sniper. Still is.

“Lets Go” I shouted but they were already on it. Boots was waiting at the wheel of the Charger. We made our way east in the on coming side of the freeway. In 5 minutes I had my shoulder holster and knee rigs on filled with stainless Beretta M-9 pistols.
“You guys get your kevlar on.” I yelled out but they were already in full battle rattle, less the helmet. One of the guys talked back with a “do we leave the chicken plates out?” We always leave them in but one will always want to make a funny before getting serious. It was already serious.

“Squad listen up! Alpha team I want you on the ground pulling security for Bravo. Bravo team we are going up the north side of the overpass. Saw’s I want you guys conserving ammo. Barney, A.J. bare ammo.” Multiple ‘roger that’s filled my ear piece. They have all been there and done that so many times working as a team over the last 12 years.

Here comes the overpass and it has trouble all over it.

part 7 soon
enjoy the ride
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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by rebellender

Great read thanks I will go back and catch up with the first five episodes, cheers.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 03:44 PM
Awesome Job, Reb !!


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