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ATS Political Views Thread:

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 06:09 PM
here is a new updated version of my political views. Feel free to share.

Social Issues : (Centrist or left of center?)

Abortion : Pro-Choice, especially in cases of rape and incest.
Gay Marriage : Anti-Gay Marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman!!! (True!)
Gay Adoption : Hm, never thought of it, since I do not plan on marrying a guy, I have no opinion on this. I have no place telling other families how to live their lives.
Public Prayer : Support but Muslims have the right to do it to!
Pledge of Allegiance: No changes, Mandatory reciting in every school in the country!
American Flags in Schools : No question this needs to be mandatory.
Flag burning : Only in ceremonies where the flag is properly disposed of.
Praying in school athletics : Allow it. It's a Student's right to pray before a game! (Agree!)
God's influence : Not really sure what this means. People can choose to believe in God or not.
Guns : Allow people to own legal guns. Gun laws usually don’t work; however, in the cases of larger deadlier guns proper gun laws should be enforced.

Illegal Immigration: I do support closing the border, but let’s get realistic here. No President is going to do that. I also agree with amnesty, children of illegals should be allowed to stay here, but I know that opens up a whole other can of worms, because that gives incentive for the parents to stay too. There’s no easy solution…in politics. In fact, I have a corporate solution to that which my friend and I thought of one day. It involves privatizing the solution to closing the border. Maybe someone can create a company that can do this somehow…

Assisted-Suicide : I say why not? I think it’s cruel to keep someone alive if they don’t want to live. Especially if they are sane.
Death Penalty: Not sure why people who oppose assisted suicide approve the death penalty. I approve both 
War on Drugs : I have no opinion on the war itself. Doesn’t really affect me or my network. However, we shouldn’t legalize marijuana. Ever hear of a gateway drug?

Censorship : People make a big deal out of things they do not understand. The Internet is like the Wild West and the politicians should just stay out of it so that they don’t make a mess of things. For the most part they do, but what about 50 years from now?

Family Values : I support whatever the status quo is…And no opinion really, I think I have one of the best families I have ever heard of, but I know everyone’s isn’t as nice or close as mine is.

Stem-Cell Research : I actually approve of this. Amazing things will come from stem cell research. Politics should stay out of it, because it’s going to happen anyway. We are getting to the point of science where we are crossing moral lines that we cannot solve with politics. Cloning is already happening. Insane genetic experiments are happening to Monkeys and Dolphins. It’s just the cycle of science and religion. Copernicus and Da Vinci both did crazy things that upset the church… But they ended up being right? Right?

Civil Rights : unfortunately back in the day I would think I would be actually on the side of the slave owners. Blacks have fought for their freedom and earned it, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why most are democrats!!!!

Fiscal Issues : (Far Right)

Taxes: I oppose raising taxes. I also oppose lowering Property, Income (All brackets), and Sales taxes. I support eliminating Estate, and Marriage taxes. Lower energy taxes. (Agree!!!) Don’t forget to close the tax loopholes and implement a simple tax plan. I loved Herman Cain’s 999 Plan!

Healthcare: I oppose Universal Healthcare 100%. I support repealing the ObamaCare bill. I support the Romney/Ryan plan.
Cap and Trade: No opinion.
Unions: Unions today have too much power. They grew as everything else in this country grew.
Spending: Spending overall should be cut immensely during a recession / Depression. During a good economy spending should not be allowed to get out of control. (agreed)
Pork Barrel Spending : Illegalize it. It's stupid, and is not needed, and is just more big government spending. (agreed)

Energy: We need to get our act together! Destroy the EPA regulations on the coal industry the people there are hurting for work and nobody seems to care… It’s there way of life. Who cares about the fishies, when we can’t drive to Alaska to see them??? We have Billions of Barrels of oil in America, and yet we start wars in the middle east that is strangely close to oil fields there… We cannot afford to do this as a nation much longer. Obama’s answer is algae? Algae? Really? Who’s developing that!? Drill Baby Drill!

Environment: I believe AGW is the single most important factor that is dividing this country right now! We may not hear much about it right now, but it’s being played up behind the scenes. I have done years of research into the Global Warming theory and I can come up with something better! Al Gore is a liar and a scam artist. It’s junk science. It has never been proven, and hippies have been spouting about it since the 60s!

Affirmative Action : I’m a white male and have been turned away from jobs simply because of that. I have friends who made it into Harvard because they were white. I have friends who have been denied from colleges because they were Asian. It’s gross.

Education : The Public School system has failed. I approve the Steve Jobs method. Learn what you want, when you want it. Sneak into the fancy rich school and go to their lectures. You will learn if you want to.

The Constitution: When a law is made constitutional it is legally constitutional and can legally be vetoed! It works both ways.

Free Markets : There really is no such thing as a free market. You need government approval after all, to get your business loan, however, I support corporate rights! Free Market is politically incorrect. I support less regulations on all corporations and no amount of government subsidies to any market.

Foreign Policy Issues : (War Profiteer)

Israel: I want to visit Israel one day. I love that country
Iraq: I agree with regime change.

Afghanistan: Obama left our troops to die in Afghanistan. Even though he says they are returned home, I know for a fact that they have not. He ignores them and that bothers me. Not to mention that he simply ignores what has happened to that country since we left. It’s a horror zone! Obama where is your leadership?

War on Terror : I don’t think you can kill an idea, but you can certainly CONTROLit. I also have a corporate solution to this. My idea includes making an international oil company in the Middle East for the Middle East and giving Israel and Palestine citizens the stock options in the company, take it public in three years, and the Middle East shall become a booming mecca. (If things were that easy).

Radical Islam : My corporate solution should make it easier for the Muslims to grow up, but it also could help fuel an even greater threat.
U.S. Military: I strongly support Our heroes! We must continue to support them in spirit, and financially. God bless 'em! (Agreed!!!)

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 06:10 PM


Defense Spending : Only spending that I support raising. We need a strong military. (Agreed!!!)

Iran & N. Korea: The real “Great Satan, Evil Empire” Pay close attention to the sleeping Giant Russia too! These will form the next Axis of Evil and I believe a few top military advisers already think this.

America: American Exceptionalism!
United Nations : No Opinion.
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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by jjf3rd77
I hate the fact that you and I agree on as many views as we do as I don't want to by extension lend any credence to your loony or otherwise mislead views on other matters.

And I supposed that's enough for now. Have a good night.
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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 06:57 PM
Abortion : Undecided due to lack of medical and spiritual knowledge

Gay Marriage : I dont mind/care

Gay Adoption: I dont mind/care

Public Prayer : Yes, thats fine.

Pledge of Allegiance: Not daily. Monthly perhaps.

American Flags in Schools : Yes, alright.

Flag burning : Should be treated as a public offense and fined.

Praying in school athletics : Up to the individual

God's influence : Schools should teach Evolution and discuss Creationism as taught in all World Religions
as an add-on / alternative view.

Guns : Connect guns to fingerprints or their purchase to psych-tests.

Illegal Immigration: What about it? Illegal Immigration is...well...Illegal.

Assisted-Suicide : Only in very exceptional cases. Should be very difficult to acquire.

Death Penalty: Only in very exceptional cases.

War on Drugs : Stop war on Drugs, instead invest in Education on Drugs.

Censorship : No censorship of Internet

Family Values : Wonderful.

Stem-Cell Research : Within limits, yes.

Civil Rights : Yes, civil rights are important but also civil responsibilities.

Taxes: Less, less, less!

Healthcare: OK. Has to be tested and refined though.

Unions: Dont know.

Spending: Yes to spending in the form of investment and return on investment. Other types of spending need to be reduced.

Energy: Invest very much more into research.

Environment: A little important, not extremely important.

Affirmative Action : No. Affirmative action is subtly racist. It devalues the dignity of blacks.

Education : Major overhaul needed. #Top Priority#

The Constitution: Dont stray too far away from it.

Free Markets : Yes, 100%

Israel: Nice place. Modern democracy.

Afghanistan: Undecided.

War on Terror : Reduce foreign interventionism a little, but stay on the ball about whats going on.

Radical Islam: Infiltrate.

U.S. Military: Needed.

Defense Spending : Dont overdo it like you have been.

Iran & N. Korea: In bad shape.

America: Good, but in decline. Must re-learn its strength from thriving countries.

United Nations: Needed for weaker countries.
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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by jjf3rd77

Abortion : Pro-LIFE except in the case of rape, incest or life of the mother.

Gay Marriage : Anti-Gay Marriage - Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Gay Adoption : Anti-Gay adoption. Parenthood is for a mother and father not two mothers or two fathers.

Public Prayer : I don’t have a problem with it but why the need to do it publically??

Pledge of Allegiance: The pledge should remain unchanged. One nation under God!

American Flags in Schools : Mandatory

Flag burning : Not in my presence

Praying in school athletics : Fine with me but I can see some people having a problem with it

Guns : 2nd amendment! I think states should handle it from there.

Illegal Immigration: Close the border and enforce the laws already on the books. Sanctuary cities should lose all federal assistance.

Assisted-Suicide : For people with a terminal illness and poor quality of life – yes.

Death Penalty:
Fast track the appeals process and get it done within 5 years of conviction.

War on Drugs : Ridiculous! If we close the border we can spend that money on reducing our national debt.

Censorship : There is no constitutional authority for censorship. Stay out of my business!!

Family Values : Hard to define. I consider my family values to be traditional but the country (and the values of Americans) are changing. Everyone should be free to value whatever they choose within the guidelines of the law. The government has no authority to legislate values IMO.

Stem-Cell Research :
As long as this new knowledge can be used in a responsible way to benefit people I say go for it! I am against human cloning though.

Civil Rights : The only civil rights being violated today are those of nonminority Americans. I think affirmative action is reverse discrimination.

Fiscal Issues : Far Right

Taxes: I support a flat tax and/or national sales tax (with a fixed max rate) rather than the current system of wealth redistribution.

Healthcare: I oppose Universal Healthcare 100%. I support repealing the ObamaCare bill. I support the Romney/Ryan plan.

Cap and Trade: Cap and trade is a scam based on a scam!

Unions: Unions began as a good idea but have become a corrupt cancer on the free market. Public sector unions in particular should be outlawed.

Spending: Where is the budget??

Pork Barrel Spending : Should all be vetoed.

Energy: Drill!!! The EPA should be defunded and abolished!

Environment: Global warming is a complete HOAX!

Affirmative Action : BS! Reverse discrimination!

Education : Government has no business in education.

The Constitution: Needs to be adhered to rather than bypassed in the courts and through executive orders. Any congressman or judge (or POTUS) who doesn’t uphold the constitution should be immediately impeached for violating their oath of office.

Free Markets : We need to restore free markets by returning to real supply and demand and stop allowing the government to pick winners and loser and manipulate markets.

Foreign Policy Issues : ?


Iraq: I think we were lied to. Iraq was not as big of a threat as we were led to believe. Having said that, I think Iraq will be better off in the long run as the people of Iraq value their freedom, remain tolerant of others and do not allow their country to be taken over by tyrants.

Afghanistan: Never ending war in a cesspool filled with third world terrorists. We should obliterate the high value targets and come home now.

War on Terror : Deeply misguided and corrupt but ultimately necessary IMO. We need to abandon the Bush and Obama neocon doctrines and reevaluate or objectives.

Radical Islam : The greatest threat to world peace without a doubt.

U.S. Military: Semper Fi…do or die…gung ho!

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 01:10 AM
Abortion : Pro-choice. I don't feel I should make that choice for someone else. But personally do not believe abortion is right based on the principle if you are to stupid to use birth control you are too stupid to have sex anyway.

Gay Marriage : Doesn't affect my life and is better for the economy.

Gay Adoption: Makes no difference a child needs a loving supportive environment, I don't see why we should limit how many of those that are available based on sexual orientation.

Public Prayer : Why would you want to? Christ specifically says to pray in a private personal place.

Pledge of Allegiance: No opinion I always found it rather stupid in school.

American Flags in Schools : Yes.

Flag burning : Free Speech includes unpopular speech.

Praying in school athletics : Up to the individual

God's influence : Schools should teach Evolution and leave religion out of it. If you want your child to have a religious education send them to a religious school.

Guns : For private ownership with reasonable limits on expanded magazines and assault weapons.

Illegal Immigration: If you want to solve illegal immigration you create cost prohibitive fines for employers violating and enforce them.

Assisted-Suicide : Should be allowed, people shouldn't be miserable.

Death Penalty: No

War on Drugs : Prohibition never works.

Censorship : Only regulation the internet needs is porn and adult services should be required to be registered to .xxx domain.

Family Values : I like them

Stem-Cell Research : Yes but I would prefer if the stem cells were acquired from abortion clinics and donations not grown specifically to be harvested destroying the embryo.

Civil Rights : Everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law.

Taxes: I want the tax code revised and to make sense.

Healthcare: Single payer system.

Unions: Strongly support unions, but also acknowledge that they need to be more employer friendly.

Spending: Have no issue with spending as long as it is responsible spending. Also have no issue with government investing in business but I expect those businesses to be as accountable for the money as they would be if they had private investors.

Energy: Alternative fuels are the order of the day..

Environment: Global warming is a natural event, how much humans have accelerated it is up for debate. However it is irresponsible to not do what we can to minimize our environmental impact. Regulation on the environment is necessary but it has to be within reason.

Affirmative Action : To a degree, while not as prevalent as it was racism still exists in the workplace.

Education : The educational system needs to be looked at severely. The Federal Government should set guidelines for k-12 and block grant funds to compliant States. The university system should not be as costly as it is.

The Constitution: Do believe in it even if we need to seriously consider amending it to stem the flow of corruption.

Free Markets : Markets can never truly be free, people get in the way. Good solid common sense regulation is needed to ensure the game stays fair.

Israel: Do not can not will not support. They create their own issues.

Afghanistan: Was the right call at the time, however has been completely bungled from day one.

War on Terror : Quit trying to dictate to others what they should do. Stand by the principles and ideas we were founded on. And support a nations right to self determination even if it is not what we want.

Radical Islam: Leave them be

U.S. Military: Needs a reduction we should not have as many foreign bases as we do..

Defense Spending : It is time to cut back on things the Pentagon. Self defense should be our priority. We should not be paying mercenaries, if you want to pay someone that much the least that can be done is to pay it to the volunteer Army.

Iran & N. Korea: Iran is the least dangerous of the two, it is time to relax trade embargoes and let them forge their own path. N. Korea is a bit different but it is also time to ease sanctions and allow them to be exposed to ideas in their neighboring countries.

America: Best country on earth but there are a great many things other countries are doing better.

United Nations: Completely necessary, but we should not give up our sovereignty.
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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by seabag

Instead of rewriting everything I am going to ditto exactly what Sea baby said!!

Except Iraq...they did break the original treaty of the Persian gulf war...but Sadam is gone...leave them to sort out their new government with our guidance, time for our troops to come home from the mid east (unless Israel needs us) and start closing our borders.

Start shutting bases around the world or at least streamlining to get budget under control....get our troops home to get our house in order...round up the illegals and escort them out.

Streamline the government alphabet soup and return control to the states (which is what Romney wants to do).

Forgot the UN...hate it!! I don't care what other countries do but it is a corrupt NWO organization that is unconstitutional and we need to get out!

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 01:32 AM
I'm not going to address all your points for one simple reason, you made it American centric and I ain't an American. I'm from your neighbour( notice the correct spelling
) to the north.

But I am going to give you my political views on all of it.

Live and let live. Stop trying to legislate morality and telling me what I can eat, drink, smoke and whatnot. I want the freedom to choose that for myself, not have some politician tell me what my choice is.

Boils down to this. Just let me live my life, I am not a criminal, stop treating me like I am one and worry about yourself.( I don't mean you specifically just you in the general sense ). I'll make my choices and you make yours.

Oh and as for other countries and that. Let them decide their own fate unless they try and make war on me and my country or threaten world peace( not regional or neighbours

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 02:01 AM
The only ideals at which I find are redeeming to the world in general is this.....

Freedom to be who you are, freedom of religion, freedom of preference, freedom of long as it does not impeed another individuals freedom of the same.

Get rid of money....get rid of away with that as the driving force which is greed and replace it with something more human. The desire to progress ones self and humanity further, that should be the driving force.

No more hunger, no more war, no more monopoly on that which everyone has a right to. Free housing, free transportation, free food....and above all else the freedom to grow into that which peaks your interest as long as it contributes to the greater good of humanity.

no more working because you have to in a field that you have no stake in.

Free energy for all........Free education for all......everyone works together as we not only celebrate our differences but recognize that we are all the same.

Granted there are some rules that would apply to humanity, but unless we all come together and grow outside of this toxic pursuit of greed and selfish minds. We will never realize ouor full potential as human beings.

Not sure where that would leave me on the political scale.....Universalist maybe?

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 12:20 PM
Abortion : Pro-Life. But the law allows it so it's here to say.
Gay Marriage : Pro-Marriage equality. (pro 'gay marriage')
Gay Adoption : GOOD! Too many orphans are in the world ...
Public Prayer : Pray quietly on your own if you want to. Leave me alone.
Pledge of Allegiance: 'one nation under god' Kids can 'opt out' of the pledge at school ...
American Flags in Schools : Yes of course flags in schools. This is AMERICA.
Flag burning : Free speech right. It's stupid and sucky .. but true.
Praying in school athletics : Public schools - students can pray quietly by themselves. Catholic/other church schools .. they can pray as much as they want and whenever they want and as publically as they want.
God's influence : Not really sure what this means. .
Guns : Allow people to own legal guns.
Illegal Immigration: Build a really tall wall the entire length of the borders. Armed guards on the borders as well. REALLY punish those who hire illegals. Send all known illegals home .. including Obamas freak'n auntie ...
Assisted-Suicide SHOULD BE LEGAL ALL AROUND THE WORLD for anyone who wants it at any time they want it.
Death Penalty: Against except in extreme cases.
War on Drugs : Legalize, regulate, and tax dope.
Censorship : Too much of it is going on. And too much PC nonsense.
Family Values : I don't know what this means. Everyone has a different idea of 'family values'
Stem-Cell Research : Adult stem cells .. fine. Unborn child stem cells should not receive gov't $$.
Civil Rights : Marriage equality is a civil right.
Taxes: We already pay too much. Make DC spend smarter ....
Healthcare: I like some (not much) of Obamacare but it's UNSUSTAINABLE ..
Cap and Trade: SUCKS ... and is bad for America.
Unions: SUCK. They used to be good for America. Not anymore.
Spending: Out of control ... insane.
Pork Barrel Spending : same as regular spending.
Energy: DRILL DRILL DRILL And quit putting our tax money into failing 'alternative energy' companies that the left is heavily invested in.
Environment: Man made global warming is unproven. Carbon tax credits are a scam invented by Al Gore to make a fortune off well meaning, yet ignorant, people. Recycle. Don't strangle American business and yet let 3rd world upcoming business off the hook by letting them massively pollute the planet.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 12:27 PM
Issues not raised by the OP -

Foreign Aid - cut it all. If private groups or churches want to give it .. then fine. But not our tax money.

United Nations - GET OUT OF IT and stop supporting it with our tax money. It's a corrupt, useless mess.

TAXES - flat tax. And pay only an American tax .. none of this stupid 'global tax' that the UN wants to slap on us all.

Our Troops - pull 'em out of all the foreign countries and make them pay for their own defense. If they want us to stay then make them PAY for us to be there. I understand that Germany and Japan are supposed to have us there because they lost wars of aggression against us ... but that was a long time ago and they need to take care of their own defensive needs.

Get rid of the electoral collage. One vote = one vote. Period.

Keep the internet FREE of government interference. It runs fine. If the government steps in, they'll only screw it up like they screw up everything else.

No more bailouts in a capitalist society. Capitalism without the fear of bankruptcy is like Christianity without the fear of hell. It doesnt' work.

Fix our infrastructure. Instead of building nations overseas .. for crying out loud fix our electric grid and our bridges etc etc.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 12:51 PM
ro Chice
Gay Marriage : All good
Gay Adoption : Good, a loving family ids better than none.
Public Prayer : Do what you want
Pledge of Allegiance:No this is Indoctrination...
American Flags in Schools : If they want them.
Flag burning : its a peace of cloth.
Praying in school athletics Whatver
God's influence : Which god? .
Guns : If your gonna have them, educate everyone to use them.
Illegal Immigration: Mi Gusta
Assisted-Suicide Difficult one, has the potential to be abused
Death Penalty: No
War on Drugs : Legalize, regulate, and tax
Censorship : Ban it
Family Values Like mammas apple pie?
Stem-Cell Research : Definitely, get it on
Civil Rights Yes
Taxes: Well someones gotta pay for my lifestyle
Healthcare: yeah, I'm from the UK so biased.
Cap and Trade: Just another ponzi schem for the bankers to speculate on.
Unions: essential for maintaining workers conditions. Good luck dealing with your work grievance's on your own.
Spending: Not like we have been doing
Pork Barrel Spending : I like pork
Energy:Nuclear energy and renewables
Environment: We should concentrate on cleaning up the mess we have already made and reducing the amount we make.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
Issues not raised by the OP -

1. Foreign Aid - cut it all. If private groups or churches want to give it .. then fine. But not our tax money.

2. United Nations - GET OUT OF IT and stop supporting it with our tax money. It's a corrupt, useless mess.

3. TAXES - flat tax. And pay only an American tax .. none of this stupid 'global tax' that the UN wants to slap on us all.

4. Our Troops - pull 'em out of all the foreign countries and make them pay for their own defense. If they want us to stay then make them PAY for us to be there. I understand that Germany and Japan are supposed to have us there because they lost wars of aggression against us ... but that was a long time ago and they need to take care of their own defensive needs.

5. Keep the internet FREE of government interference. It runs fine. If the government steps in, they'll only screw it up like they screw up everything else.

6. No more bailouts in a capitalist society. Capitalism without the fear of bankruptcy is like Christianity without the fear of hell. It doesnt' work.

7. Fix our infrastructure. Instead of building nations overseas .. for crying out loud fix our electric grid and our bridges etc etc.

No offense but I don't think you read the thing completely I addressed most of your topics.

1. I listed individual countries and if we should support the war there
2. I have a section for the UN. I just have no opinion.
3. I have a section for taxes, I also mentioned the flat tax.
4. I talked about the troops
5. See Censorship Section
6. I addressed this multiple times as well.
7. That would fall under the energy section as well as my corporate Middle East plan.

The only thing I didn't mention that you did was the electoral college and frankly that's not going to happen.

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by jjf3rd77

Abortion: Pro-Life except in the case of a medical danger to the mother or incest or rape.

Gay Marriage: Neutral

Gay Adoption: Case by case. OK often I’m sure.

Public Prayer: Does not bother me at all.

Pledge: No problem but if a child wants to opt out, that’s OK.

Flags: Yes of course. Love it or not it represents us all.

Flag Burning: Stupid, but none of my concern.

Praying in Athletics: OK if all agree, If not the dissenter should be respected.

God’s Influence: Not sure I understand?

Guns: Yes with a background check. I used to hunt and target shoot and carry now only for Bear protection when I’m in a risky area.

Illegal Immigration: Close the border. Make it way easier for people to come here the legal way. Have compassion on those already here.

Assisted Suicide: I can’t accept that.

Death Penalty: Opposed

War on Drugs: Failure. Money and efforts need to be redirected towards treatment and rehabilitation.

Censorship: Only in extreme case which is almost never. However protecting children from access to some things should happen even if it is a form of it.

Family Values: Vital for the children.

Stem-Cell Research: No problem with it.

Civil Rights: Of course?

Taxes: Yes to a fair flat tax. I think property taxes are highly destructive and the worst of all. You can work your whole life, buy a house and loose it because you can’t pay? Angers me greatly. Death Tax should not exist. I like sales taxes to be honest and would not mind seeing all taxes replaced with them and some kind of exemption for food, housing and necessities as well as an exemption card of some sort for the working poor.

Healthcare: Yes to single payer for those who genuinely cannot afford it. For others we need open competition across State Lines and tort reform limiting settlements to reasonable levels and perhaps loser pays all attorney’s fees and costs. No to Obamacare!!!!!!

Cap and Trade: Economic suicide and the poor would suffer the most as food and energy prices “necessarily skyrocket” (who said that?)

Unions: Depends on the case.

Spending: Take their checkbook away and send Congress to the corner until they come to their senses. While we’re at it send the last few Presidents to stand in the corner with them until they rot.

Pork: It’s mostly Pork, see above.

Energy: Keep hard at development of alternative sources, but until it’s viable drill baby drill.

Environment: Improving all the time here in the US where contrary to the activists rants, we have done a great job. Problems in the future are in third world areas, not here.

I’ll have to leave off there for the moment. I’m getting blurry eyed.

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