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Crossing that first ATS bridge *foil hat ready!*

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 04:31 AM
Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself since i have gathered a good amount of information off of your lovely site during the past month or so of reading(lurking >.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 04:35 AM
reply to post by Vicker

Explanation: Flagged!

Welcome to ATS!

Personal Disclosure: OL is sure a mod will be alone soon with a very helpfull post!

Reply to this post using the reply button up top roght of this post ... and that will be another post towards your mandatory 20post before you can post a thread.


posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 04:36 AM
Welcome.I personally think this is the only site worth being active in on the whole wide internet.Fact,fiction and ocassionaly a laugh all in one.Just don't expect freedom of speak due to some oppressive terms and conditions.
Enjoy but remember to walk in lock step.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by OmegaLogos

Hey OL, thanks for the excuse to get another post

And glen i agree, i haven't found another site quite like ATS, and promptly halted my search for one once i saw the quality of the other similar forums out there.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 05:29 AM
(Johnny rolls out the Welcome Wagon Buffet Cart, cues the music to be played for the 25 Cent Tour)


Be sure to try out Ask ATS with any "search words" of your choice, you will find numerous threads to choose from & to add your thoughts to right now. Once you have achieved a minimum of 20 post replies, you'll be able to create your own threads in their appropriate areas & additionally send out messages to fellow ATS members.

Here are some handy links to get you oriented into now becoming a valued member of ATS.

Reaffirming ATS Policies ( Please Read First )
Terms & Conditions Of Use (Please read second)
Visit here next - ATS Freshmans Forum
Index of Important ATS Related Threads
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Easy Way to Upload Your Pics & Avatar Graphics

*** Please have fun, ATS at times is like a rollercoaster ride! But be aware if you act in an uncivil-like manner, discuss personal illicit drug usage, use profanity, troll, intentionally spread a hoax, spam, advertise and/or get verbally abusive, you will be removed off the ride by a Moderator. This is for your safety, & also for those both young and old on the ride with you.

So buckle up, keep your arms within the ride's comfort zone, have fun and "Deny Ignorance"...!

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by Vicker

Hiya Vick'

Welcome to ATS !

Looking forward to reading some of your stories and experiences.

Have fun & enjoy !!!

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 06:05 AM
Welcome to ATS. May your sanity survive the trip down the rabbit hole.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 12:20 PM
Welcome and hope to see you on the boards somewhere.
Need to write an intro myself but not sure it's really needed

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