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Anecdotal, reintroduction, and/or "its 3am I must be lonely"

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 02:21 AM
I know some of your names, and have spoken to some of you individually through other mediums, but did you know that I generally belong to no other community?

That might be a little inaccurate because I do have random accounts all over the web, but for the most part this is the only forum I participate in. Ever.

Most of you probably don't have any idea who I am, which is ok, cause I'm not here very often. I only come here for a community opinion when specific topics catch my eye. When topics catch my eye, I get obsessed for a minute (or 10, or a decade....) For example, I heard this word "pleiadian" in reference to aliens and my first thought was, "What the hell is that? Why have I not heard of that?", and I started googling.

I spent the following 36 hours (pretty much straight), reading everything I could find on the subject. My research lead me to tons of other terms and searches, and one thing stood out in all of them....

so thats how I got here

I was here from whenever my join date says (can't remember right now, not gonna check), pretty much constantly until the Elenin (and other 10/28/11) predictions failed
Then I got over it and got addicted to something else.


I told you all of that for 2 reasons. First, so that some people might get a little insight and understand my sporadic posts, but mostly so that I can tell the next part of this story

Since this is the only literal "forum" I have to tell it in....

Tonight I'm obsessing over my cat.
I noticed he is getting clingy...constantly wants on my lap, constantly following me around, constantly petting himself on my legs, you know the deal.

I have lived with cats before, but I don't know much about them. I was a dog person, I was always a dog person, and the cats belonged to my mother. I wanted no part of them or the caring of them, and barely stooped to pet them. I wasn't mean or anything like that, I wouldn't chase them out of my room (the cat hair mixes nicely with the dog hair already on the bed), I would just ignore them altogether.

Then I got the B.B. Who ironically disappeared as soon as I started to type this, even though he was all over me while I was googling... (did I use ironically properly? some people are nutty about'll just have to straight up forgive my poor punctuation), SO, I couldn't take a current picture, and I stressed for 15 mins to decide which one was the cutest, and decided to show you this one cause it seemed to fit

That is the epitome of my B.B. - stretched out, owning the bed, basking in the sun, looking all cute!

Why this cat and not the others??? I blame the dog (Zelda, who we lost about a year later, don't be sad, she was ready and went peacefully)

So, first thing I notice from googling "whats up with my cat", is that EVERYONE wants you to immediately run to a vet everytime your cat has a mood swing....
After I waded through those (and of course overcame my brief obsession that they might be right), I came across sooooooo many awesome cat stories.

They did a much better job at explaining the situation too.

I considered joining to share my experiences, but then I thought why.... why should I join there to post something they've read a million times, when I have this wonderful community over here - with people obsessive like me, who have been wading through endless debates, and being trolled, all day long, and could probably use a smile.

So I hope I brought you a smile. And if its not against T&C - I highly recommend this thread External Link: which will surely give any cat lover (even if its just one cat) a chuckle.

By the end of my reading, and this thread, I decided that B.B. is just spoiled rotten. I can't resist his cuteness and he knows it!

Thanks for sharing my morning


posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 06:42 AM
Awww, what a pretty kitty (and pretty pup)

Thank you for sharing; it's wonderful to start the day with a smile.


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