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Does your energy become stronger or your brain?

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posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 11:33 PM
I am very fascinated as an engineer the idea of us being able to control objects with our mind or entangle our minds together to produce result of some sort. I'm sure by not psychokinesis is very well accepted in this community and I sure hope so as there's irrefutable evidence not only scientifically through thousands of intensive research experiments but also from our own experience. But what is this energy and how can we control it?

  1. We know that it exists, and virtually almost if not all humans possess some kind of skill with psi.
  2. We know that our minds can be measured with fMRI's for psychic activity.
  3. Some of us have different experiences when manipulating "chi" (it feels different but may rooted by the same thing)

In my experience, I have learned some very interesting things in practice. The first thing is that moving away from a psiwheel is incredibly difficult
What I believe the reason to be is because we, or at least I had practiced a lot just to try and gain full control of a psiwheel (of any given size) and try to make it spin really fast or really slowly. But I wasn't building the connection to "push" an object. Recently I started practicing again after about ten years of retirement and have been approaching this in a more experimental way and found that I become rapidly better on a daily basis, even when I'm not practicing.

Right now I have a line of psiwheels and some paper and foil just sitting on the table and at will I can push them how I want them to go. This was not the case a month ago when I had started again. I only practiced for about 12-days and spent little time on each of those days practicing. I had mentioned before that I could move bigger objects like a ping-pong ball but right now I've only done it twice with minimal results and it's very random during my attempts.

How I see it, is the same way that many do see it like how the brain is a muscle and becomes stronger with practice. However, there are some days where this "energy" feels so intense that it's almost out of my control and I'm too strong for what I can control right now (I guess because of my past I used to practice a lot for about 3-years). Is it your brain that hardens or is it your energy that grows? If it's energy then what is this energy? Is it quantum mechanics or something else? Is there a limit to what you can do theoretically? If you can move a ping pong ball by the end of the week, moved to an empty soda can, and heavier and heavier objects up until it becomes really heavy, couldn't you be able to lift a human or a car with years of experience? It's ridiculous to believe in such a notion and I'm still very much a skeptic because well, when have we ever seen something like that?

It's a fascinating world but I grew up as a skeptic and still set boundaries on myself but take one step at a time and document my findings. Perhaps there's something amazing waiting to be unlocked if we look for it, just like psi was.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by Em2013

Sounds awesome. Would love to see you move some stuff. You are already talking about chi so take a look into Qigong. Their exercises focus on building up qi. The energy you are using to move things. Their visualization is very different than trying to actually move physical objects. It's considered a trick you can do once you've built up the potential.. So who knows. If you feel like you are improving you probably shouldn't change anything you are doing. If it's working keep doing it until it doesn't. Don't spill your seed either.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by Em2013

Interesting topic you got. I never really learn about this, first im too lazy to ask and train, secondly when i learn about spiritual, my teacher decide that next class wont learn such turning physical energy, not so lucky

I have try long ago and can do it, but really weak. And compared to my friends, they literally push things really hard, one is just like you said, can lift a car.

In my culture, the method is a secret, only someone who deserve it, as a student, same blood line, and pass the teacher's judgement can learn. Other can learn, but without a good method/secret method, it will take a very long time and will be much less powerfull.

Since long ago im a kind of person who learn about this, but always want to know the logical reason, ask so many elderly just to know how it works. Basically we have to train our inner power/chi. There are 2 kind of inner power in general, soft and hard. Hard type is the one we use to move things. The way it works is to change ( or i like to call it to solidify ) hard inner power into controlled pressure.
Steps is ignite, circulate, concentrate, focusing, throw then solidify. It will be hard if the last step is solidify and throw, and that way, it has more use like when and where you want it solidify.

Concentrating work basically like an air compressor. It only pump a small amount of air, but hold it in the tank and keep pump it. Focusing is where we control it with brain and body muscle (depends on where we want to focus it). Seems not hard if i explain it like this.

But the practice is not easy at all. To practicing inner power and gain more power basically with meditating in any form. Some more effective some not. Reciting something will add external energy ( and often enough add other entity inside in many degree).

That is still not enough.As we have body and spirit, after training the spirit, it will have bigger power. All the energy will circulate, different in every person,but the same, like spiral.Then we need to synchronized with body energy. Train the body, then synchronized it. This is the hardest part. In short this is when the ritual or odd way come out. But it usually got to do with water or earth. Bathing with certain water in certain place with certain other things in certain time and so on.

I used to think that this part is just ceremonial, until i research more with some friends about it. Final result will be like imagine a body in dark colour and spirit in lighter colour. The spirit has energy in some point swirling steadily with lighter colour. While the body has energy too (this is what people said aura, different with spiritual energy ) and swirling steadily, the same direction and speed with spiritual energy and ready to change it faster or slower, bigger or smaller.

With increasing of spiritual ability, we will gain some advantage with the body itself. If you ever heard in east asia about someone who are good on martial art, an old skiny man, but so fast and powerfull. They didnt practice their body like excercise, but still they are much stronger than most martial art or athlette even. Their body somehow work in different way, got energy supplied by their spirit, but not body. They eat less, not much vitamin and protein even, and sleep only 2 or 3 hours a day, but healthy.

Sorry if it too long and boring, just like to share something that interest me aswell.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 03:06 AM
Reply to post by Em2013

Ummmm, could you provide proof for your three statements? The closest I have seen science come to acknowledging the human brain can have an affect on the physical world was an experiment done with a robotic arm. This arm was not always successful at picking up an object so basically they had someone focus on the arm to see if it would affect the amount of successful pick ups. And according to the data it did by a very small percentage which could have just been noise.

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 03:19 AM
Check into Chi Kung and Qi Gong. Do you meditate on the chakras and the flow of energy? Robert Bruce has some great books on energy building and the application thereof.

I think it is your attention span that grows, along with certain neural pathways. Your aura gets bigger. I think that maintaining intent is very important to the end result. The more you practice the easier it is to focus your mind. I have never seen a psi wheel and will be looking it up after I get done replying, as that sounds like a worthwhile practice method.

Life is much more interesting since I realized that the subtle energy is a real force that can be worked with. I believe having a healing intent brings on this ability with practice. It is a very interesting time to be alive right now and I have very much enjoyed learning about all of this as I go.

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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 08:32 AM
Its not because the mind is a muscle. A friend has been working on his psi wheel and has had results, but its alot of work, and due to his MD, he ended up headaches and nose bleeds. BUT, one day, in a conversation that was connective to Spirit, Light within, raising frequency, he went zenmind, and his frequency shifted and the psi wheel spun and spun and spun, effortlessly. Its as we connect to our soul's that are at a higher frequency than our body suits, including brains, that are temporarily entrapping us, that we unlock or zenmind remember natural soul skills more. Pineal probably has something to do with this.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 09:02 PM
Well to my surprise I was able to make my psi wheel rotate in a complete circle the first time I played with one. Very interesting that is, and thank you for the new practice tool. Great for improving focus and concentration, and shows some tangible results.

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