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Some light Philosphy Re: The Age Of The Earth

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posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 08:13 PM
I submit this premise to you for some light philosophical consideration. It deals with the age of the earth. The premise is that the earth is far older than we previously thought.

It popped into my head today as a completely random thought. It's been stuck there ever since. This is not for scientific inquiry, merely a hypothetical philosophical situation.

Here we go.

Perhaps the earth is far older that we previously thought. How old one might ask. It is the oldest point in the universe. It is so old it has existed since before this universe came into existence. It has existed in one point in time and has always moved with the currents that the universe has to offer, much like a leaf on on a river. For if the universe is expanding as some scientists say, then there is current within the universe. And the earth is riding those current, pulling along the other motes of matter as it travels.

So what is the earth then? It is matter, but is there any other meaning beyond that? Perhaps, perhaps not. But that doesn't really change our existence. We are here. The planet is here. We have been, we always shall be, for we are all stardust. brought on by one moment in time. And we are all older than we think, for we are tied to this planet. It is us, and we are it.

So what then, is the meaning? Is there something hidden that we don't know? A secret code etched in leather wrapped around a stick?

There is something there. We just have to find it.

The earth is there. It always has been, always shall be. It has been ehre before the universe, it will exist along inside it, and it will outlast it and live on to survive the next one in kind.

It simply, is.

And there is my random thought of the day.

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