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Sneak peek and behind the sceens of "Operations Order" pt 6 of The Whistle Blower by The Reb

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posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 05:42 PM
I came into the beginning of this story through a series of u2u's which from time to time I still get from a claimed Remote Viewer attached to a Civilian Firm. It isn't confirmed that it is a 3 letter agency, but isn't denied either. Source doesn't wish to be recognized and for good reason. Instead of running a thread in the 2012 Forum I chose rather the Short Story Forum by which to convey the message the Source wished to give. I have changed dates and not mentioned names and have permission to use the material I do have to maintain T&C of ATS.

This being said, I have tried my hand at writing action Fiction based loosely on events that could take place in the very near future.

There is no connection to the Character "The Reb" and my self, only my past military service and racing careers to draw on to promote a good action story.

I have chosen for the time being to keep this story an "ATS" exclusive and keep writing on this character "The Reb" and his action "Bravo Squad"

Pt 6 sneak peek

The Reb and his Team of 12 are on the move to the Bunker in Divide Colorado. In the hours prior to leaving the Mt.Ashland bunker, WWIII breaks out with Israel launching a strike on Iran but not before Iran launches its birds toward Israel. Dan has moved into the Mt.Ashland bunker complex to run Intel for Bravo Squad as the world seemingly falls apart just as all have been talking about.

The Reb rolls up on his distant Cousin Tommy a familiar Fox News Military annalist, decorated Veteran and best selling Author. Tommy recognizes the squad and sees the Reb is carrying cargo. Tommy askes the Reb for some help.

Keep looking for the continued story of The Whistle Blower "Operations Order"

enjoy the ride
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