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Silver - Mainstream Media going after sane people

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 01:55 PM
Is there a hidden message - Problem Reaction - Solution going on in the medals markets ?
I think there is - I called 26.87$ Toz as the near term bottom in Silver and as near as I can tell ...
there is very little silver out there to be bought - yet, the price remains low - relative to the demand.
I ran across this Main Stream Media going after Silver buyers as - well listen for yourself....

after making the (what I would do call) buy silver at 26.87 which I did - it has been a slug fest -
the more we buy the more they short nuetralizing or masking the real fundamentals (which I
do not normally site) for the metal as a poor mans way to buy Gold.

If Gold and Silver where not in demand - then why is every tom dick and harry with any wealth buying it
like mad - hence the supply problems I have experienced buying it.
I have resulted to Yard Sale Buying for precisous metals. I could be wrong - but I dont think so....
We are being held down here artificially - waiting for some geo political news - that will send these
metals up up and away --- this I would say is at least 85% IF NOT MORE.
this is the latest update I can find - RIP Bob Chapman // I have not found someone to replace is insight and
connections - I'll keep looking and if I cant find anyone - I will begin sharing his teachings....

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