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Is Aspergers / ASD real or a label?

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 03:24 AM
I started replying to Over 30 years old with Aspergers Syndrome, How do you cope? but realized I was way of topic and decided to start a new discussion and hopefully help R6A6W6 keeping replies relevant to he's question.

To those arguing that Aspergers is just a label:
I'm not gonna say you're ignorant because that would make me ignorant. People have to understand that different views comes from having different experiences and data-sets. So I chose a different route and present you some questions.

A social label usually assumes that the problem in question is a result of choice (correct me if I'm wrong).

The Data
As usual I will point to the Sensory Overload phenomena (i like that word, phenomena, has a nice sound to it).
I myself love being how I am and would not trade it for anything in the world although I could happily live without the SO* (lets call it a seizure for simplicity). My seizures always starts the same and increases with the amount of sensory stress applied (often I'm able to constrain it). Starting with concentration loss and reduced ability to uphold the "being normal mask" and in worst case scenarios resulting in being unconscious and in the words of others (as I am not there),
- "Looking you in the eyes is like looking into the eyes of a statue, nobody's home"
- "Acting on instinct" (example: when I worked in ventilation installation I would often wander around tidying up stuff)
- "No response to communication but looks like you're listening until you suddenly wander of and start doing something"

It's not a bad experience really, the step before unconsciousness I stop talking, find everything interesting, feel like I'm floating around and have no thought what so ever. This is also how I came up with my theory of "Happiness lies in everything and nothing, not in between"

The Knowledge
I've been in and out of expert offices since I was a tiny little squeaker and spent half a year in epilepsy center at some point so we already know this;
- It's not connected to epileptic seizures
- It's not connected to psychological issues like (ex:anxiety)
Note: I added this to point to the fact that it's been considered, do not confuse it with as if sensory overload was a fall-back conclusion.

Also I normally don't use medication except in work situations the last 2 years (ritalin and concerta). I use it as a means to tunnel my senses to reduce sensory stress (as taking actions to constrain it is practically impossible in context of a work situation, time-wise). Notably from my own idea and suggestion, not doctors suggestion.

The Questions
- If Aspergers is just a label, then Sensory Overload must be imaginary?
- I know there are many unknown factors to Autism Spectrum Disorders but what makes you believe it's a conspiracy/misunderstanding?
- As to labeling, if a person tells you about the color of he's skin, do he want you to feel sorry for him or accept him for what he is?

The most important ones:
- What is it you think individuals who believe they have aspergers base their conclusion on?
- What is it to your understanding they claim aspergers is?

And last but not least:
- What do you think it is? (Please include arguments to support your view)

End Note
This is not about the cause of ASD but rather what it is.

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 03:27 AM
reply to post by ShadowBase

Maybe 'normal' just shouldn't be defined so narrowly.

My $0.02.

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 04:58 AM

Originally posted by loam
reply to post by ShadowBase

Maybe 'normal' just shouldn't be defined so narrowly.

My $0.02.

Nicely said!

ASD is a label! Labels stink. What is normal is so narrow in western society that to be un-normal is easy. Your are not normal if you are on ATS or simply gifted, or below average intelligence, or below on your EQ score or if you are depressed or, well you get the idea.

ASD exists. As a counselor I have no doubts whatsoever. That these labels are used too often is also obvious. Same applies to ADD and ADHD. These are applied to any child that the single mum can not control. All of these different labels allow the parent to relieve themselves of responsibility for the child's actions.

ASD is something I have dealt with professionally on the odd occasion and where the ASD is severe.

Without knowing the cause(s) it is very difficult to specify what is ASD and what is not.

All we can do is treat symptoms to bring the person to a stage where the rest of society is happy with them. That is the crux of the matter! There is such a narrow ideal for normal!

Perhaps we should spend resources expanding normal so that society can redefine acceptable behaviour. Then many of these people could spend time living there interesting lives rather than having to mask who they are for the benefit of narrow minded fools who think they own the ideal of normalcy.


posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by ShadowBase

I would suggest that the use of specific diagnostic terminology is suitable for a: a person to self-analyse and to understand one self and b: for communication in a relevant discussion to set points straights like with a doctor or close family or friends or in a work environment.

In general circumstances however I would suggest to stay free of any type of labelling or boxing (may that be in the field of health, starsign, age or god knows what) since that promotes comparison with old or similar circumstances one might have had or have heard of which then leads to (likely inaccurate) projections. It is advisable to take a person one encounters with an open heart and mind and respond to actual facts one experiences at that moment. That keeps it spontaneous, honest and congruent.

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 07:15 AM
I agree it is a stinky label. It is used to label someone as being not social acceptable. To me, that is unacceptable.

My oldest son had Asperger tendencies. I say this because I refused to get him labeled. Years ago, I thought my oldest son was depressed when he was in the 3rd grade. Now you've got to remember this was in 1990-2000 when no one know what HIPPA would be about or allow. I took my son to an old school psychologist.

I loved this shrink. He talked to me about what the insurance changed could bring about, before he saw my son. He told me that if I didn't use my insurance that he didn't have to use any identifying markers that may follow my son. He like me, didn't think that who and what children are at the moment, is who they are going to become. Remember I was thinking my son was depressed.

So, we did some testing and testing and testing. This is what he told me. My son is not suffering from depression, but he is depressed. He is depressed because is is different from everyone else and desperately doesn't want to be. That the more that he stands out, the harder his life will be. He has no learning disability, he is very, very intelligent. There were no drugs out there that would help him.

We chose not to tell his school. His school would assign him a special teacher to follow him around and "help" him. It would help him stand out even more. A total of 3 teachers in his schooling career asked my if he was an Aspie.

I know for a fact that my son has a gift. Normal people work so hard to think outside the box. My son has been sitting outside the box and sees the world as it is. A lot of social interaction requires lying and being insincere.

Sensory overload is genuine. I believe that is because they take it all in. Most average people at a rock concert suffer sensory overload with lights, sounds and people. Most average people only experience this once in a awhile, not every day.

I believe that it is a misunderstanding/conspiracy. Well, let see. The goal of most treatment is to change a person so that everyone else is comfortable around them, not that they are comfortable in who they are. It is not a disease. It is an enlightenment.

I do believe that if you believe in labeling people, then this has become the new catch all label. It is sad.

Again, my understanding of Aspergers is that it is inherited. I am not a big fan of this article, but it is a scientific article and shows that I am not just making this up.
Science Daily

ScienceDaily (July 16, 2009) — Scientists from the University of Cambridge have identified 27 genes that are associated with either Asperger Syndrome (AS) and/or autistic traits and/or empathy. The research will be published July 16 in the journal Autism Research. This is the first candidate gene study of its kind.

My ex husbands brother, I believe is an Aspie.

posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by froglette

I like your demeanor in the way you approach the situation you seem to be in or used to be in. I don't know a whole lot about autism, and psychological conditions, so feel free to criticize me for my ignorance as many like to do, but from what I can tell all these autism and autism spectrum disorders are more complicated than we probably think. It's easy to just label people and move on from there, but I think we have to stop and really question if there's something wrong with all these children that are labeled as having Asperger's and ASD. Most of us here at ATS know anyway, that there seems to be something wrong with what is considered normal in the world anyway. When you look at it from this perspective, the line between what's normal and what isn't starts to blur. After all, normal is only what the majority does, and the majority isn't always right.

However, a lot of the people who have been around actual people with Autism say that it's very noticeable that there's something "wrong" with these children and adults, but of the course the biggest question is why? Science will surely search for a genetic link, as they do with everything, and I won't argue that it may certainly be passed on through genes. Beyond the idea that they're on passed through genes, there's plenty of other ideas. Some people claim its the environmental landscape that children grow up in today, others claim that it's the heavy metals and various other contaminants in our food and water. Some cling on to the idea of it being from chemtails, some claim its the society these children grow up in now, others blame the pharmaceutical conpanies and/or the NWO/Illuminati, and still others take the starseed, indigo child, or crystal child route to explain it, or that these children are just being born "at a higher consciousness." So what is it, what's the real cause? I honestly have no answer, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there's multiple causes as to why these disorders keep showing up.

Of course, that only brings up another question, why does the prevalence of these disorders, as well as even ADD and ADHD, only seem to continue to rise? No one had ever even heard of these issues decades ago, but why the growing prevalence nowadays?

Blaming it on today's environment or all the contaminants in our food and water makes sense, it's a logical conclusion, but I have to wonder, why isn't most of the world becoming Asperger-like or Autistic? Can only developing children in the womb be affected by contaminants in this way, and if so why aren't the majority of children born like this now? This is where I start to see this argument fall apart. I consider it a possible part of the problem, and it clearly isn't helping anyone anyway, but probably not the main cause.

Chemtrails go the same way, a possible small addition to a problem that already exists. This is of course, is assuming that chemtrails truly are real and exist in the way we think they do, since there's still plenty of debate in that area.

Blaming it on the pharmaceutical companies again makes sense, but as I said above, the people who have dealt with these children, or even adults, often say that they are noticeably "different" from everyone else, so purely blaming it on big pharma and the NWO seems to fall through here. Although, it's hard to deny that the pharmaceutical companies definitely seem quick to drug people up, and there's probably been plenty of cases where children are placed on these drugs where they really don't need them at all.

Blaming it on society makes sense here as well, perhaps the most logical conclusion that could be made. Clearly the society and culture that we live in is far from perfect and perhaps certain types of children, being just thrown into it, unlike the adults of first world nations, just can't take it all and adapt enough and fast enough to live a "normal" life. But, is that really enough to explain all the cases?

If you reject all the above, all that leaves is the route that makes your child actually special, by labeling them as starseeds, or indigo children, etc. Of course, I don't see why this isn't possible, especially with all the purported evidence for December 21 and the time around it being some big change or event or consciousness shift, but there's little evidence starseeds and indigo children even exist in the first place. Besides, you could always say that these people are only flattering themselves and trying to make their children special to make themselves feel better as well, which is definitely a logical conclusion.

So what do I believe? I honestly have no idea, and I don't really think it matters if I have a belief right now or not. What is clearly evident though, is that no one seems to have the answer and they're still may be unknown possibilities no one has even thought of yet.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:03 AM
There's no cure for it, but psychedellic drugs "curb" it so that its rendered useless for the duration you take it, and keep some of the symptons at bay afterwards.

Im able to go out in public, but im terrible at speaking and holding a convo without '___' or weed.
Im also terrible at math............well pretty much everything academic related without being on '___' or weed once again.
Guess thats just the price to pay?

But im not mad, considering, neurotypicals when under the influence of '___' or weed become somewhat dysfunctional mentallty.
When im on acid, my muscle strength is more than doubled, my speed, agility, and balance are greatly amplified.
My eye sight is also enhanced to the point where i have to take my glasses of to actually see properly.
I can see more detail, enhanced combat capability and increase prefrontal cortex and general increase brain function to the point where im steven hawking or something, it basically lets you use more of your brain, your right brain specifically, and since im part of the 30% of lefties who exclusive use their right brain, whatever i learn on acid i get to keep.
I have no idea why, but my combat abilities and flexiblity are greatly amplified, to the point where im some kind of shaolin monk, i can bend, do back flips, punch walls and break boards and ice without feeling pain at all.

I guess it effects people differently.

But yeah aspergers is highly debilitating its impossible to live without drugs to cope, im afaird theres no way around it, and frankjly i dont care, since i like taking '___' and marijuana.
I recomend you look into them, theres a lot of aspies who have good results with acid and weed to become social, visit the psychforums or wrongplanet for more info, theres a huge discussion going on there.
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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 01:07 AM
Hoped to get some arguments going from the "ASD don't exist" crowd.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 01:30 AM

Originally posted by ShadowBase
Hoped to get some arguments going from the "ASD don't exist" crowd.

Frankly I think most of that crowd want to believe in the idea that they control their own destiny. It brings a lot of comfort to think that 'bad' or 'negative' behaviour is a choice. That the person across from you is just acting like a jerk rather than having a problem. People also like to think everyone thinks like they do.

Ultimately, I feel that some issues are desperately experienced by the person inside them. They have to make the choice if medication or therapy is improving their life. If it's improving the persons life, it's their choice.

I believe there are psychiatrists that give out drugs like candy also, and some conditions might be over diagnosed but ... I don't believe everything comes down 100% to bad parenting and people being jerks. I understand both sides and sit somewhere in the middle.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 01:36 AM
It's a label. When you start calling yourself an "Aspie". It's a label.

Downs Syndrome people don't call themselves "Downies".

Quadrapaligics don't call themselves "Quadies".

Even psychopaths don't call themselves "psychos".

When you start giving yourself cutsie names for a supposed mental illness, you lose all credibility.

Aspergers is a "name" for people that either have no social skills(there is nothing wrong with that)


People that are just kinda weird. (nothing wrong with that)

These people with Aspergers seem to get along with others long enough to have sex.

I seen posts where one explains " My husband and my son both have Aspergers...."

If one has a mental illness where it warrants a name for it, that one should not be able to be charming enough to get some booty.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 01:55 AM
I think I may be not comprehending some of what is being said here because I am out of touch with pop culture in the USA for the last few years.... but I don't read "label" as refering to any conscious choice at all.

Labels simply alllow us to communicate the individual qualities about a person.
Both my parents having been in the mental health field, what they always taught me is that the many labels and designations just give an idea of where a person is on a sort of continuum scale. -That there is no "normal" and "abnormal" indication ... except when you get to cases that reach the extremes in those scales, that get dangerous or destructive to the person or others around them.

There is no one with NO labels. Everyone has a designation for their level of autistic tendancies, for example. It can be very low, low, medium, high, or very high. Everyone has levels of all kinds of qualities- paranoia, narcisissm, compulsivity, neuroticism, etc.

They always told me that in fact, we are all individuals with a combination of these qualities in differing levels, and it doesn't really matter- except that having this sort of organized system of designation enables mental or physical healthcare professionals to communicate with each other a basic portrait of their patient.
You send your patient to a collegue, you can give them a file with an idea of what to expect, what qualities they are wanting treatment for, etc.

The common usage of these labels by the layman is often a misusage and misunderstanding - a false cocnept of there being "normal" and "abnormal" separations in human beings.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by ShadowBase

Asperger's is very real, and not just a label, and I speak from very personal experience here.

Sensory overload is awful, and it manifests itself in odd ways because of the way the brain processes the data.

For instance, in my case, I cannot cope with low level repetitive noise. I can't tune it out in my head, no matter what I try and - what makes it worse - my hearing seems to be almost tuned to picking it up. Summer can be a total nightmare for me because if I have windows open at home and someone has a stereo on with heavy bass and all I can hear is the low level beat, or someone's alarm goes off in the distance, or even - sometimes - a persistent wood pigeon or crow call will literally drive me nuts to the point where I have to take measures to physically prevent the sound from reaching me. Another killer is earworms. I know everyone gets a song stuck in their head from time to time for a few days but in my case, it simply doesn't stop - even when I'm listening to something else. It grates on my concentration and stops me sleeping - I had one part of a track I caught accidentally and hated stuck in my head for three months. Like some kind of short circuit. I literally wanted to rip it out of my brain. Then one day it just switched off. I figure my brain finally managed to process it.

And yet, I love electronic music (and most types) played loudly, and I take comfort in the sound of a PC fan because its white noise and it masks so many other things.

Similarly, I have blind spots in dealing with people face to face. I'm much more relaxed over the phone or dealing with people through electronic media. The whole eye contact thing is alien to me, and it makes people think I'm distant or cold. The number of times people have told me I'm ignorant, and I'm not listening to them and then I recount every single word they've said to me is astounding. I have massive difficulties in empathising with people and that sometimes leads them to think I don't care, which is far from the truth but I just can't seem to show it.

But the real killer is in relationships. It takes an AWFUL lot for me to properly open up to someone and when I do I tend to trust them implicitly, and that's a problem because if it goes wrong - and things do - letting go is literally a process that takes a massive physical and mental toll on me. Losing someone I've shared stuff with just leaves a massive black hole, and I don't mean in the "emo" sense there - my brain simply can't make sense of having someone "gone" - so I try to stay on good terms with my ex's, simply so I know they haven't disappeared completely. Somehow that helps.

That - incidentally - is how I came to find out about my aspergers. A very clever and intuitive person who I was in a relationship with for a long time picked up on the clues - the eye contact thing, the distance, the intolerances to stuff and parts of my life story and stitched it together and made a suggestion that I contact the National Autistic Society after my doctor refused to get me diagnosed.

I've developed coping mechanisms over the years and have invested in hypnosis to help me with it. The hypnosis doesn't correct things, but it helps in terms of confidence. I've also forced myself into more social situations, but in real terms a lot of it is a facade on my part.

If you met me in person, you'd just see a normal guy who was a little shy maybe, certainly nothing like I come across on the radio show (non visual detached media) and maybe a bit awkward until I got to know you a bit better.

As for the label - its what humans do. Anything different gets labelled. A huge, HUGE part of aspergers is understanding that you actually have the condition in the first place so that you can come to terms with it. Its the same as being Type 2 diabetic - once you know you can take steps to mitigate it depending on the level of severity.

Personally I would never take medication for it, because that literally would take away from who I am - anything that messes with brain chemistry is bad in all but the most severe cases.

People who refer to themselves as "Aspie" are usually doing so to try and get a point across, because sometimes they don't have any other way of being able to articulate and describe their condition to other, more ignorant people who simply won't take the time to even try and understand it. Its almost like a warning shot. I'm fortunate because the level of mine is very slight (and yet its still caused me massive problems over the years) so I understand it, and can take some steps to try and help myself and get a point across.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 03:04 AM
reply to post by Frankenchrist

Your sheer ignorance of the subject matter makes me question why you bothered posting in here if not for any other reason that to troll the OP.


If one has a mental illness where it warrants a name for it, that one should not be able to be charming enough to get some booty.

Is simply one of the single most stupid things I've ever read on the internet.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 03:22 AM

Originally posted by Gaeos

Of course, that only brings up another question, why does the prevalence of these disorders, as well as even ADD and ADHD, only seem to continue to rise? No one had ever even heard of these issues decades ago, but why the growing prevalence nowadays?

The growing prevalence of these disorders is not necessarily due to a true rise in these disorders but instead a greater awareness of them. While Autism exhibits profound symptoms, Aspergers while an autism related disorder does not necessarily exhibit such profound symptoms, and the symptoms vary outwardly. For example where one child might not react to outside stimulus appropriately, might seem withdrawn, or might have a repetitive motion like a tick, another may have none of those but might exhibit a hyper-sensitivity to textures or touch, I know one girl who has never been able to wear socks she becomes completely debilitated attempting to adjust them in such a way as to minimize the discomfort, she cannot tolerate any close fitting garments, or velvets or satins and so forth..

Regarding ADD and ADHD, and the fact that one one had ever even heard of these issues decades ago I can definitely tell you from first hand experience that the disorders existed, they just were not recognized. Initially when a Dr mentioned the possibility to me I was highly dubious, the old yeah yeah trying to push the drugs thing. It took him a year to convince me to be tested. I was 42 years old to put things in perspective. The process was done over a 3 day period it included having my mother, my husband, my ex-husband and myself answer questionnaires regarding how I responded to various issues throughout my life. In addition to those I was impulse tested, tested for how I dealt with distraction, and a number of other cognitive type tests. It was exhausting. The results showed me to be severely combination add/adhd. After reading over the results I was hit with an ah ha moment, I could look back on my life and clearly see the effects or symptoms.

Throughout my primary educational years 1st - 12th grade I demonstrated behavior in my studies indicative of an issue, I never was able to maintain concentration sufficiently to complete my homework assignments, I remember one surprised teacher going through my notebook shocked at all the half finished assignments. Back in those days the majority of ones grade was not dependent upon homework assignments thankfully, as I would have failed miserably if such were the case. Being unable to maintain sufficient concentration to complete my homework assignments, did not mean that I was "slow" lacked intelligence or had difficulty understanding the material, in fact there could be no correlation drawn between the two. I have or had an IQ of 165 I consistently maintained a position on the honor roll..well until my senior year. I took a class in Geometry which I hated and THAT class grade depended heavily on homework that I could never seem to work my way through. I spent the entire year on the borderline of failing that class. My teacher warned me prior to final exams that a low score on the exam would fail me for the year.....but my issue had nothing to do with my understanding of the material or lack of intelligence, it was the lack of "classroom type structure inherent of homework. The final exam....I aced it in fact I scored the highest in the class.

As an adult I compensated without realizing it by involving myself in a career that demanded consistent structure and excelled at it. Imagine my surprise when due to health issues I was forced to leave that career and forced to take disability, and all of a sudden I could no longer seem to keep up with my household chores even though I had far more time to do so, and where before I always paid my bills on time I now found myself chronically late in paying them. It made absolutely no sense to me, which is what eventually lead me to give in to being tested for ADD/ADHD. Understanding the mechanism behind what I was experiencing gave me the tools to change things.

I hope this helps others understand that while some people will claim a child has ADD/ADHD to justify medicating them to control them, ADD/ADHD does exist and is very real for some people.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 07:11 AM
reply to post by Bluesma

Well said, a lot of people take a label and run with it, often randomly and offensively in a very uneducated manner.

There are all these traits in the human character and plenty of 'normal' high achievers would probably have abnormal narcissistic and psychotic tendencies, it is how they got there in the first place.

If society paid more attention to such traits in the workplace and politics from the ground up, society would be a far nicer place. Such as the 'ambitious' worker that exhibits extreme narcissism under the surface, defining their motives for gaining power, using psychotic egocentric 'logic' in unethical (and often illegal) ways of getting rid of competition and 'asserting' themselves in positions of power and 'climbing the ladder'.

Shifting the focus to people like Aspergers is just another way of detracting attention from those that really need their psychology and motives evaluated.

Whilst I do believe the concept of Aspergers exists, my son possibly has a high functioning variation, I think these people are just sort of wired differently and their reactions differ in some circumstances, labelling it can be useful, such as better understanding of children at school so they aren't labelled as naughty because they are experiencing sensory overload.

For parents, it is like a gift from above, just having some light to these reactions.

When your child is well brought up, well educated, talented, intelligent, taught manners and good behaviour from birth, loved unconditionally, given much more supervision and nurturing than average, yet still has sensory overloads it is great to know it isn't something you were / weren't doing for your child, and that it is something known, something understandable, something tangible that can be recognised and possibly alleviated.

Accusing parents of children of Asperger tendencies, of bad parenting is very offensive and a result of societies ignorance. I have suffered nasty comments from some people from my sons behaviour though I have to say, we mostly frequent the same places over the years and the people at these places are very nice and friendly and great with my son, most people are more educated.

The worst sort of experiences I have found, perhaps ironically, were from other parents at school that are essentially very nosy and have gone out of their way for gossipy information. I deny their small mindedness completely.

The more people are educated on psychology the better. Most people would probably be surprised if their own psychology was evaluated, furthermore if it then became something that labelled them and invited nosiness from others. Reactions to labels from society should have certian moral responsibilities as people naturally react to being labelled.
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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 04:37 AM

Originally posted by Gaeos

Of course, that only brings up another question, why does the prevalence of these disorders, as well as even ADD and ADHD, only seem to continue to rise? No one had ever even heard of these issues decades ago, but why the growing prevalence nowadays?

Originally posted by Pixiefyre

The growing prevalence of these disorders is not necessarily due to a true rise in these disorders but instead a greater awareness of them. While Autism exhibits profound symptoms, Aspergers while an autism related disorder does not necessarily exhibit such profound symptoms, and the symptoms vary outwardly. For example where one child might not react to outside stimulus appropriately, might seem withdrawn, or might have a repetitive motion like a tick, another may have none of those but might exhibit a hyper-sensitivity to textures or touch, I know one girl who has never been able to wear socks she becomes completely debilitated attempting to adjust them in such a way as to minimize the discomfort, she cannot tolerate any close fitting garments, or velvets or satins and so forth..

I think the apparent rise may actually be a combination of 2 of the common theories. One being awareness of-course.
I have in my research come to see that the growing individuality in society and steadily increasing use of devices for communication may be the main reason behind this phenomena. Based on my theory (ref below) we can see how reducing eye to eye contact will result in less training opportunities for those on the spectrum and more and more of them will be recognized.
We have to remember that decades ago we had a lot more interaction and I believe "town weirdos" have been existing for quite some time. We may today call a computer a machine, but still, the crossbow and other inventions of old times where also machines.

Theory: Autism, simply a fault of perception and priority

posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 03:25 PM
40-50 years ago these syndromes didn`t exist or if they did they weren`t recognized, which reminds me of a book i read a long time ago ( 1970`s) called "future shock"
I don`t remember much of what i read because it was a very large book and it was a long time ago that i read it.the jist of is was that as mankind becomes more technologically advanced the tech advancements will start developing at an ever increasing rate until we come to a point where the human mind won`t be able to evolve fast enough to keep up with the advancements. At which point we will suffer sensory overload and begin to experience and see many new mental abnormalities that didn`t exist before.

at the time that I read it I didn`t think too deeply on what it was saying because it seemed more like science fiction rather than a serious hypothosis that had any merit.

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 03:56 AM
Of course Aspergers, ADD ADHD is a label.

Sadly, and I think this is prevalent to mainly money based societies, apergers, ADD, ADHD, can be used to label those who don't agree or don't go along with an economic doctrine or some other policy, as deficient.

Labeling people with ADD, ADHD, or aspergers is just manufactured made up bull#, it's no different than labeling a person as a heathen or un-patriotic

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