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Mainstream Manipulation Works Like This.

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 02:37 AM
It starts off small. Minuscule remarks that seem out of place at first. Next, more exposure; perhaps a movie about it. After a while, it's everywhere. Think about this.

Did you notice how many First Person Shooter video games feature The United States of America pitted against Russia? Russia seems relatively out of the spotlight in the media as well. Flip on ABC or CBS, it's nearly all Syria or Libyan news. The two most popular games feature a leader from an Eastern European country (like Russia?) rising from the masses and leading a strike against us. They both feature us getting invaded or an isolated attack against us. Both also feature a large scale mini-war on Wall Street where the fighting actually envelops in the Stock Exchange building.

It starts off small. The Dark Knight Rises. Guess what folks? It features a Stock Exchange scene. Security in New York is increasing. Many can put this off as just a large city full of crime protecting itself. I understand that, but there is a line between common protection and complete disregard for human rights while simultaneously militarizing a city. Militarizing you ask? It's been a known fact, an observable fact as well, that there are Unmanned Drones flying in the city. There are plenty of forums on this site about them and there are also plenty of pictures as well. If an incident were to happen where a fight were to break out in NYC (as they've been depicted to happen), how hard would it be for the military to arm them and send them in? They don't even need to fight.

Why Russia? Why the Stock Exchange? Why nukes in nearly every game (clearly an exaggeration)?

I'm not saying that anything will happen in New York. I'm not saying anything will happen with Russia. But why the slow exposure over the years. It's everywhere now.

Put your own thoughts on this please. I'd like to hear it.


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