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Night video of Red Flag 12-4 and how the untrained think they are seeing UFOs

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 12:43 AM
I have a number of video clips I shot at night during Red Flag 12-4. If you never "watched" Red Flag at night, it is in some ways better then during the day. What you see is the aircraft flying around in a pitch black desert sky. Sometimes all you see is the moon reflecting off the plane. Other times they have their strobes on, though the strobes don't seem to be the simple red and green flashers you see on commercial aircraft. These strobes are white and often toggle between flashing and a solid white. Best of all, if they kick in the afterburners, you get a glowing object in the sky.

These videos were shot with a low light Watec 1/2 inch black and white CCD going into a frame grabber then a notebook. The lens is F1.3 12.5mm. It is similar though not as good as what you see with the naked eye. You can see stars in the video. It was taken east of the ET Highway and looking towards the south east in the northern part of the range.

download the video

Download the video and play it with videolan (VLC).

I don't do much video editing, so this is a raw clip with a lot of compression. When you see the white object come in from the right, that is a plane on after burners.

Yeah, I suppose I should be a douche and sell this as a UFO video. Of course, I would need to make up some story about working at S-4 reverse engineering alien aircraft to get the big bucks.

Other than military aircraft and the occasional meteor, there is nothing to see here folks.

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 01:54 AM
Wow you caught the aroura on video! Lol

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