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May we have our planet back?

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 04:24 PM
Yes but you can't take a walk in the rain or argue with your kids over their homework getting done, you can't feel the expectation of a rain that may come to water your garden on a hot summer day.

"In my world, there are no children, no gardens other than those under the supervision of experts who have each blade of grass down to a science, hence no need for rain in the bios where temperature, moisture, nutrients, everything is down to concise science. No crop failure, no negative speech with one another, ever. I sometimes wish we did have children, but as I said there would be no antagonistic colloquy."

Well you say that because there are no children, if you did, then you would know rebellion is natures way of teaching parents humility, patience, understanding .

The frustrations of everyday life should never be misunderstood. They are the special moments that create who we are as individuals, without the turmoil and ups and downs we would be less not more.

Have you ever burned the last pieces of bread in a toaster? Or been down to your last dime and were out of toilet paper? I tell you these are the simple but defining moments in ones life. Oh, the big challenges can be pretty tough but like a mosquito bite, they eventually go away, it's what you apply on the bite that makes it either go on for days or quit almost instantly.

What you need to understand is that it is not the big events in humanities shared experience that define us, it is a culmination of the little things.

" Never being able to leave your atmosphere or look at the Universe as a vast and inviting destination, most Terranites never travel past their own country and for an even greater amount of you, your own towns or cities. Do you ever feel the pull to leave your small cocoon and take flight and explore beyond your planet?"

All my life I have known that the possibility of such travel does exist but not in this lifetime for me. This is where I belong and I love this planet, I am proud to be an Earthling, a Terranite as you call us.

Do you ever feel homesick for your native planet? Are there beauties there which you find no place else in the Galaxy?

"We are not conditioned to pledge an allegiance as you, there are no boundaries nor limitations of travel, we have no need for geographic confinement or isolation and since we have no blood related inheritance, no progeny, it eliminates the emotional dependency of disconnectedness. I feel as at home sitting here with you as I would on my home planet. As for beauty, this is the most beautiful planet I have seen."

Thank you for coming, will you be back?

"Yes, and next time I will bring you a gift from my home world."

I cannot wait, and I wanted to say thank you for sharing the rains, as you know our planet is going through many changes and every drop counts as we just saw the hottest summer on record.

"You are welcome."

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 10:32 PM
"Just as a parent who is divorcing their spouse and is benevolently protecting the child, shielding her from the toxic rapport between a failing relationship, Terranites do not need to know that there are changes happening which are much like a divorce between not only my home world representatives and their world governors., but a series of interplanetary specialists as well are now beginning to leave this sector. It would serve no purpose at this point to disclose our purpose, especially not the more negative aspects once we leave such as the climactic changes."

Will life really be that different once you have left and no longer help keep our atmosphere and planet safe?

"Yes, it will be very different, much more dangerous and unpredictable."

May I ask you what the tipping point was that caused the situation to change between our worlds?

" From our celestial perspective and those of various galactic others, you now have everything you need to make the decisions for yourselves, you can chose either direction at this point however whichever course you take, you take it together."

Will you miss us?

" I will miss watching nature, especially your penguins and their amazing devotion to a biological sequence of events. Observing them lead me to a point where I experienced a type of emotion, for us this is quite unique and very rare. Like a window into the soul of the process."

That is beautiful.

"Yes quite."

I want to ask you an important question, need to ask, why are so few people aware of your presence? Why only a handful witness to you, your craft, your presence?

" Over 7 billion now on your planet, and each one has been touched by our presence, it is their choice, their free will which accounts for how they distinguish our reality within their world, their lives. We are not here and never have been to convince anyone, just to guide until such time as you are capable to make the decisions for yourselves."

You are starting to fade, will you return again before you leave our world? Would you answer questions by others next time?

"Yes, and now I have a gift for you, close your eyes and open your hands in front of you."


Thank you.

"Keep this with you and when you need me, just hold it in your cupped hands like you are now and I will be there."

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 12:43 PM
"To prepare you."

Yes I understood that. But why for instance when I was in that Martial Arts Healing class did only myself and the instructor feel the shift? There were at least 20 other people in the room and yet they felt nothing.

For many years I thought that only certain people were being prepared for the shifting of the earths axis, and now all these years later I no longer feel so special or think that your preparations were singling out certain individuals.

"You are again correct, only a select few were able to sense the changes we were making to all life on earth, human's being the least in tune with the refinement process we initiated beginning in 1983."

How have we not been able to make the discoveries before now? The Russians discovering and monitoring several sites worldwide that contain radioactive materials and other toxic substances threatening our very existence?

"Until now, we have controlled the containment yet we can no longer help humanity unless they decide as a global front to use the technology we shared for your own conversion into a protective force to save all life."

Is this also why many new species are being discovered as well as the archeological finds pointing towards ancient civilizations, perhaps life prior to this incarnation of humanity?

"Yes. These are directionless maps which can help mankind as time runs out."

Were you here to watch hurricane Isaac? Did you steer it along it's course or change it in any way?

"No, we will no longer take the lead in such matters. Your current technology was being tested and did exactly as it was intended."

I thought I saw one of your ships in the sky during the event on the gulf coast, were you monitoring our progress or the effects of the man made hurricane?

" For research purposes only."

So you are saying we have the ability to control our weather?

"Yes, and a word of warning for the N. American continent to be prepared to become self sufficient in the next few years. I will talk more about this next time."

Thank you.


Travel safe. And come back soon.


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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 12:55 PM
* I plan to ask during our next visit about space technologies and life off planet and it's sustainability.*

* I can no longer sit on the fence about ET presence nor our own private advanced abilities.*

* There must be life sustaining plans in effect that will protect specific lifeforms and the advancement of their evolutionary processes. Unless you already know of this private cocoon of the future, you are not part of it.*

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 02:42 PM
So Denmark is the safest place to live right now and in the future? And certain companies are putting toxins in cigarettes that will dull our ability to experience the fullest level of our own higher intuition, guidance?

"Denmark currently has more off world species living there among the population than any other location on Earth. They are ordered by your high command not to interfere with the environment however many of them do specialize in this field and so as a byproduct of their work it cannot be avoided."

And even our own Governments cannot differentiate between humans and off world observers, so Denmark is an off world safe zone?

"Yes, and it is also possible that soon your higher orders will begin placing biological implants in all the species they wish to monitor, however until all species have been returned to their own ships and planets it will be the last remaining refuge from these experiments."

Why do they want to monitor us?

"To gauge the effects of of the food modification program in your livestock as well as people."

If this is successful what could the outcome be?

"I must end transmission as we have been detected."
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