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The Globalist’s Fight for the American Gold Certificates hidden in the Philippines

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:07 PM
This thread, Blue Book: The Secret Book of Redemption, caused me to to hunt around for information related to the availability and the legality of owning the gold certificates discussed in that thread. I have no knowledge of this issue at all. However, one of the search's links, brought me to the site below.

I have barely scratched the surface of what's contained, not only in that link, but also what's revealed by the links throughout the article presented. So with that said, I cannot comment further until I can start to digest some of what's being offered.

I hope some of the more informed can chime in and help lead the way. So far, the case they're making, really looks like what we're seeing happening right now, before our eyes. I'm sure there will be plenty of flames and debunking, but please be civil and on topic.

Forum moderator - I did a search and couldn't find any discussion on this so I'm posting it here. If it's been discussed, please remove or if it needs to be placed in another forum, please move.

Here's the link - The Globalist’s Fight for the American Gold Certificates hidden in the Philippines
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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 09:09 PM
David Wilcock has tracked Neil Keenan's lawsuit extensively in his 'Financial Tyranny' articles, although some here really don't like David due to some of his self-proclaimed 'mistakes' in his early career.

The whole business is absolutely fascinating, and I think there is far more true history in there than most like to admit. I think it's absolutely valid to question why exactly the Asian countries are so poor when they fleeced europe and the middle east of a vast portion of their wealth through the silk road and so on. It doesn't make sense that they just accumulated nothing. It makes complete sense that the current system just doesn't include their 'savings' like it does the Western countries.

Apparently, Keenan's first lawsuit has been pulled back by Keenan and is now being refiled with multiple times more proof and information to build onto the case. They're aiming for it to be absolutely bulletproof, and I guess some additional developments were too good to leave out. Keenan really wants to nail these guys and expose the whole system for what it is. I think it should continue to be quite interesting.

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