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If all Earthlings represent Earth, Barack Obama represents Jupiters closest moon, Metis

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 02:00 AM
The reasoning to my title is in the 5th to last paragraph of this post, just above Earth/Jupiter picture. That is just one example, however, and my RANT, or rather, my point is this......

Just how insignificant are Movie Stars, Musicians, Athletes, World Leaders, even the U.S. nightly news to the people of America, and even the world? The numbers don't lie......


With 315,000,000 part of total 7,034,000,000 Earthlings........(both rounded up slightly)
(interesting to note Americans are just over 22% of world population)

How many viewed the Nightly News of NBC, ABC, & CBS the week of Aug. 6th (during the Olympic wrap up)?


22,000,000 viewers or roughly only 7.0 % of Americans and thus .003 %
(less than a third of 1 percent of all Earthlings) watched the "Nightly News" of America



with Twitter having 500,000,000 Million users (6.0 % of all Earthlings) and
with Facebook as 900,000,000 Million users (12.0 % of all Earthlings)

here are some numbers to help with this perspective that I'd like to point out, which is simply that although the media (and the "Celebrities" themselves) would have us believe the world is infatuated with the Celebrity status of Movie Stars, Athletes, Musicians, and even Political and Spiritual leaders, these following numbers indicate otherwise.

Some Top Celebrity Movie Stars, Athletes, Musicians, Political and Spiritual leaders as followed on twitter
(.09% means 9%, .0038% means less than 1/3 of 1 percent)


the percentage of American followers of these "Celebrities" is just as a reference comparison to Americas overall populace, with the percentage of overall Earthling followers representing a more accurate depiction of unimportance of said "Celebrity"

Lady Gaga 28,493,622 .09 % of Americans follow, .0038 % of Earthlings follow
Barack Obama 18,620,103 .06 % of Americans follow, .0025 % of Earthlings follow
Kim Kardashian 15,852061 .05 % of Americans follow, .0021 % of Earthlings follow
Oprah Winfrey 13,331078 .04 % of Americans follow, .0018 % of Earthlings follow
Bill Gates 7,851,590 .03 % of Americans follow, .0011 % of Earthlings follow
Dalai Lama 4,921,140 .02 % of Americans follow, .0006 % of Earthlings follow
Facebook 4,432,168 .01 % of Americans follow, .0006 % of Earthlings follow
Chad Johnson 3,700,836 .01 % of Americans follow, .0005 % of Earthlings follow
*recently a FORMER pro athlete source

*note as facebook has 900,000,000 million users worldwide (12% of Earthlings) only .0006 % of Earthlings follow Facebook on Twitter

My thoughts about this began after I watched my first nightly news program in several years (coincidentally during the week of Aug. 6th) and I saw a news program about a Morning news shows having 1.5 million viewers and claiming that was 300,000 more viewers than the next competing station. I began to crunch some numbers in my head and wondered how many people tune into the Nightly news, if so few do during the morning show.

After seeing so much of that news program devoted to things I imagined so few of Americans, and even so many fewer of the overall world population would care about, I decided to post this, to see if anyone else feels the way I do, which is when I see something about one of these "Celebrities" in the news, I would like to see them humbled, with their cash counting smirks wiped off their faces, and see how the "celebrity" feels knowing that in most cases, 99 percent of the world Doesn't Care!

I wanted to correlate this to celestial bodies, for example, Earth (would be all of us that "don't care" about such and such a celebrity) at just under 8,000 miles for its diameter, and say an object like the closest moon to Jupiter, Metis, at 25 miles diameter (roughly .0025%) would be say Barack Obama, in size percentage, based on world Earthlings not following.

pic any random fleck of dust on your screen in this picture to represent the size of Metis (closest Jupiter moon [asteroid]) and you get the idea of my Thread Title


To find an example of the others mentioned above would have taken too much time and I am really not that interested in these "Celebrities, Athletes, World Leaders etc. " enough to calculate a Celestial body as compared to Earth, that would represent each of my examples above, but hopefully you get my point.

I guess I am not shocked that so few are watching the news, or that the news is reporting on things only seemingly important to so few. This sort of gives a different perspective on the 99%, as compared to all the recent talk of 1% of the world holding 99% of it's total wealth.

I am curious if anyone else thinks about just how insignificant all these "Celebrities" really are, because they certainly don't seem to be aware of it themselves?
edit on 19-8-2012 by AlchemistSwami because: typo, Americans make up just over 22% of all Earthlings not 4%

edit on 19-8-2012 by AlchemistSwami because: paragraph spacing only, don't wan't a few hours work on this post to be marred by small details

edit on 19-8-2012 by AlchemistSwami because: one last paragraph spacing fix

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