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Over 30 years old with Aspergers Syndrome, How do you cope?

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 02:43 AM

Originally posted by FissionSurplus
reply to post by davidmann

You're being an ass burger. Your post is classic aspie; cold, mean, and condescending.

I'm clumsy as hell. It's nice to know what is wrong with people who have for years known desperately that something was screwy with them.

If you don't want to be labeled, then bully for you, but know that whether you confront your differentness or not, you have no right to call others who do confront it chumps.

Your post explains quite concisely why many aspies are shunned and have no friends. Enjoy your ride, friend, it's gonna be a lonely one.

I have seen stuff that you can't afford to hear of. That you roll over for a doctor phil verdict, while my words and accounts would crush his weasel skull, sets us metaphysically apart. A doctor phil would not waste a second in having me committed for my true account of calculated, designed manipulation and horror. You just cannot imagine what I have seen, and it cannot be written about. It makes 'aspies' look like popularity contest kings and queens. But you have my sympathy, since you have crossed a threshold that cannot be backtracked upon. Your name is on a record as having a 'syndrome', and doubtless there are benefits. This is just a small part of a larger dysfunction, a self perpetuating syndrome. You only rise as high as what you declare you settled for.
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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 02:49 AM

Originally posted by R6A6W6
reply to post by davidmann

You arrogant pig, you know nothing about Autism spectrum disorders do you? My son is actually worse off than me as he didn't even talk until he was about 4 and sentences didn't form until about 5 or 6.

The main reason why I am concerned for his future is that he might meet idiots like you who seem to think nothings wrong.

yup, the bullying begins.... I am trying to just ignore this guy.

I am in the same boat. My son is my everything, and the WORST part is the people who think there is noting wrong, or I am spoiling him or something...

His is somewhat regressive, as he is almost 8 and used to read, but now it is something he refuses to do, right out of the blue, it triggers him into melt down mode.

Also, the facial recognition problem make people think he is being rude when he isn't.

For example, he dosent see my mom much, and used to see his cousin all of the time, but no longer recognizes either one, so it is like meeting a stranger all over again.

He didn't recognize his cousin, and didn't believe it was her, because she gained a few pounds, even though she didnt gain enough weight for anyone else to not recognize her.

My mom just thinks he is being spoiled and rude, but he only sees her once every few months, so she is like a stranger all over to him every time, where as his friends he sees daily, he is all outgoing and chummy, and then she just condescends as if I am being a bad parent to allow him to be so "rude" to his elders...

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 02:54 AM
I didn't get through all the pages here yet, I apologize, but I just started to feel really provoked by the number of people making judgemental comments when they obviously know NOTHING about the autistic spectrum and Aspergers in particular! How can anyone feel okay with making such commentary on topics they are so ignorant of ???

The diagnosis can be helpful in aiding others to feel comfortable with you, even when you let yourself be you freely in public. (For those who know a bit about Aspergers
) . My uncle has it and it is because we are aware of that that he can be amongst us and always slightly "off key" in his responses and interaction, and we get it... we are not knocked for a loop and wondering "Why did he just bring up the history of Balsemic vinegar in the midst of this conversation on dog care?????"

We have a certain open mind concerning him, because we know his particular brain processes, so we are better able to step out of the box with him and flow along.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:03 AM
I do not have aspergus but really appreciate the insight in this topic from those who have it.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:15 AM

Originally posted by Domo1
reply to post by Frankenchrist

Its a real thing and goes past just being weird. It can be very debillitating for some. Knew a few people with it in school, one of my friends has it. Normally things like this sound like BS to me but if you meet someone with it there is an obvious problem. Its pretty sad to see in more severe cases. The person may want desperately to fit in but just cant get the social norms. My buddy is actually very good at striking up and maintaining friendships, but he has really serious issues with it at times. Ive known him since birth and guarantee hes not faking anything. Love the guy.

So based on the way society interacts on everyone else... YOU as an individual must have something wrong?

This concept is flawed.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by Bluesma

EXCELLENT POST! You even gave me a chuckle about the balsamic vinegar... haha.... when I do things like that my mom is so rude, and allways says verrrry condescendingly " ANYWAYS, moving along...." she is so dismissive it makes my poor boyfriends skin crawl.. ( he is a fellow aspie)

My boyfriends family on the other hand, had him diagnosed at a much earlier age, and I feel SOOOO comfortable around them, like I am aloud t be "me".

They don't sneer at my boyfriend (26 year old ) and I ( OMG a 39 year old woman who still likes toys) for doing the puzzles or playing with the toys at the dinner table at christmas time that come out of the crackers like they would in my family.... why have crackers with toys on them if you aren't supposed to play with them??

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:53 AM
For those who are unaware of Aspergers Syndrome,
It is a life long pervasive developmental disorder and a part of the Autism Spectrum of disorders. There is no cure, no singular cause has yet been established. Training in social skills can help to improve individuals in some areas, however social skills will never come naturally and will always need close attention throughout the persons adult life.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by R6A6W6

I'm an Aspergers sufferer too.

It's not that I'm self centered.

I really just can't read people.

Their rule set is totally alien to the way I think.

I think that as a coping method, I just let things happen, like its all out of control.

...and the woman I love is so totally empathic it amazes me how she can see what someone else is feeling with hardly any clues.

She completes me.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 05:58 AM

Originally posted by Xarian6
Them folks just don't get it, and until you've walked a mile in our shoes you never will

This isn't something you "fix"
We Cannot just snap out of it and be like them.. those.. silly ants and their silly games
It woul'd be Great if it was just some myth, fallacy perpetrated by big Phama.. but its NOT

It is Very real and the OP (and that cat guy) show alot of strength to even bring & continuing this
"discussion" here on this site knowing what would become of set discussion *applauds*

Me.. I was pegged with it a few years back, I told the .. hmm.. lady to shove it.. im 34 now and a bit wiser
but i feel she was right, I can tick all those boxes, given up trying to "explain" how i see things, i no longer even bother trying to "socialize" .. no point.. it always ends up with me feeling like i should have just shut up or not even be there. Alone is an understatement, I've been alone since i was 14.. heaps of friends, great family.. totally alone in my head.

I function though.. barley, Enough to "fake it" at the time i was "diagnosed" i could barley step out of the house it had gotten so bad, i wasn't afraid to be out.. I just couldn't handle the "clatter".I'm not known for my affection either.. and my whole life is Black/white.. no reason for grey area's. I think WAY to much.

You cannot Possibly even begin to fathom this syndrome, If you haven't dealt with it in some form

I find some of comments in this thread to be outright Inhumane, Disgraceful and Disgusting. It sickens me to think we breath the same air

For someone who has this disorder and can't be around people.

You sure can express and explain yourself very well in a forum.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 06:54 AM
I´m really frightened at the people here that try to look this as its an excuse for taking pills or being "special".
However I can understand people being skeptic.
You can´t know how it is. My brothers child was diagnosed Aspergers pretty early. I remember it being fun watching him playing. I always liked how he setup things and worked with them. He also likes to count things, just like me. Often, when I´m on a visit there situations I know too good from my own childhood. It seems then I´m to only one who can get on his frequency.
They are really intelligent if you want to measure it with a word.
Since they were on a visit and I showed him a project from work he´s totally into tech. He got what I explained him almost instantly asking questions I couldn´t even answer him about curious special details that got his interest. He would be doing good in a research program, schooled in what he´s interested because there is passion.

Btw, they decided not to treat him and it was a relief when I heard it.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by R6A6W6

Not sure if it works with Aspergers but a man named Dr.Sebi found a way to cleanse the body of many diseases such as Aids, Diabetes, Cancer etc.
It is done by changing the way you eat.There are 2 types of bodies, Acidic and Alkaline.Foods that are starchy and foods that are meats are, among many others, acidic.The difference between the two types of bodies are that acidic are full of acids from these foods, and alkaline are not full of acid but instead filled with alkaline.To determine which foods are acidic or alkaline, you must know the ph value.Foods with a ph value of 6 or lower = acidic where as foods that are ph value 7 or higher are alkaline.The way this works is acidic bodies are filled with the acid from foods.This acid is what illnesses such as aids or cancer are using to destroy the body.Without the acid they are rendered useless.
It's funny, he says that pork is bad for its acidic levels and muslims/jewish people dont eat it.But they do eat goat and goat is even worse than pork hahaha.But i dont know if this can cure Aspergers.I'll try and find the video on youtube and post the link.It's about an hour long but well worth the time.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:35 AM
Here is the link:

It's two hours long but very enlightening.Somewhere in there he talks about how he cured autism with a very famous herb known as. . . . . . .you guessed it, Marijuana.

I have type 1 diabetes myself which is how i found out about this.I myself havent started the cleansing, but i do intend on transitioning from acidic to alkaline very soon.I hope the best for you and disregard those hateful comments people are so ignorantly posting.Its a shame when ignorance and pride coincide.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:55 AM
I'm 38 and have never had the money to go to a therapist and be diagnosed with Asperger's. I highly suspect I have it. I went through high school and university without close friends. I met my bf in university and he seems to understand and not care about my difference, for which I am eternally grateful. However I am a small town boy and he grew up in the city. To be with him, I've moved to the city but find myself overwhelmed often. I was prescribed baclofen for a lower back malady once and found that it increases my socialibility greatly. But my bf does not want me relying on any drugs and forbids me from taking it.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by hqokc

Please dont even think the word cold as there is a possibility that you ourself have spent years and years with a human being and stll havent been able to decipher their emotional dictionary,thats fairly standard,stuff in any male female dynamic.

Remember that its like he can almost tell you your future,not is own but yours,if he has accurate honest data,so remember that ever since he has known you he has tried to take you down shortcuts in life as a natural way of going,and every time you have forced him to take a conventional path you have blown dust in his eyes,maybe this will help you understand without "createing"an emotional dynamic for yourself so you can grasp the idea.Imagine if you lived with someone who reacted like this,your son stubbs his toe on the rock outside and comes in screaming and he is only three and it is bleeding and it is your first child,and Daddy simply walks over bends down looks at the toe and says,its ok son it isnt broken and there doesnt seem to be any deep abrasions on the wounded toe,carry on all is well.Now daddy didnt do much emotional reassureing and he didnt do any emotional reinforceing,in fact he didnt add an emotional context to the dynamic at all because as Daddy sees it there IS no need because everything is ok,and Daddy ASSUMES that the people around him know and trust him as much as he trust himself,its only in our liberally-laced world that he doesnt in fact have this trust.This isnt Daddys issue,it is a matter of perspective and an Aspie has a 3rd dimension to rely on every second,while we all have one or two.A third dimensional perspective takes away the requirement for useing emotions to validate the tactile world,when looking down at the bleeding toe a two dimensional thinker doesnt "see"past the interaction of the pain impulse and the instinctual reaction from the tactile data[the blood-the pain-the potential for unabated future blood and pain--a full stop panic until there is order again-an appeal for instinctual help or aid in decision makeing] that occurs in this dynamic in the 2D thought process.All systems come to a full stop so the emotions and the perspective of data can settle down and reorientate themselves in a forward direction.A 3D thinker looks down and sees the same visual but his mind is processing the data in 3D so he is actually thinking through the micro-moments that the emotions garble up the 2D thinkers equilibrium.He isnt failing to aknowledge that emotions "could"be attatched to the dynamic,he looks for a "need" for emotions and doesnt see it,so there is no failure on his part.The concern and love and want to help and teach and prepare for the future are all present and accounted for but the emotional impetuous isnt,emotions arent required to be a core value component of the dynamic for a 3D thinker,its really that simple.

It is called evolution as defined by form-function-cause and effect.

The seeming lack of social interaction needs to be redefined as seeing no need to communicate within that social structure because most of what 2D thinkers talk about is repetative and reassureing to each others 2D perspective,constant voteing and agreeing to stay in the same cumulative dynamic in a steady manner,a 3D thinker can see the whole picture and doesnt need to have the results of constant votes constantly running through their heads to decision make or to be grounded.This statement might sound derogatory or demeaning to a 2D thinker which happens to be the majority overwhelmingly, but the facts are saying that 3D visual thinking is evolutionary progress,and as a result there has been a defined and concerted and organised effort by 2D thinkers to suppress and to diagnose,medicate and as I said generally supress Aspergers and other similarly diagnosed 3D thinkers. It is a survival tactic to weed out that which is different and in the minority,however because so many of our leaders naturally evolve out of this 3D pool of thinkers we have encountered a dynamic where some richpowerful aspies have decided to let all the rest of their brothers and sisters be rounded up and medicated and put on lists as is being is some countrys like Canada.

This 3D thinking can be "taught"to any 2D thinker,but the dynamic has been suppressed as I said,do you think an overwhelming majority of 2D thinkers are going to give up their positions of power and tenure to the few 3D thinkers who were naturally designed to do the job?Not a chance,remember they got those spots through numbers and attrition and through suppressing their 3D counterparts as a survival tactic.In the Sumerian times these 3D thinkers were sages and future-tellers and right hand men to kings and rulers,they and their talents had been definitively quantified and utilised in the proper context,exactly as Intuative Consultants are doing today makeing six figure salarys for predicting trends accurately by intuition alone.

If children who are 3D thinkers at birth arent given an eduction either by 3Ders who learned to tone down and reset their internal communications systems to 2Dor by 2Ders RAISED by a 3Der then there is bound to be huge monumental difficultys for the poor kid because the teacher wont be smart enough to teach anything due to emotional interference in the teachers minset and perspective,the poor kid will eternally wonder what is wrong with the teacher,because everything will be the long route ,the teacher will not even be able to quantify that there are shortcuts available never mind being used by the kid already.You see a 3D thinker is takeing these mental shortcuts from the first thought they ever conceptualise,it isnt learned for some it is inborn,so really most of the time these kids are wondering in their heads whats wrong with their teachers,moreso than their peers[they actually are ahead so they are comfortable watching their peer learn their own way],its the source of their new data from their teachers that is the problematic progress issue for them,the only perspective I could give you is the one of a 2D thinker liveing in a room full of 1D thinkng primates and being expected to learn from 1D teaching chimp,the 2D thinker would go mad or would learn to become a 1D thinker to survive,and it will be like constant gardening to remain at the 1D level,but this is nature isnt it.Unless suddenly a ship full of other 2D thinkers suddenly showed up.and things took a dramatic change with the 2D thinking person becomeing the majority in a moment and then teaching the 1D primates how to learn to become 2D thinkers in a reverse dynamic.Similar to what will happen when the genetic creators of the humanity we are return to us and begin to help the vanguard of 3D thinkers already here begin to teach the majority of todays people to think in 3D terms,but it wont be until there is a numbers change in a dramatic fashion.We are liveing in a dynamic naturally orchestrated to support a forward evolutionary transition in this direction,I believe.

When you put an Aspie or any 3D thinker into a forced learnig dynamic with 2D teachers as happens by proxy in most cases due to the majority of 2D thinkers birthing 3D thinking children---You are haveing to teach a smarter perspective how to behave retroactively,to regress and go backwards,to embrace emotionally catalysed thought processes and decision makeing dynamics ,when that mind has already evolved PAST a NEED for this situational emotional /cerebral dynamic.It takes one to know one,and as I said all of our natural leaders throughout history are from this mindset,because they can visualise the moment and the future more easily and further ahead and back than 2D thinkers can do by nature.An Aspie doesnt hold back a normal classroom the normal classroom holds back the Aspie,there is no room to gain another dimension of thinking for the Aspie so naturally the only sequential dynamic is for the Aspie kid to teach the entire class,but because of the numbers game and natural survival instinct which is directly incorporated into the world ran by the 1d and 2D mindsets we instead see persecution,diagnisis,medication,and worse being committed against these most advanced human perspectives.Most of us just dont know the value in these kids because the people that do know, the rich powerful ones, are USEING these kids ad their genetics as tools and have been doing so for centuries.

Do not allow your kids to be put on any LISTS,its like nazi germany these lists,refuse,never refuse your child help,education or care as you see fit,but DO NOT allow legally anyone to make a list informal or not of your childs evolved perspective,get a lawyer and sue someone dont let them supress the diamond you gave birth to,it was designed to make this world a better place,even if the teaching process has been bubgled these are diamonds,remember that as with all humans most things are set in us by about seven or eight,so if the teaching dynamic has been damageing for all this time we need to approach a new type of teachng to catch these minds up to the 2D level where they can enjoy life with the rest of the majority of human thinkers.Todays majority that is---I predict a very Aspie future for mankind.Simply because if you dont waste emotional energy on needless dynamics you can offer a much more focused purer emotional dialog to other people and because of the seperation of cerebral and emotional impetuous these minds are also more empathetic to others around them so it is easier for them to care about the whole world because they "see"the whole world in their perspective and have no reason to exclude it and ommit it,if there were an emotional.cerebral/instinctive dynamic enacted then they might become more self-centered as a survival instinct.

Remember the idea is to NOT repeat mistakes,so the more we soften the blow of realitys tactile consequences by useing the chemically charged emotional response like a drug to mask reality from ourselves intentionally then the more mistakes we are naturally going to repeat,and at some point we will consider second and third chances to be normal and expected and then relied on,and when this mindset infects us then we become willing to hurt others with our decisions as they become catalysed by our overwhelming survival instinct.A survial instinct artificially and intentionall selfservingly manifested through specific dynamics we allow to happen through our uncontrolled addiction to emotional reactons and their chemical reactions we experience internally on an individual level.

I am no professional,and no one should take anything i offer with any more quantitative seriousness than a proverbial grain of salt,I am just offering the perspective of a suspected aspie who read hundreds of biographys and auto-biographies as a kid because it was the only place I could learn something new that i was hungry for and lacking---I needed to quantify human experiences tactilely and emotionally,learn the commonalities of connection,I am saying that as a kid i NEVER read fictional stuff and didnt like toys and never had invisible friends,I didnt even think that way,in fact those behaviours werent "real"to me even if my peers did them,I wasnt affected by peer pressure,I actually fely empathetic to my friends and constantly was helping them out of dynamic situations they couldnt see through.

Do you really want to know what I thought when my parents gave me toys,I thought that they should be giveing them to the children,as a small kid I already had a dynamic idea of the differences between me and kids ,when i was three or four???And I wasnt them,in fact I already KNEW WHY the toys were being given and I was far beyond the tactile lesson already.I didnt need the emotional impetuous to form my own thoughts and make assertations and come to natural conclusions,my mind was born seeking patterns of natural continuity.

Sorry I need to get moveing here,but I hope i have helped someone in some way and I hope i havent offended anyone in the process.

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 08:21 AM
I am also an Aspie. For the longest time, Ive known I was "different" than other people. It is awful to seperate yourself from the human race, but it just so happens that we ARE different than "normal" people!

Aspies arent something new. I have been this way since birth, and Im now 50 years old. We arent trying to be something SPECIAL, ffs...its just how we are.

In fact, I never felt special, I felt like I was an outcast..I never could fit in with the popular people in school..i was clumsy, said things at in-appropriate times, sometimes I was loud and "goofy"...I still am. There are times I blurt out things and people wonder how I had the cajones to say that..its because I dont know WHEN not to say things..these are the things us Aspies have to live with..we cant change to fit into YOUR world. Our brains are a bit different. We are intelligent, but we dont really have the means to act or behave according to society's "rules".
I even type differently to the "rules"..i like to use lots of,(it drives people nuts).

Without a routine, I usually cannot get anything done in a day. I also start projects and NEVER finish them, even though I want to..I become easily frustrated if there are too many things to do. Skyrim (the game)..fabulous game, but I had to quit because there were just TOO many quests and I became enormously frustrated.

I just wanted to let you guys that think this is a new age, made up "disease"..its not..and its not a disease..its just we are a different breed of human, thats all.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 09:17 AM

Let's just rename Aspergers. Let's now call it Adult Indigo Child Syndrome.
reply to post by Frankenchrist

I am having a hard time deciding if that is sarcasm I see dripping from your post there.

Asperger's is a real disorder. It is considered to be the "mild" form of autism, and it is usually diagnosed in childhood. Your earlier post stating that you "aren't buying" it...was that not buying it as an adult diagnosis? Or as a diagnosis at all? I find it amusing that you would make such a statement, obviously derisive in nature regarding (apparently) the validity of a documented disorder and then follow it with a suggestion to rename it after something that is quite frankly far less documented and completely unproven...not to mention vastly more difficult to believe for most people. So I am going to make an educated conjecture that you are simply displaying more mockery and condescension instead of making a valid suggestion. Let's rename you Frankentroll...has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

OP, kudos to you for posting this thread. More and more people are being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as adults, and I would imagine that it is something of a relief to be able to put a name to the social awkwardness, debilitating anxiety, difficulty learning, unexplained anger or rage issues, constant fear and isolation among many many other manifestations that have plagued these people since early childhood. Many of these people were labeled as learning-disabled or having ADD/ADHD or psychological disorders and heavily medicated throughout childhood unnecessarily and suffered mightily due to ignorance about their true condition.

I am quite sure that no one diagnosed you for the sole purpose of feeding you pills. If doctors want to dispense pills, there are plenty of other things they could use as an excuse. Of the three people I know with Asperger's, none of them take medication for it or were even prescribed meds at all. Counseling would probably be beneficial though, to become more educated about coping mechanisms and to gain better understanding of what makes Asperger's "tick". But really, unless you are currently experiencing upheaval in your life due to manifestations of the disorder, the diagnosis shouldn't amount to more than a blip on your radar...something interesting that probably explains a whole lot for you. You simply process stimuli in a different way. That is a beautiful thing.
Being ordinary is, after all, pretty boring.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by R6A6W6

Thanks for sharing this information!! For years i've always thought of myself as different from other people and not knowing why so. Reading this topic shed some light, introvert and always staying in. I see you listed some of the traits of it in one of your posts, i seem to fit quite well in most of them. I'm not a 100% sure if i have this, but this seems to make a whole lot of sense to me if i did.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 09:41 AM
I'm 62, and an undiagnosed aspie. My son-in-law is diagnosed, and I noticed how much like him I was in many ways. I did a bit of research, hung out on, and it all fit. It answered a lot of questions, and explained a lot which was previously inexplicable. Folks, there is nothing wrong with me - but - there is something wrong with the small-minded, stoopid, normal people I have to associate with...and with that said, I'll stop.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

Yummy Freelunch,I have connected to your 3D thinking several time here on ATS.

I view it much differently than you ,I think you are suppressed,and you do say the right things at the right times,its just that no one is ready yet,because they are predominantly 2D thinkers,you are a fore-runner of the future.

The reason you have many projects on the go and cant seem to finish them is because you were designed to be a conduit to other people who are 2D thinkers,you are their central nervous system so to speak,you would be able to run the planet if you could just get enough manpower to get the things done you think of,dont ever undervalue the fact that 90% of people never even think your thoughts,you are a huge gold coin.

You were born to delegate and to organise useing your intuition as your strength,but our world is designed and run by 2D thinkers with an agenda that is survival and emotion based so unfortunately your natural skillset will either be manipulated by them or you will be suppressed totally by them,your only option is to forge your own reality and stick to your 3D thinking by doing exactly as you have done,finding ways to tone yourself down to a 2D perspective,it is tortureous but it can be done,you need to tweak all 2D rules enough to be able to work with them but not enough to threaten 2D thinkers reality base.

I am glad you blurt things out as you are trying to get past the crap,the unneeded constant voteing of the 2D perspective,that holds you back,ha ha haI know the feeling,I am a fighter by nature so the first time someone told me to not blurt things out out of turn I told them to hurry up or give their turn to someone like me that could make things easier for them,and I was five years old at the time.And i was as serious then as i am now.

The sooner an Aspie can learn to read the better because then they can delete the intense emotional needyness of 2D thinking teachers and fast track themselves and leap past their peers and teachers for better or worse,dont worry Aspies and the like are naturally more empathetic so what seems to be a lack of emotional volume turns out to be the opposite a depth deeper than any other once they get orientated and confident in relateing to 2D thinkers, its better to be 15 yrs old at Harvard than to be a 20 yr old drop out with no confidence. because you werent taught to maximise your perspective.I got in trouble as a ten year old because i innocently asked a teacher a question from chapter 12 of my textbook at the beginning of the year,and when the teacher couldnt answer me and tried to brush me off I persisted openly in front of the class and challenged him as to why he didnt even know the book>How I asked could he possibly teach me or any of us if he didnt even know the book and I had read it in two days cover to cover??And werent we all expected to read it,and so on and so on,my mother was defensive and understanding and supportive than goodness.

I have read of many Aspies online who have my pro-active approach and also many with a conventional approach,I never bowed to 2D thinking and still cognizantly rebel against and fight to change it every day,it is like I am doomed to be a life-long teacher so I have simple embraced it,this is why MOST of humanitys incredible people have been Aspies or Aspie like in their 3D thinking,I am talikng about 90% of humanitys movers and shakers,most of whom were solidly punished my the beasts as I call 2D thinkers when they behave this way with little to no emotional cognizance or control.

Remember that the worlds leaders and powerbrokers are generally exactly like you and i,if you had money and power to compliment your mindset you would change the world in a positive manner,but because you are a 3D thinker you probably cannot rationalise the wanton theft that it would require to attain a wealth level to be able to enact this positive effect you could have,our higher level of empathy makes us unable to manipulate others unless it is directly for their good and we do not gain from it,see the dynamic we are caught in??We are held back by our empathey,so most of us become humanitarians and give our ideas and ourselves away for next to nothing because we cant bear the personal burden of manipulateing and useing other when we know we are doing it,a 2D thinker can live a life that is one big lie of omission because they have to make a concerted effort to think beyond the 2nd dimension,and there is little catalysing this for them as in our world empathetic humanitarian perspectives are not related to money and power -they are exhibited as tax write-offs to charitys but as a working model the connection to humanitarian concerns and business do not exist.
Keep the faith you were born a leader,but remember a tree makes and broadcasts many seeds all with equal potential,but very few but by chance find themselves in fertile enough ground to overtake and exceed the mother tree in cause and effect .Lucky for us we can just pull up stakes for more fertile ground if we know we can do it and how to do it, or need to do it.Its great to be human.

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by Frankenchrist

I'm sure you must realize that posting an opinion on a BBS is an entirely different mental process than would be involved in socializing in a face-to-face type of environment. As for myself, I'm pretty sure I don't have Aspergers, but I have always felt "different." I have never been accepted into any social groups or anything when I was in school, so now I find that I am basically a hermit lol. I find that posting on forums is a great way to get the jumbled circular thoughts out of the noggin, even moreso than talking with someone about something that I find interesting. The funny thing is, if I was talking to you face to face, every other word would begin with F if you get my drift, but when I type, my thoughts seem to coalesce alot more easily. While I'm talking I constantly trip up and stutter, but when I'm typing, it's like the thoughts line up alot better. I'm seriously thinking I should just write a bloody book at this point as that is pretty much the only way that anyone will ever "get" what I am trying to make people aware of, as I could never thoroughly explain anything that I know to be true verbally. Of course, being 3/4 deaf doesn't help either lol.

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