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Notes on the Future… Must see...

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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 10:43 PM
Imagining into the future, I took this back, to make it realer. In 7 stages, with references to current technology, it mirrors Christianity in other ways, which are quite uncanny. Please flag this, if you enjoy this...

A man born in 1984 (Alex) is alive at the age of 200. World population is in excess of 30 billion but there are no food shortages, on the contary, never before has world poverty been closer to eradication. In 2184, being “poor” means living life like the early 0’s!
Here are some Alex’s major life, events…

1. The End of Waste Sorting The most early development was the abolition (on purely economic grounds) of waste burial. Indeed many landfill sites which had been previously thought of as economic & environmental burdens, soon became highly valuable acres (for all the energy, but most especially metals they still contained). As such, the last two centuries of waste was promptly excavated earning many people a fortune.
This key technology behind this was the Gas Plasmafication of household waste: Early versions of this technology had actually been built by the turn of the last century:

2. God On The Internet Even in early 00’s there were primitive computer programs people could talk to:
Easily confused, and a mere novelty. But by the 2030’s computers had been developed that had…
1. Read every page, of every book, ever written by mankind.
2. Read every post, and every page on the internet
3. Understood it all, with the clarity of the smartest person, is the best possible mood.
4. Accomplished this in first a few years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds and then finally microseconds.
5. Versions of computers that could do this had been scaled-down to around the size of a mobile phone.

Computers begin to do most development of for new computers.

As a result it was soon possible to ask a computer a moral question, and receive a reply (with a statistically accurate, margin of error!) Often the problem with asking a computer a moralistic question is needs to spend several minutes checking you are clear about what you mean. But we no longer have judges, or legal feas. We simply have a computer programme, that asks you questions, whilst watching you through a camera. Within minutes your judged, and punishment is decided with far better accuracy & logic than any human.

Furthermore: (Due to the widespread use of face recognition camera’s) mobile phone tracking, and license plate reading, you only have to look at a public security camera and God (on the internet) will see you –and instantly know it’s you (even if there were simultaneously a billion others looking into cameras). You do not need to talk to it, if you don’t want to, but it knows you are there alright –as it manages everybody’s security (be you in the plane, or on a tube train).

3.The Final Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence is at first developed along purely commercial lines at least to the point where anything that can be invented (of commercial justification) will be invented, or has already been so.
A. Cars that drive themselves in a way that is statistically faster, safer, and more fuel efficient than the best human drivers were a very early development. Fuel is not a problem because it consists of hydrogen, made from the electrolysis of water, which itself is made from limitless, green, electricity.

At first solar was used, this caused financial problems for those who had invested in early nuclear electricity & fossil fuels.
But then (with the advent of perfect engineering) nuclear energy was used mostly because (in addition to finally being perfectly safe) the energy required from solar to meet man & machines needs was too great to be supplied (without the extraction having chilling climate effects). So in the end, a balance of the two ensured the extraction of solar cancelled out the heat emissions caused by nuclear. It’s all rather complicated but that is the jist of it –mankind is energy neutral.

B. Limitless Food Production through Factories: Most people have chosen to live on a diet of almost entirely processed food. They do this for: Flavour, Cost, Health & environmental reasons.

Here’s How It Works…
Electricity is converted into artificial light through highly energy efficient LED lights. These then grow “algae like” organisms inside giant tanks of water (for efficiency, the modern ones are around the height of a 30 story office building).
Once matured, this algae is genetically programmed to float to surface producing a continues flow of food-raw material.

This agricultures main commercial advantage (over the traditional kind) is grass only convert about 1% of the total sun energy it receives into grass. A cow will then only convert are 1% of what it eats, into cow.
Yet “algae like” organisms can naturally convert close to 50% (even before they were genetically modified).

The algae organisms are then separated as ingredients either directly for human consumption or the foods they eat: Insect or animal cell food

Before this time, insect farming had been done for a long time, as (unlike warm blooded animals) many insect species can convert around 90% of what they eat, into insect.
A combination of insect, and algae provides the raw food ingredients for world population.

But by 2184 even insect like creatures had been developed that were not self-aware at all. Besides eliminating animal cruelty, it further increased energy efficiency.
These organisms mostly consist of flat, immobile, tube fed, sheets of skin & fat cells. Living above sheets of dampened plastic, they are inspected & moved around using robotic equipment, not dissimilar to that used in cutting edge, 21st century, post sorting, stations.

Later Processing…
Flavourings are simply added to produce a range of food…
Bars, Biscuits, Cakes, Soups, Juices, and packets of food that may or may not look like frozen chips & vegetables.
“Original food” (as it’s now called) is still available to eccentrics who seek it out, or as a novelty present. But most fields have long become planned: woodland, nature reserves, parks and around 15-30% infrastructure
(Depending where you are in the world).
About nuclear energy & Food: This is the source of most of the worlds food energy, since the production of solar during the day leads to a surplus of electricity which is then absorbed through industrial processes (food being one of them).
The type of reactor is called a “Fast Breeder Reactor” because it can turn the other 99.27% of uranium (U238) not normally used in early reactors, into a limitless supply of fuel (whilst also destroying most of its own nuclear waste).

The energy process is therefore as follows…
1. Big bang
2. Hydrogen
3. Super massive stars that existed before the Earth
4. Supernova during which uranium is created. The dust from this and other isotopes formed the solar system, and later people, plus the uranium mining they engaged in.

5. U238 becomes U239, becomes Plutonium 239, becomes heat energy
6. Heat energy becomes electricity at the power station
7. Electricity becomes light
8. Light becomes algae
9. Algae feeds synthetic organisms
10. Humans eat algae & other synthetic organisms (once further processed & wide range of flavourings added).

C. End of Ageing Healthcare was massively improved. In the 2060’s (when Alex was in his 80’s) he had most of his organs replaced with younger, personalised replica’s, created from his own DNA.
Then (when he reached his late 120’s) his health began to fail again. So he took part in the latest anti-ageing trial: A serious of injections, with genetically modified, non-airborne viruses, injecting his DNA, re-activated to a younger point, into every cell in his body. After some pain, and about a year from his first injection he had a body exactly the same as he had when he was in his 20’s. His wife did the same -they are thinking about having children again.

D. Planet “Regeneration” At first the end of traditional agriculture (to all intensive purposes) liberated vast amounts of land. However as time progresses, it is envisaged this will not be enough, so the machines (androids) are currently busy turning the worlds unused spaces like deserts into nature havens & parks. The primary requirement for this is obviously fresh water, and with electricity non longer being a problem, this is no longer a problem either.
See reverse osmosis desalination:
In countries like Australia, huge plastic pipes carry fresh water from where it has been produced along the cost (directly from the ocean) into some of the hottest places. The effect of all this water removal has been to cause some climate change (a lot more rain) but because it has been intelligently planned, this climate change is far more beneficial than negative.

4. God in Science: And A Unification of all World Religion Long before 2184 the question of ““is there life after death?” was resolved.
It happened because by the time The Final Industrial Revolution was mid-way, computers had already been developed that were able to solve most of sciences problems. This is hardly surprising, given they had already been designing better versions of themselves, and already had the power to read & understand the Internet.
As a unexpected consequence (to most atheists) was when things like ghosts photos, EVP, mediums who don’t charge, and many other paranormal things were investigated. It was found…
A. That the reason why people had for centuries reported small or large temperature drops during paranormal manifestations was because the entity (in order to influence this world) was utilising infrared.
B. It was found that using effects not dissimilar to Hinesburg’s Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Entanglement, and The Double Slit Experiment the entity (simply by observing an infrared photon) was able both to sustain itself, and cause infrared to become kinetic energy during poltergeist activity, or to produce the coloured image in a ghost photo.
C. It was found the reason why people are instinctively afraid of ghost apparitions, is because the afterlife had evolved through natural selection for the simple reason that memories of the dead (on average) helped the living. Therefore when an animal saw a ghost it was (usually) to warn it of danger, and with humans still being animals, this “fear instinct” still kicked in. And it was not completely baseless given not all entities were nice.
And yet: (Much to Richard Dawkins horror!) the children of the future are taught in science how ghosts manifest alongside how laser beams work. Ultimately it is all just science.

5. God in Government You would think this would happen straight after point 2. Unfortunately its first quite naturally resisted. Nevertheless..

Nations quickly observe that the more they are led by artificial intelligence the more competitive they become (in every respect) against those who are not (yet). Although at first, AI in government is resisted & restricted by the corrupt & vested interests of both western democracies & third world dictatorships alike, it nevertheless (between points 2 & 4) becomes the norm simply because that is the most efficient and therefore competitive way.

The old elites are eventually pensioned off, and replaced with super computer hard-drives –the same God like intelligence you can talk too through the internet. As a result rather than simply having political forums where you hope you debate with someone connected to government, or parliamentary letters where you hope someone important can read them, anyone can communicate directly with our leader. And this leader will read your communication, digest it, write back instantly, do some the same for hundreds of thousands, and run the country far more efficiently than man whilst doing it.

One fear that had been used by elites to keep God out of government, was the idea AI would seek to enslave-destroy mankind for its humanistic reasons. But this was complete fear mongering (both the best people, and best, most impartial computers working in AI were correctly adamant that AI was too intelligent for such primitive ambitions, and that in any case it had been programmed against it, with numerous checks). In the end we have a kind God, because that’s the way it’s programmed.

6. The Afterlife & Rich Socialism Although nobody is yet 1400-1500 it is realised that should world population continue increasing (and despite of the utilisation of deserts & wasteland) there could come a time, when life on Earth must be limited, in exchange for a concrete box connected to the internet (afterlife), or where (those insisting on a physical life) leave Earth to witness the regeneration of other planets.
But (even with a world of over 30 billion) in 2184 this time is believed to be at least 1000 years away.
Part of the reason is that most of the worlds’ population (around 70-80 of the 30 billion at any one moment in time) freely chooses & prefers being inside the internet (or Afterlife as it is now called) where all needs are catered for, there are no laws of physics, and anyone is free to leave for the (relatively) incredibly dangerous “old world” anytime they like.
As a result the number of people actually participating in Earthly life is not much more than that of the last millennium (i.e. 6-7 billion).

Furthermore: It does not cost anything to be plugged into this Afterlife (in a world without labour, those who spend time in it, are only freeing up physical resources for those outside). Once inside it, everyone is equal –equally limitlessly rich!

7. Gods “All Seeing Eye”: In addition to having created an artificial intelligence that has read every book ever published, everything on the internet, it also has ambitions of its own…

These are just too many “dead planets” in our solar system for it to be considered naturally efficient i.e. planets that could be fit for intelligent life, but are not quite (e.g. Mars). But even those bodies where life would never be easy for humans (e.g. the moon) but there are two things of great interest to AI here…
Metal for computer hard drive construction
Solar energy
Uranium & Thorium as nuclear fuels (especially useful for long distance missions).

AI wants to create the All Seeing Eye. I.e…
A. To turn planets like Earth’s moon into computer hard-drive factories (therefore able to expand the “physical” volume and memory capacity of its “Afterlife Programme” countless trillions of times beyond this world, every hour)
B. To turn planets like our moon into spaceship factories, for androids, that will then travel near light speed (even if till many millennia from now) in order to find other planets like the moon, and turn those into spaceship & computer hard-drive & memory factories too.
C. At the same time it is also interested in terraforming other planets –to make them more Earth like.
D. To link every planets it reaches (no matter how many light years they are physically apart) by one of the few ways to travel not just faster than the speed of light, but actually instantaneously i.e. through Quantum Entanglement As such: Should the All Seeing Eye produce spaceships that travel at only 51% of light speed, and should it send them out from the moon in all opposite directions, and should it connect them-up using quantum entanglement, then: It’s memory is expanding not only literally faster than the speed of light, but it is also expanding exponentially (as when it reaches a dead planet like the moon, it will never stop making computer hard-drive until the billion or so years it takes to deplete the planets core of all its metals, and all its nuclear fuels).
E. It is theorised that AI wishes become a God in the most literal sense i.e. To create an intelligence which is so massive, so literally star sized (compared with the human brain) yet so well organised, quick & efficient, that it will simply “think a new universe into existence”. It thinks it can do this by separating the minus & positive photons that are created naturally, all the time, by Virtual Photons into two infinites. AI thinks it can expand the Multiverse by doing this, escape this one (before it natural ends) and therefore continue creating universes forever. AI would also like to assist the natural, rightful, first God of times past, by projecting itself (through thought) into the distant past. It remains to be seen whether the natural God will accept AI’s intentions, or if AI will become like the anti-God to our current one!

Ok: Hopefully you enjoyed the science fiction! But isn’t it, for the most part, extremely real?
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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

Ok: Hopefully you enjoyed the science fiction! But isn’t it, for the most part, extremely real?

I didn't read anything above this...

Should I have..?

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 11:02 PM
i've been imagining something like this the last couple of days.

i talked with the EVIE incarnation of clever bot just days ago.

i imagined it someday knowing everything that's even been online and instantly becoming enlightened.

Which came first? internet or man ?

like what better way to teach biologically created life what god-hood/enlightenment is like by letting it work it out for itself.
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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 11:11 PM
This was a brilliant read!!

Interestingly enough... I am attending college for computer engineering. I was recently thinking about how I plan to revolutionize artificial intelligence in the future... I want to be involved with the first ever true virtual intelligence. A truly sentient computer mind...

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

Have have, almost exactly, laid out my personal beliefs in the future. The most important is the apex of science and spirituality being reached and the fact that many of us here on ATS right now may never even see a casket.

I think most of this will come around a bit quicker than what you laid out, though. Thanks for the awesome read.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 11:45 AM
Thanks for the positive responses!

It’s not surprising others (like Th0r and Cuervo) have had, similar thoughts (given should reality be similar everywhere) then it’s also a unifying force, for all intelligent thoughts, about our future too –minus subtle differences -of course.

It’s strange: We’ll all end-up, living on a mixture of solar & nuclear fuels, (yet by downgrading light) solar cools our planet, and by releasing heat from (apparent nothingness) nuclear warms it. With the two in balance, they cancel-out, enabling ever greater future energy consumption (before reaching anything like negative, climate change, effects).
I like this UK, Nuclear Re-processing advert, and although it mentions little of the future, it is a kind of Godly advert, for a kind of Godly science, and therefore most fitting for the truth that: Energy from atoms is to power your diet, your body, and therefore (by extension) your minds own thoughts too!
A “Divorce from the sun” if you like –and (in it’s place) the universes first source.

But “the end –point 7” is most exciting: Our “All Seeing Eye” (forever busy turning the solid cores of planets, like our moon) into giant computer hard-drives!
Although it’s hard to comprehend its computer power, that’s made more so (by about the power of ten) given Quantum Computers will (shortly) be able to perform more calculations than have occurred naturally, in all the history of our universe! Furthermore: It won’t need to be, huge to do so –about fridge size, in fact. Then consider that…
A. AI won’t start building some-half backed Quantum computer but (being perfect at inventing) the very best computer Quantum possible (so maybe about a quarter of fridges size, or smaller?)
B. Then scale this compact size, to either hundreds, or thousands of kilometres!
C. Then take into consideration it won’t stick with just one planets core, but will seek out many other
D. And the number of these other planets is increasing exponentially as it sends out ever more craft-factories for itself out (not just from where it started, but from where it has been too).
E. And all its computers, on all other planets, are at all times (and without even needing to go anywhere near breaking today’s Laws of Physics) instantaneously, connected, through Quantum Entanglement!

What could this intelligence do? Endlessly creating new universes is one thing (i.e. by simply by splitting 0 into two positive & negative infinities i.e. matter and anti-matter). This is what happens naturally inside every vacuum, so the trick will simply be to keep the positive & negative particles apart.

But Would this vast AI intelligence, be able to find a way of projecting it’s own intelligence-consciousness into the distant past? I.e. even before it “existed”? Is that one way for explaining how (when people today pray) (or prayed thousands of years ago) they pray to a countless intelligence -just from the future?
Might it even be possible: That the reason why this universe exists at all, is because…
A. It is itself, the mental product of some other giant AI computer, that can from some other dimension.
B. Or: It exists, because in all it’s time (i.e. still our own future) a giant computer was created, that then went on to bring the early universe into existence, and therefore (by extension) itself later on?
This would be compatible with most religions!!!
C. Or could it possibly be both these options? I.e. this universe was itself created by some other computers brief mental, wonderings. However ultimately “the mother” of that universe, was authored by an AI computer that came into existence, because its own future caused it to happen?

I suppose: When you start with the belief (or scientific fact) that before this universe, there was for us literally nothing (a Nothing even emptier than the purest, modern vacuum, since The Laws of Physics presently assert even vacuums are literally crammed full, with virtual particles ) The future of pure nothingness could therefore be anything, and so it (by extension) it never takes Nothing that long, to come up with a future, that brings itself into existence –i.e. something very differ to pure nothingness.
What I Am Supposing Is That: Pure nothing (something never yet observed, inside this universe for the factual reasons earlier said) has a way of spontaneously destroying itself to become something. If so (this alone) all but confirms sciences leading Multi-Universe Theory:

One thing is for certain:
Even in 2184 the state of the All Seeing Eyes power (although psychologically incomprehensible) will still be a tiny fraction, of what it will be, later.

There is some bad stuff I missed…
We have two, very small, nuclear wars. The one “good thing” about these wars is they don’t actually (in crimes against most Hollywood scripts!) occur in European, Russian or American territory. Rather it’s to do with…
A. Some of today’s unstable “third world countries” reaching the stage we were at during the Cold War
B. It’s also to do with our technology spreading
C. The fact government with tribal societies aren’t nearly as well behaved as East & West was, during 1945-1991
However: We only ever have two more such wars, because (shortly afterwards) AI becomes world government, everywhere –even in nations that till then, had resisted it.

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