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Japan activists land on disputed islands amid China row

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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 10:27 PM
At least 10 Japanese nationalist activists have landed on a group of disputed islands, amid an escalating territorial row with China.

The activists swam ashore after a flotilla carrying about 150 activists reached the Senkaku islands, called Diaoyu in China.

Japan's coast guard is now questioning the activists, who had earlier been denied permission to visit the islands.

Japan's controls the archipelago but it is also claimed by China and Taiwan.

A group of pro-China activists landed on the islands earlier this week, enraging Japanese nationalist groups.

This is how the Falklands war started.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:43 AM
what a bunch of retards, trying to stir the # pot and create an incident, Japan should go get them and lock their asses up for trying to incite a war.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by mcamp2011

or better yet, let the chinese and japanese nationalist fight it out, who ever wins gets the #ty little island.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 05:42 AM
This must be Israel's fault anyway...

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 10:42 AM
All humans are rational and reasonable beings Only animals aren't. Animals will nevershare, discuss, debate and find solutions for the peaceful progress and evolution of its species.

Idiots in China, Japan and every greedy claimnaint for the rich resources under the islands in the entire Eastern Seas ALL use the claims of history to belligerantly deny others to those islands.

Thing is, WHICH point of history can those fools use? For China - should the villages during the Chin dynasty or the empire of China then carved by the Mongol Kublai Khan?

For Japan, or Vietnam, paying tributes to the Ming Dynasty, at which historical point do they wish to claim sovereignity over the islands?

The truth of the matter is that prior to the formation of the UN in 1945, the world was ruled by Might. Whomever has the power rule nations by conqests. There was no entity to formalize any claims. It allowed european states to carve up and bully smaller states. It allowed colonists with superior weapons and diets to rob the lands of the indigenous in Americas. It allowed an island state to rule almost the world by its superior naval fleet, etc.

BUT, after a horrifying war, world humanity learnt their lesson. It was humans in USA and the free world who stood up, and defended the smaller states around the world from tyranny and repression by bigger states whom had conquered vast territories, and with the formation of the UN, nation borders were formalized and rectified, for each to keep to their borders, and colonialisation broken up to give freedom and sovereignity to people whom at least could show they have citizens whom can lead and administer their own countries.

Hundreds of thousands of fellow human forefathers SACRIFICED themselves so that we this generation may live in properity, progress and peace, under the RULE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW to resolve any territorial conflict before human lives are lost, done in memory of our courageous forefathers who had not and will not have died in vain.

May the claimnants whom had fooled and made used of their own citizens to make such claims over the Eastern Seas today take some time off to pause, reflect and consider carefully their agendas. The descendants of the Free World whom had known peace and prosperity today or at least the taste of it, will not stand idly by if anyone state reverts to stealth or barbarism that dishonor the sacrifices of our forefathers.

One nation alone may be strong, with millions of soldiers, but it CAN NEVER stand the MIGHT of 7 Billion strong humanity, valiant and intelligent in every way and more.

May reason prevail. No human wants war.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 10:49 AM
It would be even better if all the people on the islands decided to share them, and live peacefully together, and set a REAL example.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 01:58 PM
So China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam etc all have claims on these islands and don't want to share the resources?

Here is a simple solution;

Set up an independent state with sovereign control over the territory and all it's resources.

That way none of the Imperialists and Neo-Cons can benefit from it directly (and gain an advantage over their regional rivals) and neither can they be disadvantaged by their rivals controlling the resources.

Or we let them whip out their boom sticks and smack each other around for a bit.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 10:27 AM
On Tuesday 21 Aug 2012, Japan formally handed the proposal for ICJ arbitration to S.Korea's Foreign Ministry

It was REJECTED OUTRIGHT by the S. Korean Foreign Minister - Kim Sung Hwan.

1. WHO does this Kim thinks he is? The King of S.Korea? Who died and gave him the right to decide ON BEHALF of the Free S.Korean People? Why did he not submit it for a parliamentary debate, made up of elected legislatives of this generation?

Is he in the pay of the corrupt financial cabals ruling S.Korea, that he can speak up so quickly on their behalf?

Perhaps it may be time for the S. Korean People to get the Anti-Corruption officers to look into he and his family's books. After all, it seemed many in the current and past cabinets had been crooks all along whom had manipulated and taken the S. Korean People for a long ride for decades, along with N.Korean agents within Seoul to destablize the nation...

2. The ICJ is made up of the most learned and wisest professionals in law. They take no sides, but are thorough in their knowledge and investigation to all claims from every aspect - culture, civilisation, history, etc to come up with a decision.

And that decision REPRESENTS the WILL of ALL Mankind, so that every nation on Earth may respect the Rule of Law, have faith in it to progress and evolve, rather than to go through yet another long suffering war of the world. Humankind had suffered enough.

3. S.Korea needs not fear ICJ. ICJ takes no sides, but determines on facts. No one will know what that decision will be. Japan had taken that chance and will respect ICJ's decision, so too will the Japanese People once and for all. So why not S.Korea....unless the korean leadership...have something to hide, that their claim is less than true?

4. As pleaded on the previous posts above, may S. Korea respects the hundred of thousands brave forefathers from USA and the Free World to end tyranny, slaughter and represion by Hitler and Tojo. They gave their lives so that we this generation may be free, to know peace and prosperity.

Today, S.Korean stands tall with its gleaming towers, modern armies and a bright future ahead, all made possible TWICE with the sacrifice of USA and Free World's forefathers to defend Peace and RULE OF LAW. Without which, there would be NO S.Korea at all, let alone any claims on ANYTHING.

5. In the past, mankind had been easily manipulated by emotions such as nationalism, while it was intended for other agendas by those greedy for wealth and power and the fools later enchained and enslaved. Even today, some of humankind are still being unmercifully used.

Emotions can be use - for good ..or for bad. But it is often used for bad, as it is the only quickest way to get what one wants using a fooled mass humankind.

Thus, the need for RULE OF LAW, to ensure isues are seen with objectivity and clinically, to arrive for a decision to correct a mistake, or to progress and evolve, or both, or doom only awaits for all if law of the jungle is imposed instead.

May our fellow human brothers and sisters in S.Korea NOT be used and manipulated by the greedy once again.

We are an educated generation today, to critically analyse informantion to make informed decisions, and to help those who do not have the opportunites we have, to know the truth, so that we and our future generations be free, and not be enchained by those baggages of the past that had long been settled, or new pony tricks to make us humans sit and roll over on command.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 02:24 PM
Today, the S.Korean Foreign ministry had ended up as clowns, putting on an epic cartoonish reaction to a letter of protest over S.Korean President Lee's unofficial visit to the disputed islands as well as uncalled for remarks and undiplomatic language to the head of state of Japan, when the S.Korean embassy refused to accept that letter from Japan, something never done.

It tried to return back the letter to the Japanese,but ended up the letter being sent by registered post. Either an epic cartoon by the S.koreans looking like fools, or S. Koreans had been served by childish idiots or paid corrupted officials who realized their monumental greedy errors made earlier by that visit.

President Lee of S.Korea should fire his political advisors. They had not taken into account of Japan and the Free World's reaction to his politically motivated stunt to woo voters through emotional nationalistic appeal with his visit to those islands, to make up for his battered corrupt adminstration's image. The world is no longer made up of fools.

400 activists or more were seen demostrating outside the Japanese embassy, out of millions of korean citizens. Goes to show how much of S.Koreans had been finally awakened, not to be manipulated again. They only want peace and all that same values every human seeks for, for themselves and their innocent next generations.

Enough is enough. It is time to end the quarel between good economic neighbours. S.Korea have 2 choices - either to go to ICJ, which perhaps it knows it does not have strong claims, or share the economic potential of those islands jointly. The third choice - strife, would be pure stupidity.

This is more than wealth and power. It concerns the continued peace, prosperity and progress of those 2 nations, as a start, and to other asians states that had long suffered discrimination and poverty. Asia is no desert or uneducated enslaved africans. Those are lands of great resource and human potential not only for present generations, but for the innocent next as well, as well as for our world, but in peace, goodwill and RULE OF LAW.

May the People of Asia be wise, if their corrupted foolish out of touch leaders aren't.

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 01:12 PM
At least for now, the S.Korean parliament had read the proposal by Japan for ICJ arbitration, and had rejected it.

As to if it was even debated, there isnt much news, and doubt if it even happened.

Majority of the young from S.Korea and Japan have no animosity between each other. In fact, they admire and emulated each other culturally - K-pop, J-pop, fashion, etc. The war is long past, and lessons had been learnt, enough to bury the hatchet so that a new path can be forged to progress.

Unfortunately, the S.Korean president had opened a can of worms by visiting that island unannounced instead of letting things lay as it is. He thought he could score political points after the corruption probes on his administration and discovered his own brother guilty of it. But he never knew how much anger the island claim may stoke, and can no longer put the genie back into the bottle.

It is the old and the soon to die whom still habour those hatred of pre-war years, never letting go, never seeing that the world had progessed beyond barbarisms of the past.

They want those ancient grivences be brought up, and passed such burdens upon the young. The old cared not, for they have not long to live, BUT it will be the young whom will have to live with the consequences, espacially over those pieces of disputed rocks.

Japan is willing to let go, and thus the call for ICJ to settle the matter. S.Korean leaders refused, and with such refusal, it will only be a matter of time before the call for war by the senile old folks and the right wingers hell bent on destruction of societies.

May the S.Korean leaders NOT take that path. Power of leadership comes with responsibilities, to do the right thing, for society and not for the LOUD VOCAL MINORITY.

Japan had indicated it is willing to hear other ways to settle those pieces of rocks. And the only way is to SHARE those rocks and resources beneath it.

There may be nothing beneath, but there may also be great wealth, of more wealth than the size of both nations put together, and enough to share for all.

But to go into war, nothing will left to share, as both nations will be weakened socially and economically, if not destroyed, to tap those resources. And worse, there are many vultures - greedy corporations thinking to rob citizens blind and powerful rapacious nations circling those areas even today, ever ready to pounce.

For every S.Korean who suffered during the war years - WWII and Korean wars, there were more from the FREE World whom had sacrificed their lives to protect the koreans and kept Asia safe to grow after the war. Let our forefathers sacrifices not be in vain.- avoid war, and learn to share wealth.....

posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 12:55 PM
At the end of the APEC meeting in Russia yesterday 10th Sept 2012, every participant nation vowed to maintain peace and stability in the asian pacific region as well as the world. It would have to be more than words.

Even before the delegates left, China CCP govt already use double speak yet again. It claims to want peace and stability and yet demanded it will be firm over its insane territorial claims in the pacific seas, and warned other claimnants from precipitaceous unilateral actions over the disputed islands.

No one in this century will deny any island that is near to the China shores as theirs or international agreed upon boundary limits, but most of the disputed islands are far away. China has no right to such claims any more than Macedonians today can insanely claim half the world belongs to them as their ancestor Alexander had conquered those lands.

It took millions of lives sacrificed to wake up the world in WW2, to keep forevermore to their borders, and settle any disputes within the communities worldwide peacefully that shares our world.

China's Chiang Kai Shek had been a member of the Yelta conference and had agreed to such initiatives. It was him who drew the now disputed '9 dotted lines' marking out China's sea claims, at a time when the rest of asian states were still controlled by Japan.

Without USA and the Free World's help, Japan, USSR and Germany would have ruled China today, and not the CCP govt. Today, China and all asian states had been freed and had even gain independence. Thus those '9 dotted lines' no longer applies. Even Chiang KS was booted out of China by the CCP in 1949, and along with him, all his claims to anything, except for independent state Taiwan.

China's CCP govt is acting no more than a bully to not only the small asian states, but to the world as well. Trade is the lifeblood of the world. If an entire sea can belong to one single nation, no one will know what will happen in the future, but all know mortal's propensity to greed and belligerence.

When a bully stops other kids from playing in the playground, except he himself gets to play there, then he must be rest assured that the rest of the small kids will band up to take up the bully, for if only 1 small kid talks back, he is must likely to be pulverized by the bully.

There is enough wealth under the pacific oceans for all. But it must be shared. To fight over it will only lead to instability and trade disrupted. China has the most to lose, as it is not self sufficient with 1.3 billion citizens to feed.

If other nations were to apply sanctions to China, the chinese masses will rise up to topple the govt for failing to feed them all. Other Asian states can share their lush resources amongst themselves, and need not crave for China's offerings, as it had survived long before China began its market reforms. So too the awakening Africans too.

The world can do without China, but can China do without the rest of our world? Best the CCP govt realizes this truth, end its bullying and belligerance, and truly share the responsibilties of our world for peace, with respect to human rights, to progress and evolve.
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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 11:25 AM
And now, the chain of events lead to this - violence by the chinese in mainland China against Japanese and Japanese economic exchanges that had helped to uplift past poverty of the chinese masses.

Nationalism had been used over the japanese's 'brutalities' of the past. The japanese had indeed been brutal, and had already paid a heavy price,during and after the war. Enough is enough. New innocent generations had been born.

The chinese claimed that the japanese whitewash history books to gloss over japanese imperial army brutualities.


The japanese of the 40s were far less brutal than what the devil Mao did from 1950s to the 70s till he died. His edicts caused MILLIONS of chinese, and the worse of it all was he made sons and daughters TORTURE AND SLAUGHTER their own parents during the cultural revolution.

Till today, the CCP communists had NOT owned up to the crime or even made reparations, but had glossed and whitewash that episode and now fooling the innocent new generations to their power struggle.

And it is a power struggle right now, as the uneducated, unenlightened and economic suffering masses stirred up to empower the Maoist within the CCP govt. The leaders carried the pics of the Devil Mao. IF those children know who mao really was, they would not have joined in and would have turned against those maoists.

Most telling of all was the violence and destruction in Guangzho, which is a symbol of progressing democracy, rule of law and economic uprise against the decietful Maddoff style failed Communist Chongqing model. Its destruction was the aim of the Maoist, so that their lies not be upstaged by truth and evidences.

The ghost of Mao has returned. And the Maoist cares nothing about progress and evolution, but only subjugation of our fellow human brothers and sisters in China, once again. The masses had not wake up yet. There is a price to pay for sleeping. And suffer the consequences later, for themselves and their next generations, enchained....

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 11:54 AM
China has yet again claimed that those islands, even Okinawa, belong to them, in their usual bullying manner.

1. History gives the right to Japan over the islands.
International Human rights and adherences to the rule of law for decades after the war gives Japan the moral authority to govern those island instead of China.

2. Who owns what over sovereignity of those islands, even countries in our world, was upset by WWII, which left finally to the major allied powers fighting against facism to decide humanely, to adhere to the rule of law, to return to pre1914 boundaries where possible leaving none behind, which led to the formation of the UN to arbiter intenational issues in a civilised manner.

3. The Cairo Declaration in brief, states clearly that Japan will be stripped of all islands except its main territorities that formed Japan before 1914. Any territority seized after 1914 by Japan will be stripped from them.

However, Okinawa and those disputed islands were maintained by Japan BEFORE 1914. Can a mongol Khan heir claim China belong to him today if China uses arguments such as ancient ownership?

4. The Potsdam Proclamation limits Japan to its main islands, and ANY other minor island as USA determines, who had administered to those islands, agreed by all allied powers' signitories of that Proclaimation including Chiang Kai Shek, the rightful ruler of China who fought the imperial japan army while the chinese CCP held back its own troops.

In 1972, USA finally decided that Japan was responsible enough as a member of the UN, and handed over the islands to them.

5. The Sino-Japanese Joint Statement of 1972 profess to abide by the Potsdam Proclamation.

a) China CCP govt to respect the lives sacrificed during WWII to bring peace to the world., and honor USA's decision to hand over the islands to Japan.

b.) The Potsdam Proclamation was signed by Chiang, whom USA and World powers were obliged to honor and support as a war ally, not the unvoted illegitimate usurper of China today.

Technically, by historical and moral right, the true clamaints to the island is Republic of China - Taiwan, headquartered by Chiang and an elected responsible govt for decades, back at the end of the war, and NOT the unsupported CCP govt.

But for the sake of peace, the world had left China to determine its own national course without intervention when it booted out Chiang, whom the allies are expected to support, and could have easily 'A-bombed' the CCP into submission, but did not do so for the sake of a war weary world and the blood sacrifices of our forefathers.

c.) Even today, USA still encourages diplomacy over the sovereignity of the islands, and bullied no one. BUT make no mistake, if peace and trade is destroyed, the free world will not hesitate to react.

May China CCP govt end its bullying ways, and be a responsible member sharing our world through the rule of law, and abidance to Human Rights and aspirations of all mankind to live in love and peace.
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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 03:19 PM
Jiang Zemin was the previous head of China CCP gov, and even though now in his eighties, he still welds strong and heavy influence upon the party through his corrupted ties with the hardliners in the party and military. His words carry weight still, and MOST UNFORTUNATELY.

Last week, he made a statement at a formal dinner claiming that China is a nation with little resources, and thus would need to protect its sovereignity to ensure even that little is taken away.

It is none other than an EXPLICIT and DIRECT reference to the current row over the disputed seas and islands.

This senile old fool had only proven his flawed logic.

China is a a hugh landmass and fully capable of feeding its own 1.3 billion citizens without want. It is its hunger for power that it sought for more - the riches of other lands, and its endermic corruption that failed to uplift the lives of the chinese through honest means .

Thus, by his flawed logic, is it perfectly ok to rob other nations of their wealth since they have little, the way Hitler did? They had proven it is ok, by stealing from african states - their resources and then dumping them with cheap toxic poor quality goods, so cheap that the africans could not export or even manufacture any goods, and becoming dependent on them.

And now it wants those disputed islands, islands of which they have absolutely NO right to, including the seas. China may had been a great nation once in history, but under the CCP whom respect no rule of law, there are nothing and any boundary lines are only those that they can defend.

It is only the rest of mankind's desire for peace and trade that no conflict was sought, but the rule of law adhered to, that the CCP is tolerated and hoped that they will be a responsible partner sharing our world, something which the shadow Emperor Jiang refuses to see in his deluded sense of commie authoritarian granduer.

May the next leaders be wise. If they follow that senile old fool's dictates, only pain and suffering will ensue. He wont live to see it as he will soon die, but it will be the current and the next generations that will live to suffer for it, when it is needless.

The rest of the claimant states need not hold on to belligerances, but should look for ways to end the conflicts and share such wealth, the way the civilised west did when it gave up the immense wealth of colonialism so that man may be free.

War is not the solution. The senile old fools will soon die with their delusions of honor and pride, but the innocent young need not share such fate when there is so much prosperity and progress for all An eye for an eye will only leave us all blind....

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