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U.S. soldiers gunned down by Afghan policeman they trained SECONDS after giving him a weapon

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posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 11:06 AM

Originally posted by moniker

...Is it only me who is noticing the discrepancy here?

Those who call themselves humans are rational and capable of reason and being reasoned to.

Only wild beasts have no such capabilities.

The Taliban had only proven themselves time and time again that they have no wish for reasoning, even murdered the Iman who had been tricked into believing that peace talks can be achieved, besides the numerous slaughters of innocents our fellow humans.

NO human can deny that by now, mankind is dealing with beasts and not humans. The only solution to beasts with weapons, extermination, before MORE of precious humanity dies.

For those minority who supports those wild beasts, tell them to lay down the weapons, give up sincerely on Rule of Guns and banditry, and mankind will deal fairly with them. If not, their near. There are more of mankind than them.

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