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Mt Hood waking up

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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 03:44 PM
I was looking at earthquakes at, and I notice that Mt Hood has so far today 8 earthquakes and they are not small they are pretty darn good ones, I don't believe it is snow melt at this point, so the question would be is the mountain waking up.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 03:48 PM
all eyes up the chain to Ranier
it's ok for st Helens to blow....but not Ranier .....that ones location and flow paths are too scary.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 04:13 PM
link bad

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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 04:21 PM
Yeah, they got 2 earthquakes on the west side recently, which they are worried about, Mt Hood got 8, today, if Mt Rainier erupts, something tells me it could be worse than Mt St Helens, whole a bunch of cities are toast, once it starts, Tacoma, Kent, Puyallup, Renton, Seattle.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 04:41 PM
I haven't heard anything on local news programs about Rainier waking up, or acting out of character. However, if that mountain decided to blow it's top the lahars alone would be devastating to the surrounding region. Add to that the ash fall, and there would be some serious damage. It's crazy that something so beautiful can be so powerful and deadly.

Mt. Rainer at Sunrise.

Upon looking through the Oregon media outlets, they have not reported any signs of an eruption any time soon. BUT! I did find this interesting article about a fault line that has been hidden from scientists and it is believed it could produce a major earthquake.

Newly Discovered Fault
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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 05:40 PM
There have been lots of earthquakes happening recently. Especially in the west like California(but i guess that happens all the time everywhere.) The weather has been a little odd too. Anyone else notice this too?

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 06:34 PM
I looked at the data myself, I see nothing that catches my eyes there. All quakes were under 2.0. Perhaps you had the Depths mixed up with magnitude?

Mt Hood Data
Mag Date Time Depth(Km)

0.8 2012/08/18 11:11:44 PDT 5.2
0.4 2012/08/18 11:07:58 PDT 5.0
0.5 2012/08/18 10:19:04 PDT 1.5
0.4 2012/08/18 10:17:28 PDT 3.5
0.8 2012/08/18 10:14:14 PDT 5.4
1.5 2012/08/18 10:05:43 PDT 6.3
0.5 2012/08/18 10:04:20 PDT 5.7
1.8 2012/08/18 10:00:02 PDT 4.7

Added today's list
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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by Pegasus2000

I mean all over the world and not just the U.S.. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for looking it up anyway.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 06:45 PM
While I was investigating the Hood/Rainer claims, I came across a few pages about the how active the ring of fire has become in just the last year. Every portion of it has had activity increase by 3 fold...abnormal for sure. I'd say the massive quakes over the last year or two are just the beginning.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 06:48 PM
We can see Mt. Baker from my house, that's really the only Volcano I have to worry about.

If you're going to 'worry' about anything, prep for the 7.0+ earthquake that could hit any minute now.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 06:49 PM
I won't disclaim anything about the Increase in tectonic and Volcanic activity world wide. I myself and a close friend in Washington state have been monitoring and Archiving data for some time now. Him being at it longer than I. his archives go back over 10 years. Also there are some USGS Entries that have been questionable as of late. I've been trying to keep an eye on it myself. Not much gets past him.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by yourmaker

Actually the threat of a larger 8+ quake in the PNW is rather higher than previously thought. Due to the fact that there is a Large Strike Slip Fault, which can unleash massive amounts of Energy. Only time will tell.

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