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New Strange Random Dreams

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posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 03:42 PM
After having so many off the wall far out random dreams recently, I started writing them down a while ago. While cleaning up some today I found some of them and thought I'd post them up here for your entertainment.
They are very weird and I have no idea what in the world they could mean.
Anyway, here we go:

Dream #1:

I was in a building that resembled a hotel, and I was trying to use the elevator. A man was there holding some kind of device in his hands that let him turn the elevator on and off, and I was trying everything I could to get him to stop messing around with this thing and let me use the elevator. The only other thing I could remember was something about showers - I'm thinking I was trying to use the elevator because the shower was upstairs... who knows.

Dream #2:

I was hanging out with a bunch of my old friends from back in highschool. We were at some sort of party outside in the woods, and I was trying to hook up with some skinny girl that I did not recognize. All of a sudden this "evil tree" manages to capture the girl, then swallows her, covering her in a purple slime. After this a bunch of these small batlike creatures came flying out of the tree and I managed to catch one of them in a glass jar. They sort of reminded me of the "moogles" from final fantasy. I managed to take one to a wizard who told me they were thousands of years old....

Dream #3:

I was a ninja assassin on a mission to take someone with a lot of power out. I managed to find a way into the building he was in, and I was able to take out a bunch of his guards but did not succeed in killing him, don't remember what happened but I had to escape - I think the power went off in the building and I couldn't see anything. The next thing I know I'm outside in the woods sitting up in the trees with another ninja, and we're jumping from tree to tree to escape this compound / base / whatever it was. I managed to run away for a good distance and ran to an old farm. When I got there, I ran and hide in the back of a farmhouse in the darkest corner I could find and huddled up in a ball hoping the men chasing me wouldn't find me. However, they knew where I went and simply lit the farm house on fire - so I had to escape again.. I got out of the farm house and away from the group of men outside, but the next thing I know these "ninjas" were "downloading" to the ground from UFO's flying around above via what they called "Milky Way Teleportation" (It basically was like the thing in star trek they use to beam people up and down) I can remember actually watching people being beamed down, but when it happened it was like they were stretched out, with their heads up next to the ship and their feet down on the ground, until the process was completed. There also was some sort of light rotating around the "beam" - it totally looked like some very advanced technology out of a sci fi movie, and it made me think of the men in black, and the idea of the matrix - where life is just a "video game simulation" of the far future. The only other thing I have written down about this one was that while the men were being "beamed down", there were two different kinds of UFO's, black vs white, and they were flying around shooting at each other. The "UFO"s looked a lot like modern day combat helicopter, such as an Apache, but they did not have any blades and also had some sort of stealth technology such as a cloaking devivce.

So yea, there ya have it. Can anyone make anything of these bizarre dreams - or did I just pass out with some weird show on tv in the background?

posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 04:54 PM
I dreamed the other night that I ate jelly beans and farted in TECHNICOLOR!

posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 05:19 PM
Damn. While dream #1 was slightly odd, and dream #2 sounds almost like a nightmare (you didn't hook up with the girl and said girl was eaten by an evil tree lol), dream #3 was pretty far out there. Though it sounds like it would make an interesting movie or video game.

But I too have been having odd dreams periodically for a while now. Though I largely forget about them as soon as I wake up. I do remember one though. I dreamt that I woke up from a dream, only to see a disembodied head of a beautiful woman hovering above my bed, that then proceeded to calmly warn me to be wary of a woman in the shower. It was rather strange to be honest. I also took the warning to heart.

Just in case.

So...yeah. Your not the only one having strange dreams. Granted, yours seem a bit more action packed then mine.

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