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The Coming World and Earth Changes {Susan O'Marra}

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posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 11:10 PM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
I believe even the agnostics can admit there is much evil going on in the world and many people who profit from the miseries of others. It's always been about making a choice between love and service to others or to love and serve oneself. This is the age of greed where service to self is making life miserable or impossible for millions if not billions. Look in your hearts people - it's only getting worse and worse. We must all decide in this life which we will serve.
Christianity is not a fire insurance program. If anything it commands us to go in to the fire to help others. Thanks for posting this Bo, perhaps Susan's words will touch someone and show them there is another way.
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Thanks for your kind words. I wholeheartedly agree.

May God lead all of good heart into a close relationship with Him.

May all of good heart wake-up to the realities and priorities so keenly evident now and about the be extremely more evident far sooner than any of us would wish.

Timing is in God's hands. I don't know any prophetic sources who are accurate or even who risk much beyond vague time impressions. My take on that is that God likes to keep things fuzzy--time-wise--in mosty cases. We shall see.

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