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The Powers of the Coming Race

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posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 09:50 PM
Could be.

Anything can happen.

As long as this "change" does not change and subject my soul.............................................

posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 05:15 PM


For the record, I'm all for Trans/Meta/Post-human transition.

Preferably, such a process wouldn't be an accident of birth as with X-Men, or an adaptation only acquired from embryonic cell manipulation.
Hopefully, such a transition would be something no more complicated than choosing and purchasing new clothes, or jewelry.

Kinda cool thought that. My first opinion is there shouldn't be a super race, its unfair, but then when you see what can be accomplished and also of course if you can build it we will mentality of humans then you have to consider possibilities such as this.

I would think there would be riots if a super race was made but not shared.
Would religions be for super races getting superior rights as well. I doubt they would.

Consider the speed technology moves at and could be harnessed. Regulations are set but the further reaching consequences are danced around.

We are a pyramid structured society. Should we be equal?

Can an equal society survive, couldn't see why not. They could develop equal rights laws that still managed to accomplish great achievements.

Or is the pyramid structure to strong where the top will go hell bent for it and trash down to the bottom who are scrambling up. Will a society like this be any place to be or would it be fantastic if you accepted your place and became enlightened?

Which would you choose?

Cant say the pyramid structure has been bad to me but is to many.
Equal society seems very reasonable. You could never create a truly equal society but at least agree on a global law.

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