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How the NWO is coming down on us- one of the many faces behind the agenda

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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 11:36 AM
We live in a period were we are free to research conspiracies and try and spread the truth. The people behind the NWO will not let this continue, they are waiting patiently before coming down on the internet and advancing the surveillance state to keep us in order.

To many people, this is a wild conspiracy, yet the people behind this agenda are working as we speak and one of the key players is Michael Chertfoff.

Chertoff is one of the key players in the NWO agenda. He is at the forefront of creating the surveillance state (his company creates the airport scanners etc).

He is one of the main advocates in targeting 'homegrown terrorism'- working to justify spying on everybody for 'national security'.

Here's a video of him being confronted over 9/11. Just look at his reactions, he has a look of extreme confidence, as though he already knows how it all plays out-

Whilst he laughs off these questions as silly conspiracy theories similar to 'holocaust denial', he takes the awakening of the masses via the internet very seriously. If you doubt any of this, just take a look at Chertoff's company-

I advise you to look at the website, and see the stuff this man advocates, the technology they are creating to monitor the population, and it is all done under the false pretense of 'national security.'

“The best defense is knowing what your enemies are up to, before they know you know it.”

General Michael Hayden

Yet the enemy is us! If you question the government, you are an enemy. That is their mentality.

He is but one of many faces working behind the scenes to take away our freedoms. Listen to what he is saying, the policy he pushes for and think what he does- former head of Homeland Security, now running one of the biggest security technology companies in the world.


Here is the NWO, increased ID to 'stop fraud', taking our rights away to 'protect us' etc- here it is, this man is at the core of the NWO agenda.

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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 11:46 AM
You do know, if such things ever happens,
many people will stand together, and destroy what 'they' created.

They may be smart, but you do also know that there are other people out in the world, who is smarter than any of these persons, who is on your side?

What is created by a man, can be destroyed by a man.

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