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IRANIUM: Full Movie

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

I don't understand.

Is Iran seeking a nuclear weapon? If you answer "yes" - then they are an existential threat to Israel.

If Iran indeed comes into possession of one, the geopolitical situation turns for the worst. Iran, a theocratic government, ruled by a religious theology that predicts the coming of the final Imam - leader, can be trusted with such a powerful weapon? Are you insane? I don't mean to offend you, but this is bad enough. To understate the significance of shi'ite Islam is a sin against rationality and conscience. YOU may not believe, YOU may find it too ridiculous a belief for them to really take seriously, but this is YOU - coming from your cultural paradaigm and intellectual disposition.

The Islamists are different. They believe this in it's metaphysical context; and this context indeed deserves to be understood by westerners and taken extremely seriously. This should be obvious, but unfortunately our way of living has instilled in us a superiority complex that undermines our ability to properly estimate the degree of a threat because of the threats cultural backwardness and religious superstitions

Does propaganda exist? Do other interests stand to profit? Of course. That's undeniable. But that shouldn't be of final concern. What's of ultimate importance is the safety and security of 6 million human beings being targeted by a government that revels in calling for their states destruction...

I really cannot understand any other viewpoint.

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

That's interesting logic.

:So Iran is not an immediate threat, even with nuclear weapons -->
--> But Hezbollah and Hamas are --->
Yet you acknowledge that Iran supplies Hezbollah with weapons???

Do you not find that logical sequence amusing? You basically formulated an argument for Iran's being an existential threat - in that they can pass off a nuclear weapon to Hezbollah - but came to the opposite conclusion, that they weren't an existential threat.
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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

But that is circular logic. Why does Iran dislike Israel ? Why does the US-UK continue to ostracize Iran, and with that pushing it into radicalization ? The problem is not a single reason but the geopolitic games the US-UK have been playing in the region for ages, even before WWI.

In all this what I find confounding on this is the role of Turkey, I understand that it ia now under the US-UK sphere of influence but I do not see how can they think that supporting the US-UK interests is beneficial to them. There is some advantages in regards to Syria but beyond that...

If things do blow up (not nuclear but a conventional full out war) all the region will be devastated more than it already is, none of the idiots there will benefit, ultimately not even Israel. There will not be a quick conclusion of the conflict this time because the US-UK management of the Arab Spring has eroded all the state controls in the region. Any ephemeral and temporary control the US-UK has in Libya and Egypt will soon dissipate and we will witness those states falling into something like Somalia.
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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by Panic2k11

It seems you're a bit obsessed with the "US AND UK"... the 'anglo-american' establishment....

This one sided focus on this side while ignoring the role played by Islamism - Iran, in particular, but also Egypt - who has successfully completed their transformation of Egypt from a military dictatorship into an Islamist dictatorship - firing all their head generals, and media personnel, and filling their positions with Islamic loyalists, Turkey (which if anything has been moving away from the west since the JDP took over) obfuscates the big picture.

Who cares about a US/UK (why not EU? Do Germany and France not factor in? Or what about Russia and China?) agenda. The immediate issue is to prevent a nuclear holocaust against Israel. This is the primary worry of the Israelis. Would others try to 'bank' off it? The military industrial complex? Would globalists not use this as a means to a far wider political end? Probably. In any case, the issue is: is preventing Iran from committing genocide against the Jewish people worse than confronting such evil - and possibly igniting a massive regional conflict?

If we claim to be even a little bit moral, the answer should be obvious. We confront evil and do what is right and good.

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by dontreally

You'll be surprised how many among the IDF also believe even if Iran has nuclear weaponry Iran is still not a threat to Israel however Israel does have nuclear weaponry and they are not a threat to Iran? However I trust Israel alot more with a nuclear warhead than I would the USA. Do you in all honesty believe Iran will pass a nuclear warhead to Hizbollah or Hamas? By Israel being the only nation in the Middle East with nuclear weaponry then we shall call it the "peace" bomb as a deterent? Chemical and Biological warfare can do some mighty big damage too. These too are WMD and are easily obtainable, if not even more so than building a nuclear bomb. For Iran to have capability of a nuclear warhead keeps an even field? Iranians are not stupid and nor are the Israeli Govt - although sometimes I think we should put both sides of their Govt in a padded room and let them have it out.

Lets say for arguments sake Israel & the USA or either takes out Iran's nuclear installations do you really think that will stop Hizbollah and Hamas from obtaining their weapons? You take out a Shi'ite Govt and replace it with a Sunni one - or the Muslim Brotherhood, you think that will do the trick? Problem solved? It might in the short term but in the long term it only gets worse.

I don't know what the strategy is they have in mind but if it resembles anything like their complete failure in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and Syria.......they need to go back to the drawing board.

An Iranian Revolution?

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by dontreally

You're a bit obsessed with the "US AND UK"... the 'anglo-american' establishment....

Not a bit, but a lot, and not obsessed but intended into making it clear that the "evil" is the same. I do not state that the people of the UK or US are specially to blame, the game is rigged, but those forces and institutions behind the governance of the nations, that have proven time and time again to be truly consistently despicable, bad things do happen by the hands of other nations but not with such a machiavellianism and the magniloquence of doing it for freedom and the good of all.

European have no particular fear of Islamism we have lived always with Islamism at our doors, what we have fear is on the way that the anglo-american' establishment have molded this Islamic movements to their geopolitical games from the creation of the "fake" states, to the support of their crazed delusions and profiting in pitching them against each-others for the benefit of the petrodollar.

Americans citizens in particular seem to have no sense of history, much of our civilization today is in place due to the Islamic culture and the Orthodox Christian Church, those were to two major pillars that preserved knowledge during the dark ages.

The Islamic threat was created and is managed by the same power and it all started with the fall of the Byzantine Empire. But the problems only started after the US economic interests (read corporations) decided to expand outside of South America in alliance with UK companies (the UK was at the game long before, to a point by necessity to maintain its Empire). Until WW2 there was no real Islamic problem...

Egypt was an British colony, if you knew a bit of its history you would understand better how the 'anglo-american' establishment has $ things there.

Germany has the least to be blamed on general Islamic issue, it had little influence on the politics of the region even during WWI and to lesser degree could have replicated some of the practices of the allies at the time.

France has a bit more blame to bare but even with its sad history in the region (and then Spain) the issue was more about the way that it gave its colonies Independence (or refused to) it never was a issue about religion and it hasn't been any religion issues until very recently because of the level of immigration it has from those ex-colonies and the recent change of mentality in Islam that not only refuses acculturation but has become radicalized, and you can only blame the 'anglo-american' establishment for that, starting by pointing out the creation of Israel and how the situation there has evolved.

If we claim to be even a little bit moral, the answer should be obvious. We confront evil and do what is right and good.

If you really believe that, arguing about the subject becomes pointless as you will actively refuse to admit that it may be not so. As it becomes and anathema that you may be part of the evil that is preventing good to flourish.

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