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This is loved, for you. A way to source of many, to one way of all. One.

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by daskakik


look you are just copping out now to avoid getting in trouble.... that is not what you meant or said or were thinking of, and that is just sad. It doesnt help you in any way shape or is a little sad....

I will leave you to it and only post this to say that. You can have the last word, or all of them for that matter.

I want to thank you for showing me that some people are just not willing to be wrong and in that, refuse to see their next step. To them being right and absolute is all they want. Some people are just camels and all the water in the world won't inspire in them the thirst for greater understanding.

I hope you always feel comfortable in what you think you know and are never scared by what you don't. I hope you are always a master and never the servant. I wish you all the wealth and happiness in the world and hope it doesn't leave you empty and numb inside. Be content.

good luck and good bye. enjoy ATS and try contributing sometime, it is how you grow. Not just here ,but in life. if not, your just a big fish in a small pond, or fat kid in tight shorts....either way you look silly.

try being kick ass some time. try it on for size and learn something new. Maybe even blow your mind is not that scary and actually feels great....good luck either way...

chau bacalao.....

posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 02:33 PM
Well, it seems that the OP thought it was time to leave ATS. That is really too bad. I will admit that I spent the better part of this thread discussing the form of the OP and not the content. Seems that the mods thought this was off-topic and issued a warning. I did my part to try to steer it back on topic but I guess the OP was no longer willing to participate.

Now in my last post I posted a vid from a series by Robert Morning Sky (got the name wrong in the previous post) where he talks about the Terra Papers which is supposed to be the "hidden history of earth". One of the things that he touches on is the idea of "waking up". Much like the OP (if I am interpreting right) there is the idea that we are not living true to our nature.

One of the major differences in his theory is the light of love. He believes that the light is a doorway to a reprogramming station. In opposition to what the OP proposes, he believes that the love and security offered by the light is nothing more than bait. The idea that we must seek it out is reinforced throughout our lives in texts, songs, movies, stories of NDE and others.

Now here we have two ideas which include "waking up" but the details, as to what waking up really is, are very different. This brings me back to the idea that when speaking of "truths" a clear and concise message is best.

Now I don't fully agree with Morning Sky but a few personal metaphysical experiences have made me think twice about glowing fields of love. The reason that I decided to participate in this thread is because someone said "they don't get it". I'm sure this is true for some but others do get it and just flat out disagree with it.

At some point in the thread the OP mentioned that "there is always a next step" along the path but dismissing the observations of others because one can't even question his or her own truths is failing to take that step. It is a sure sign of stagnation.

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