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posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 06:19 PM
Insanity. The moment begins the second the human psyche breaks down all of it's foundations and subsequently it's structure begins to collapse in the heat of the battle of life. The mind's eternal struggle to keep it's subtle satiety intact is one of a battle, or more appropriately, a WAR, against opposites. Good and evil, light and darkness, positive and negative, sanity and insanity; it almost NEVER ceases to create duality in it's reality to pit itself against.
Why is it that the human mind operates with duality? Well, some say that opposites attract, and even basic science illustrates that notion; with the atom and all of it's various subatomic particles. The meaning of opposition however, seems to never reveal itself to the soul until truly needed, in other words, when the timing is right.
Experience, they say, is a cruel teacher; for it gives the test first, and the lesson to be learned afterwords. But one cannot gain any wisdom without experience, and without wisdom, one cannot gain any knowledge, which is POWER.
Compare this underlying philosophy with an even more complex science, human psychology, the study of consciousness and emotions. Why do we do the things that we do, or more specifically, to each other? That is what seems to create the duality, the very specific things, however subtle, or however blatant, that we do to one another. In a world so full of meaning, and yet, also so full of strife, hardships, and imperfection within the masses, the ego it seems, can do nothing but try and give itself meaning in opposition to what it perceives in the chaotic world of objectivity. It's subjective interpretation of it's immediate environment, the closest things that it can examine in the now, are subsequently what it uses to help give itself an IDENTITY. The only concept that can create identity is opposition. Therefore, an ego's identity is what it is, and also, what it is NOT. Thus, it's very being becomes synonymous with it's character, the core and essence of what it represents and attaches meaning to in it's reality, in relation to what others do in theirs. It becomes a sort of symbiotic relationship, the rifting duality, because it gives ego's an opportunity to express what they are, and also what they are not, in relation to one another.
Physically, this attraction of opposites is electromagnetic by nature; it is an energetic connection. Medical science and eastern mystic traditions have long known that human beings are electromagnetic, so this can hardly be a surprise to the mundane mind. One can sometimes feel this connection, the energy that boosts the mind to act in an ecstatic mode of subjective and objective creation. This function is needed, because that is how we manifest our individual subjective realities, which are fundamental to our life experiences; our minds literally create ALL that we see, touch, feel, taste, and can hear. It is all subtle and yet profound vibrations.

Indeed, it seems we inhabit a world full of duality, and as above so below, our entire universe may also be of this same nature, for we are all ultimately and fundamentally ONE with the entire cosmos, and everything contained therein.
When an individual comes to the level of awareness and realization that what they think creates what they perceive in reality, a sharp mind would begin to bring those two opposing forces of duality in BALANCE, for at the end of the day, how can you possibly define one if it's opposition did not exist? It would bring to one a moment of clarity, to that point of ascertained self-realization, and ground ones mental state into further stability of the mind and heart.
Harmony, it seems, is the way to peace and tranquility in one's life, something all humans are constantly seeking within themselves and within the world at large, whether they are consciously aware of this fact or not. We seek to avoid cognitive dissonance with the world. We all just want to be fulfilled in some way or another, and really, who can blame us? We reside on a beautiful, lush planet which has the capacity to sustain us all, ensuring the survival of our species' evolution growth...we deserve to live in bountiful bliss and wealthy abundance because there is more than enough for everybody regardless of what is proclaimed by some! Yet, humans repay with a gratitude that destroys the planet and depletes the precious resources, and the life contained within it has to suffer because of it. The advent of the hydrogen bomb was the bane to this planet and her people; if every country were to be armed with nuclear warheads (and perhaps coupled with other types of weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical weapons), and were to subsequently go to war and fight to the death with one-another in a last man standing is the winner impasse, all organic life and floral on this planet would be destroyed. We are at a terrible moment in human history where it is physically possible to not only wipe each other out of existence and into extinction, but also obliterate the surface of this beautiful planet to the point of impossible habitability, which could last for thousands of years!

But the spirit of the Earth (Terra) is like a phoenix bird, and is regenerative by nature, so eventually she will be green and blue again while we will be long gone, replaced by organisms that were able to survive the nuclear fallout, and were able to adapt and evolve along with the new environment. On our planet, it seems that would cockroaches...and woe to the planet that has evolved roaches into bipeds. Just picture in your mind for a second what that would look like...scary thought indeed, am I right? Maybe we should start keeping our ego's intact and in check before we completely destroy ourselves as well as our 12,000 plus years of accumulated world history, and get replaced by roach people. Now, who the hell in their right mind would want that to happen?
It seems human beings are on a deadly natural path of self-destruction and termination. Instead of balancing our differences and seeing the commonalities in all of us, and in the dualities, we FEAR it. Humans just love to destroy what they fear. Why is that? Well, we are a young species cosmically speaking, akin to kindergarteners in a vast universe or UNIVERSITY. We only know less than one-percent of what could be possible and what could be impossible, no matter how advanced our Science and ways of thinking appear to be. Thus, if we can't even stop destroying one another out of sheer blind ignorance, how can we expect to not destroy and conquer what is out there? We would demonize everything that we find or encounter before it even gets the chance to introduce what it represents! So folly and delusional, the ways of mankind.
We fail to consciously recognize the significance of our place in this divine, and mysterious universe. Instead of looking to each other as fellow humans, as brothers and sisters, as one big human family, we enemy one another. We create differences within our culture, and kill what does not conform to the expectations of our society, forgetting the simple and humble fact that WE ALL BLEED RED. We are all one hive mind, a collective consciousness. We don't look within for our own inner strength and wisdom, instead we seek outside to find that protection and security. We are all guilty of this. Maybe that is where we have failed at?


posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 06:34 PM


I get the duality thing so far but I don't get your title yet...

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 06:38 PM

Realize this, our immortal souls are majestic and divine, infinite in the expression of glory and sovereignty. We are ALL kings and queens, the masters of our reality, the keepers of our universe. The universe and it's higher power has divinely ordained us the keepers and dwellers of this planet; it is no coincidence that we exist at this point is space and time. We are destined to evolve on this planet, and to travel onward to seed life on other earth-like planets, just as our distant ancestors from the stars did with us. Earth is just the EGG, the womb of our containment, and we are her offspring. We are her children. So therefore, why are killing our mother? Why are we committing planetary matricide?
It is time now for mankind to realize it's place, and to improve upon itself, before it is too late. We are in the belly of a beast, and with our horrible ways, it may be thinking about abortion...
Destroy Mother Earth, and we destroy OURSELVES. That is INSANITY, the path of self-destruction we are on right now. We do the same things over and over again, expecting different results every time. It is time now to look within your self, and seek you higher power. Connect once again with the Earth and the Universe, so that we can once again connect with each other. It is time to harness our empathy, lest we forever suffer the consequences of our apathy and make fools of ourselves. We need love, because without it, humanity is a LOST CAUSE. Let us BE the changes that we wish deep down to see so badly within this dark world that we humans have created for ourselves. It is time for us to rise above, and the time is NOW or NEVER. Let us join in UNION, and become one mind again.

The Great Spirit is calling upon us...

"The Universe,
So vast and mysterious,
So full of wonder,
this cosmic experience,

Yes indeed. the stars do seem, to be within the bounds of all that I perceive,
Yet while I bleed from these invisible wounds, the world forever is bleeding harder,
Too soon to heal those wounds, so by strife the soul becomes a martyr,
I have traveled the distance, yet still I want to travel farther,

The sacrifices that I have made, create tribulations and challenges to my name,
But in the end all I know is,
The FIRE within, creates the will to LIVE,

I have been blinded by the illusion my whole life,
Caught up in the mass heap of chaos that for so long veiled my eyes,
caught within the web of lies, forever seeking the universal truth to my existence,
Even while lost in the darkness...

What I have seen thus far is my VISION, so clear and so vivid,
And those who sit above, are to my testimony my witness,
No longer stuck, trapped in the stagnate grab of cold stasis,
Now my spirit roams the eternal spaces,
Forever searching, forever seeking new faces,
And yet, here I stand, and here I RISE..."

Until next time,


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posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by Chamberf=6


I get the duality thing so far but I don't get your title yet...

Emperor is a social commentary.

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by twinsoulz23

"Nero Caesar" transliterated into the Hebrew from the Greek (Neron Kaiser)."

I see now. Thanks.

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