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Occupy Congress on September 25 - Spain revolts- 25,000 against Madrid.

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posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 01:58 PM
Ok so the news here in Spain is starting to mention the barricades already set up around the Spanish capital. The news is trying to say anonymous is spearheading the movement to occupy The house of representatives, but really there is over a dozen democracy now type movements coming together to demand the resignation of the entire government. Crazy days.

What they will find is the strongest arm of the police here and the military civil guard who have been chosen by a preference to use force at all signs of disobedience. That and barricades as tall as a house. I don't know what will come of this since they are saying that they will not leave until the government resigns, something that will not happen. So I expect to see violent out breaks between people and security forces.

What I also find troubling is they are saying that this is the last attempt at civil democratic organization. What does that mean? You will give up? Or, you will get violent? The news anchors expressed this point with focus on it as a finite and definitive action...

Either way I am worried as hell for what will happen to Spain should a single shot be fired in Madrid, either against people or by them. This is cooking a civil war on a high flame.

The leaders here are not even trying to acknowledge it besides saying they are happy that the security forces will respond to protect them. Well no ISht About you calm people´s nerves and talk to the organizers.

I know that is as much a fantasy as anything else, but well, they only make it worse. No matter what might have to happen.

We will see what happens, but I fear that civil disobedience will be turned into violent revolt. The whole anonymous spin is what worries me the most. Had it been focused on the many other groups then fine, but making anonymous the "spear head" is just insane and shows media spin. That translates into auto coup De tat.

Many people smell that rat lurking. The perfect storm is brewing and it will be all the excuse needed to instill martial law. A state of exception as described by our constitution. No special executive orders....just One day an announcement and that is it. Martial law. Like if anonymous was credited for making 25,000 people surround capital hill and demand the entire government to resigns. Well that is happening here. 25,000 people against Madrid.....and Who is throwing the party according to the media...anonymouse......yeah.

Madrid, around the House of Representatives
Warning: this may be the next and final mobilization of citizens from which to start the process of change that leaves behind the current system and may lay the foundations for a true democracy. The action is clear and forceful:
On 25 September, Madrid will call massively from all over Spain, in order to surround the Congress of Deputies and stay there indefinitely, until the dissolution of the courts and the opening of a constitutional process to draft a new constitution, this time, reflective of a democratic state. All citizens are invited to participate, either individually or through assemblies, civic platforms, etc..
Change is necessary and will be led by people

Madrid, around the House of Representatives on September 25.
Calling to citizen:

Warning: this may be the next and final mobilization of citizens from which to start the process of change that is left behind the current system and lay the foundations for real democracy.

The action is loud and clear:
On 25 September, we are going to Madrid will massively from everywhere of Spain, in order to surround the Congress of Deputies and stay there indefinitely, until the dissolution of the courts and the opening of a constitutional process to drafting a new constitution, this time, of a real democratic state.

All citizens are invited to participate, either individually or through assemblies, civic platforms, etc..
Change is necessary and will be led by the people.

We, ordinary people are sick of suffering the consequences of a crisis that we have not created, we came together to write this manifesto and invite to everyone to join the claims that we claim.

Possible auto coup De tat in spain.

This video isTalking about the reasons for creating a crisis and financial catastrophe here in Spain, since the bailouts from the EU wont come. They talk about anti riot units being prepped and ready to deploy if an attack were to happen by a terrorist entity, possibly made out to be one of the many protest groups like 25m that can be blamed for Spanish intelligence actions of a staged attack. That or just use Al Qaeda.

There is allot more to the video but basically that is it,. If anyone wants translate please do. I am really tired and basically that is what it says.

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posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 02:47 PM
This could get interesting..... I recall watching 'People Power' twice in Moscow over the long worked there. I wonder how Spain deals with it, if it really does come to be a national move toward the Capital to end the suffering.

They are falling apart, right? So...false flag? I wouldn't say false anything as much as the time for change having come and the ones who led them to the cliff aren't the ones to take them back from it.

Go People Power! (and stay OUT of it U.S. Government)

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:08 AM
So the day is here. The police have made a 3 phased filter surrounding the Spanish congress. They have literally thousands of uniformed police in the capital on high alert. The news is virtually blinded as to what is really happening there now as we speak. We will have to wait until tomorrow and the days after to see what transpires.

What is being reported is the amount of beefed up security the capital is under. The exact security measures are being hidden, but what is visible is the amount of fences, checkpoints, and patrols. There are walls of uniforms in front of walls of barbed wire and riot gear.

Undercover police and intelligence personnel are already among the crowds, they have been saying that their presence would not be noticed, but that they would not allow a protest of this size to go unchecked by them.

It is uncertain as to when the massive demonstrations will end, but the many smaller ones seem to be picking up momentum as frustrations rise.

MADRID (Reuters) - The House of Representatives is shielded on Tuesday with more than a thousand police to what is expected in a massive protest against the cuts imposed by the Government and aims to encircle the lower house.

The austerity measures designed by the executive branch led by Mariano Rajoy to reduce by 65,000 billion the budget deficit for 2014 have caused numerous demonstrations-both spontaneous and organized - in Spain.

This Tuesdays event, called "Occupy Congress," is called by the coordinator 25-S, which includes many groups as part of the citizen movement as a unified "outraged" 15-M.

"Congress is inviolable and the deliberations of the members can not be interrupted or pressured by outside forces," Jesus Posadas,the president of the lower house, said on Monday to reporters , .

"I hope you have a situation where we can talk about normality," Posadas said noting that no orders had been given to special deputies for building access.

In the vicinity of Congress 1,300 police "in Madrid and beyond", said José María Benito, spokesman for the Unified Police Union (SUP) was quoted by Radio Nacional of Spain. The figure could not be confirmed by government officials.

Police set up a system of three filters in order to prevent access of demonstrators to anyone outside Congress, including (ID) registration.

The city of Madrid is being disrupted during the day due to citizen protest marches called "surrounding the Congress." At 12 am they start concentrations at two different points. The first is in the Plaza of Spain, while the second is in the gazebo of Charles V, in Atocha. There could be at first traffic complications, so security officers will be watching for any possible contingency.

After gathering all the people, it is expected that about 2 pm will begin a series of events including communal foods, where attendees will be informed of the role of these concentrations. Initially, these acts being performed in pedestrian areas. It will be at 5.30 pm when the demonstrations start moving, to Gran Vía, Callao, Sol, Cibeles and Neptune. About four hours later is scheduled in the Paseo del Prado,to hold a Permanent General Assembly , since this action was not authorized to take place opposite the Congress of Deputies.

Although all the marches and other acts are expected to be conducted in pedestrian areas, is practically a fact that they will affect traffic Madrid. In fact, this possibility, the EMT (Municipal Transport Company) announced that it will alter 33 bus lines between 17.30 and 22.00 on route

Operation "adecuado"(adequate)
The operation will be "adequate" to meet any eventuality in a "situation that is expected to be complicated," said a spokesman for the central government representatives in Madrid, citing the company Cristina Cifuentes.

The protest in the House will start at 18.00, according to information provided by the 25-S movement in social networks, but will hold various events throughout the day.

Both the ruling Popular Party and the opposition Socialist Party rejected the call to fill the Congress, which would not be permited media coverage, the opposite happens with five other protests that will come from various parts of the Spanish capital to Congress.

The State Security Forces have begun to strengthen their presence in the main scene of the protest during Monday night.

Access to the Congress remains in police custody and measured by a fenced since July, when there were several public protests against austerity measures, which involved cuts to the pillars of state welfare such as health or education, reductions in the salaries of public workers and tax increases.

Eight activists who participated in the preparatory meetings for the march have been charged for an alleged crime "against the nation's top agencies."

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:22 AM
what we are witnessing is the future for all corrupt governments around the world. this is the US in the not so distant future and it's all the EU country's as well. someone tell the cabal to pack their bags, it's over now.

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