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Hollywood and the war machine, Oliver Stone and Michael Moore.

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posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 05:09 AM
Hi All,

Last night before heading off to bed I decided to catch up with the days world events when I stumbled across this short debate (nearly 50 mins) on Aljazerra titled....

Hollywood and its fascination with war.

Now normally I would've hit the big red button on the remote to turn the thing off, but after seeing the guests included Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, I thought I'd give it a viewing.
So another cup of cocoa was made and I settled down to watch.
WOW...Turned out to be a very captivating, consuming and engrossing deliberation.

Typical,Lol, Couldn't find it at first, but after some digging here it is, hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis :-

War is hell, but for Hollywood it has been a Godsend, providing the perfect dramatic setting against which courageous heroes win the hearts and minds of the movie going public.

The Pentagon recognises the power of these celluloid dreams and encourages Hollywood to create heroic myths; to rewrite history to suit its own strategy and as a recruiting tool to provide a steady flow of willing young patriots for its wars.
Joining us as guests: Oliver Stone, the eight times Academy Award-winning filmmaker; Michael Moore, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker; and Christopher Hedges, an author and the former Middle East bureau chief of the New York Times.


posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 05:24 AM
I think it's sickening that the military teams up with Hollywood to deliver pro-war, pro-government, pro- US military propaganda. All of these movies that the US supports always glamorize our military, war, and ALWAYS make us look like we have the moral upper hand (even though everyone knows that is not true).

Pentagon, Hollywood Pair up for Transformers Sequel

Hollywood action director Michael Bay enlisted the U.S. military to provide realistic props for his 2007 giant-robot epic Transformers. After the Pentagon helped rewrite the script, Bay got access to helicopters, warships and — for just $25,000 an hour — F-22 stealth fighters.

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 06:29 AM

i haven't had a chance to watch the link yet but that's Oliver Stone's facebook, hes on a rant about exposing the koch bro's at the moment but always has some interesting stuff posted.

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