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A Telling Last Line To The Breivik Report?

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 05:53 PM
So what do you think folks? Was this mass shooting helped along the way to accomplish a goal for the Elites?


The commission recommended that semi-automatic weapons be banned and legislation on confidentiality be revised.

Not only did their Intelligence Service know, months before, that he had bought a chemical that could make a bomb and not acted on it, but even on the day the police choppers were slow to get off the ground, the boats for the police were too small to take all the officers and they ignored offers from the locals to use their boats.

So now after all the extra carnage that could have been prevented but wasn't the recommendation from the commission is to reduce weapons and privacy, hmmmmmmmmmmm now where have I seen this scenario play out before?

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 06:53 PM
This is the case in every supposedly Free nation that still has gun owners however small that number may be......
The creeping naziism is a gift from the corporate structures now running the world....
If they dont get all guns baned by the next decade ill be a monkeys uncle....
If they think that would stop a revolution, even with the heavy survielance which they are putting in place, think again.....
Theres only so many different offensive weapons available commercially, but the number of IEDs is infinite....
If they take the guns, then bombs will be hard to ban the same way...and other devices will be used as well...which should remain nameless for the sake of the kids who may fool with them....
Suffice it to say that the chemicals to make all kinds of bad # are under your kitchen sink every day.......
If they take all the guns, then rebels will make simple napalm bombs from sliced up handsoap and gasoline strirred into a slurry with a wooden stick.....
This is a very simple example..but theres far worse.....
Chemicals when mixed that produce cyanide gases or other deadly crap....all available in the department or hardware store....
So....i am not worried about the revolution if we are will just mean a lot lore badly injured police and service persons runnig into all kinds of homemade booby traps instead of snipers.
In a way....snipers are a lot simpler to deal with....wait and watch.....
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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:31 PM
This is happening here. All of a sudden, the media is reporting the tragic events involving the small percentage of gun owners who decide to use them on people, and this is supposed to convince the public here that efforts to ban guns and ammunition sales should be supported. It's sickening and is the most egregious false flag operation ever conducted.

I wonder if the men in black are breaking into peoples homes and injecting them with something that gets them to use their guns in this manner.

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