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7.7 Okhotsk Earthquake AGAIN at beginning of Earth, Venus,

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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by ttimez

Originally posted by np6888
Dr Mensa wasn't wrong about Elenin at all. The problem is that Elenin inexplicably disappeared(my guess is aliens zapped it) before it ever had a chance to make the final and most major alignments. How can you disprove his theory about Elenin, when it never got a chance?

Therein lies the problem with all of these predictions and theories: if the aliens interfere and don't show, then we will never know anything(you can even use aliens to explain macro-evolution and the lack of transitional fossils, but that's another story. The point is aliens should always be considered a factor).

Obviously ELEnin is still there, or some leftover pieces of it, we just don't see them but they travel in the sun's ecliptic so they make alignments longer than 3 days. Just as Omerbashich predicted in his paper.

See his plot for August, it's an ELEnin alignment that has caused the 7.7! So if you really believe he's right (as you say you do) then you should take it from the master himself, correct?

couldn't agree more. ELE is obviously affecting earthquakes again, and in the same way it has caused the great quake in Japan last year.

Omerbashich guy is waaay beyond a conspiracy forum, but such places are the only outlet for us to read about his work!

seems like controlled media are highly synchronized, welcome to the final stage of geological evolution: the Orwellian.
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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 11:10 PM

Originally posted by ttimez

Originally posted by cenpuppie
So many trolls and yet very few bothered to read the work. They are shooting it down with the good ol, your just wrong because i'm right. Typical.

It's interesting to say the least. I wonder if this is one of the reasons why the ancients where so good at astrology. Even the Hindu's concept of age is disturbing close to the truth from their Vedas. Then you have the Mayan calender (which was so good that those that defeated them started using it).

A prediction model for the window of 6.0+ EQs. It could simply be coincidental however. Then again not. Hard to say because plate tectonics not to mention man made factors need to be factored in. Like when the chinese made that damn that created that ginormous lake.
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Way I understand it, Omerbashich uses 6-7 only for demonstrating his mechanism (as manifested in form of a pattern), not for any prediction. 7+ are the real deal and he separates these in his alignments paper. The Greek confirmation is awesome IMHO, and it also goes for 7+.

well put. Omerbashich pattern is the key here.

so they verified his discovery. i will read it these days, time permit. good to know someone in the scientific community had the guts to tell as it is. especially since it comes from a renown university like Peloponnese.

posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 11:19 PM

Originally posted by wujotvowujotvowujotvo
reply to post by Blaine91555

Except Omerbashich's proposed mechanism in this thread isn't astrology.

No one has to date dissected and attempted to refute his paper.
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how can they refute it which based in math with 39th decimal-point accuracy, noway Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not to mention the comet stuff and I mean earthquakes in general.

this one TPTB lose.

posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by Melyanna
The Mega Quake that just happened in Russia happened again during a long alignment of the Earth, Venus, and another body, in this case Pluto. Venus was 1 minute and 13 seconds from perfect alignment, and just at the beginning of the alignment as the theory predicts. The alignment last longer than three days as the theory requires.

This mechanism cannot predict earthquakes, but it can identify ALL times of the year when a Mega Quake is possible and identify ALL times of the year when a MEGA quake is not possible. For anyone interested in Earthquake causes, mechanisms, and predictions, we can definitely state that we know at least one cause.

I can provide a simple analogy of why and how this works, and why the elevation of the bodies above or below the ecliptic plane does not matter. Please spread this knowledge around as Dr. Omerbashich's work as outlined below, could save many lives if better known.


Just as the very obvious connection between lunar and solar tidal forces took more than 200 years to be accepted by the rigid orthodox scientific mind, and that only grudgingly, it seems like it will take a very long time for the very obvious connection between Omerbashich alignments and Mega Quakes to be accepted.

Mensur Omerbashich is a Serbian edge scientist who had identified a certain type of alignement between the earth and at least two other solar system bodies as linked to mega quakes.

NOTE. Omerbashich's work clearly shows, as I will detail below, that mega quakes happen during such alignments. IT DOES NOT SHOW the opposite. In other words, a great many alignments such as happened during this quake happen WITHOUT mega quakes.

Omerbashich is a lightning rod for criticism because, unfortunately, a great many people grossly misquoted his work to spread fear about the comet Elenin. Anyone who reads Omerbasich's work will see that all such quotes were out of line. In fact his articles, which I will link to below, specificallly state that the alignments with Elenin that cause so much fear would NOT cause any seismisity as they did not meet the criteria. As everyone knows, they did not, so he was correct in that assertion.

There were a number of hatchet jobs on him done by pseudo-scientific writers such as Ian Musgrave (google him if you wish) who clearly did not understand his work.

You can read the main paper at:

Astronomical Alignments as cause of M6+ Seismicity

As many have thrown out the baby with the bathwater due to the gross misquoting of this work by people like Terrall Croft, I will sumarize one of the simplest to understand pieces of evidence.

At the bottom of page 5 of the paper linked above, a chart shows every 7.7 or greater quake that occured between November 16th, 2000 and March 11th, 2011, the Fukishima quake.

Every single quake occured during an alignement that last 3 days or more between the earth and two other solar system bodies. As there are about 40 such alignments a year, that last three days or more, and there were about two earthquakes per year, the odds would be calculated at 40/365 x 39/365 multiplied 11 times, if I have my statistics correct. That probability is absolutely beyond chance.

Almost half of the mega quakes happened during the full or new moon.

At the bottom of page 6 in the same report, another chart shows top 11 largest quakes ever recorded with instruments instuments. These quakes range from the smallest one, the 8.6 Alaskan quake on March 9th, 1957 to the largest ever recorded, the 9.5 quake in Chile on May 22nd, 1960.

EVERY SINGLE QUAKE occured during a long alignment. Interestingly, as will be shown below, 9 of the 11 mega quakes listed occured during an Earth - Venus - other alignment or during a full or new moon. The odds of this being coincidence are ridiculously, impossibly low. Anyone who is not hopelessly rigid in their thinking can see this, although there are a lot of rigid minds around at this point in the Kali Yuga.

A correction: Mensur Omerbashich is not a Serbian but Bosnian, plus he is Bosnian high nobility.

Also, there is no such a thing as "edge scientist", especially because he has received his PhD in theoretical geophysics from a leading western school, in Canada. So he is as mainstream as you can imagine.

I hope you were not serious when you said you were going to copy his work results and publish it under your own name.

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