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Mental Run Around: Photons

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 02:19 AM
First and foremost, I’d like to state that the information found herein, is just a compilation of theories I am postulating, with the use of several sources I have consulted regarding electromagnetism and photons.

I am not claiming any of this as fact, just creative speculation. And, I guess if this theory ever surfaces without my consultation, I’ll be there.

Photonic Structures (Models for Understanding Electromagnetism and Particle-Wave Duality):

First, the most accurate representation of electromagnetism (I will explain the green nodes soon):

For the sake of creativity, I used this next image as my example, the other two below it are applicable, but the one above should be kept in mind.


-Blue rings represent ‘Ghost’ Photons (see first image).
-Ghost photons are ‘wave’ photons in that they are waves of non-tangible particles that behave like waves.
-Ghost photons are the differentiated particles from the ‘source’ photon, and thus, are constituents of the known magnetic and electric fields.
-(first image) These two photons that move in sync along their respective waves are in the duality form
-These photons are identical, but operate as anti-particles to one another (cited from Wikipedia that photons act as anti-particles to one another) as evidenced by the existence of the differentiated fields, electric and magnetic.

-On the contrary, ‘Source’ photons (Red, or Green solid points in the images) are the true, tangible photon particles that yield tangible energy, and probably radiate out in concentric spheres like a ripple in a pond, but in 3 dimensions, with the medium for the ripple being the electric and magnetic fields nearby, along with their respective ‘ghost’ photons at corresponding frequency.
-‘Source’ photons are singular, rather than dualistic, due to the two ‘ghost’ photons synchronizing at the intersection of the fields, to create a single particle.
-This synchronization, for an instant, will create a point of energy that is equivalent to the combined ghost photons (With both ghost photons moving at c, this source photon should exhibit energy as c x c or [c]^2). I think, hah.
-Considering this, a stream of source photons will illuminate like beads along a string, at their respective wavelength, along with illuminating the fields of ghost ‘particles’ resonant with the proper frequency around the source particles, similar to a star within a nebula.

Here’s an example of what I believe is showing the intersection points. Here you can see very visible discs within the beam of light. I imagine that this beam is probably hundreds of thousands of beams of the same frequency (probably visible light) all going the same direction, and packed together tightly. With that said, it will yield the same intersection points for each beam, discs, although the discs in this image seem pretty well spaced to be the appropriate interval. Still interesting though:

-Note: Each “String” of photons will propagate at any conceivable vector from the source.

-The ghost photons are representative of potential energy
-The source photons are representative of realized energy

-Note: Notion that source photons have some kind of spin. Is it possible that if the ghost photons come in at 90 degree angles from the two fields, and at the same speed, with the same properties for the most part, then by this logic, I would suppose that the source photon would have a variable 45 degree up-left/45 degree down right spin, or 45 degree down left/45 degree up-right, in relation to the two planes, with the source photon possibly spinning at [c]^2. Of course, this is entirely guess work, and could suggest that the fields are not fixed in the stream and do some kind of spiral.

Another example: Radio frequency electromagnetism vs. Gamma frequency electromagnetism:
-Radio frequencies are on the order of .1 m to longer wavelengths.
-Gamma frequencies are on the order of 10^-12 m.
-Using the first image of the single circle diagram, imagine the diameter of the circle as .1 meter for the radio frequency, and 10^-12 meter for the gamma frequency.

It should become clear that if you are to daisy chain ‘ghost’ photons, one by one along the paths of the waves, including the source photons at the intersections, there is a pattern:

-The larger circle representing the radio frequency has MUCH more room for ghost photons, but the frequency of source photons occurring is significantly infrequent (factual pun).
-On the contrary, the gamma ray circle is only a few orders larger in diameter than a photon itself (10^-12 meter for the gamma wavelength, and .5 x 10^-15 meter for a photon). This means that there is much less space, from intersection to intersection, for ghost photons. Therefore, very little potential energy, because it is utilizing potential energy by way of high frequency; yielding an extremely high level of source photons, meaning high beam density, and realized energy. Tightly packed in the x, y, and z axes.

-Also, considering all of this, I decided to do another test with the circle.
-Take a 1 meter radio frequency.
-The circumference of the circle is 1 meter x pi = 3.14 meters
-If the ghost photons, which take up the vast majority of the oscillation paths, are
traveling at [c], then for the photon to make one complete trip (one wavelength), we would have:
- (3.14) / [c] = 1.04739126 × 10-8 s
-Or .00000001 seconds for a 1 meter wavelength radio wave to complete a peak to peak cycle.
-Furthermore, by this idea, half that time for each 1 meter wavelength, source photon to propagate.
-Although, If a source photon is [c]^2 as its moment of momentum, that’s some voodoo time travel doohickey, but may be possible if the source photons are some how restricted, time-space wise…
With all of this said, my ideas, if correct, suggest that higher frequency electromagnetism is more energetic because the beam is denser with source photons.
However, I just realized that with all of this, it would suggest that higher frequency beams of light like x-ray and gamma rays, should, or could, travel closer to [c]^2 than lower frequency light (where there are less [c]^2 photons per distance due to the lower frequency). It'd be easy to test though: two beams of light, one radio, one gamma, carrying the same message, over the same distance, with the same conditions, sent at the same moment.

Of course this is mostly conjecture

And speaking of conjecture, did you know that the Time-Wave zero graph is representing the meeting of the two fields, the source photon?
I kid, I kid.

One more thing about this whole photon-photon interaction, and I'm going native for this one:

It is as the Sun and the Moon during a total Solar Eclipse, for the ‘All-Seeing’ Eye is simply the source of all light, the one, the supreme observer that sees all photon interactions, thus collapsing the waves into reality.

Then again, didn’t you know that we all do that to various degrees?

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 02:30 AM
I'd rather use an example of Newton's Cradle (spinning off each other) with nodes/ plates in between as the contact for photon interaction.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by Americanist
I'd rather use an example of Newton's Cradle (spinning off each other) with nodes/ plates in between as the contact for photon interaction.

Ah, yes. That's a good visual representation for the pair interactions.

I need to find a way to test these ideas. I've already got the one to test my [c]^2 theory for the moment of momentum for the source photon, but testing for the ghost/source aspects will have to be tested by a rigorous double,single, triple slot experiment.

You'd have to factor in wavelength, distance from the opening, molecules in the air, shape of the slots, orientation of the fields (possibly circular polarizing).


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