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Independent day

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 08:28 PM
Well I have been meaning to put this together for a while now and thought it was about time I put something down and got some ideas on the subject.

Now this comes from an idea that someone had posted a while back about leaving an old mobile phone on a bus with information on and websites linked that are conspiracy based in order that the person who found it would have there’s eyes opened and hopefully pass the message on to others and leave the phone for the next person to find…..Thus educating the masses

I really liked the concept of the idea but quickly realised it was unfeasible due to the time it would take and the expense of god knows how many phones that would have to be left around for it to catch on ….. But the idea didn’t die there and I wondered what could be changed In order for it to work.

Now I have given it some thought and this is what I have come up with…..Now don’t get me wrong here I’m nothing more then and armchair activist. I do not have the time, skills, or follow though to go ahead with any of this all I’m looking for here is people’s ideas and thought’s on what you would include or leave out basically I’m just throwing it out there for you lot to pick though.

O.k so replace the phone with a sticker all the sticker has to say is WWW.SOMEWEBSITE’SNAME.COM and that’s it. They can be stuck anywhere and a very cheap alternative to the mobile phone.

So after seeing these stickers around the place you finally decide to log on and find out what it’s all about
Now it’s impossible to convert everyone that’s not really the point the point is to tip the scales a little in our favour because once you have a few, more will follow its just human nature.

Now we all sit here and moan about how the masses are spoon fed there media so why couldn’t we take the same approach ….what I’m thinking is 6 youtube vids each one 10 minutes long.
That’s only an hour of your life you have to give and where there broken down you can take breaks in-between go make a coffee, whatever .
Now it’s important here that you keep away from conspiracy theory and stick to conspiracy fact if it can’t be proven then it doesn’t go in. Don’t give them the chance to make you look stupid they can’t debunk fact.

Now some points here I think would have to be tailored to each person’s country say like point 4 politics as a U.k resident I do not want to click on it and get 10 minutes of American politics there’s no point and a waste of my time so I think that point would have to be broken down into flags and you just click on your nations flag to get the information that is relevant to you
1) The banking system-
We are all aware of this sham but if more people understood how it worked then change could come about
2) How the media manipulates your thinking
Time and time again we find out that we have been lied to by the media outlets but very few people do find out here you need to show the story that they ran and then the truth of what really happened and the agenda of what they’re running now
3) How all the big names tie together
World history has been manipulated by certain people and certain family’s it’s time to name and shame and how it all fits together
4) The Political sham
We keep getting lied to by our leaders. There is so much information out there of how time and time again they have used their position to line their own pockets. We keep voting these people into power because they tell us what we want to hear and once they’re there they do whatever they like. We live in a democratic dictatorship for 4 years and then convince ourselves that the next person we vote in will be different and It never changes
5) The perpetual war machine
Our leaders drag us from war to war regardless of whether we want it or not it’s never going to end Because of the money to be made from drugs, weapons, contract deals etc ….Personally I’m sick of the killing and want it to stop. People need to see the whole story a lot of the people being killed aren’t terrorists their children, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, sisters and brothers
6) ?????
I don’t know what to put for point six I had a few ideas but they didn’t seem fitting

Now these are my 6..well 5 point’s. It’s what I came up with after giving it a bit of thought. I would like to know what you would include in there. What would you show to open peoples eyes to the world around them remember I’m after conspiracy fact and not conspiracy theory.

Now the last bit kind of stumped me ……so you have given the people the information where do you go from here??? I have thought about it and the best I could come up with is
Independent day……Every day we are bunched into one type of group or another. People protest but all in their own groups Nurses, policemen, teachers, transport workers the list goes on and on what if you were to pick one day …errr I don’t know let’s say December the 23rd and have an independent day where everyone takes responsibility for themselves not as a group but an individual. I as an individual will take myself to London and meet a lot of other likeminded individuals there who are all there for the same reason …..There will be no violence there will be no rioting there will be no show of aggression towards the police …..If the police get aggressive then it will show a bunch of informed people who the real criminals are

So what is the point…… To show our governments of this world that we as a people/as a nation are onto them. We know what they’re doing and were getting wise to it.
People are becoming educated to the whole corrupt system
Knowledge is power people

I look forward to reading your ideas and opinions

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by Mahatmacoat

Well I had kind of hoped to get a few Ideas buy now but sadly nothing
I knew I should have put "false flag" in the title

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 06:43 AM
O.k I'm bumping this back to the top as I'm interested as to what people have to say on the matter
So far nothing but a stony silence

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