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Stargates of Iran.

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 04:58 AM
reply to post by coredrill

You're entirely wrong, see the link above your post for the academic basis in what is meant in terms of 'stargates' of Mesopotamian culture.

My specialist background is in art history, i assure you i don't misrepresent artifacts, if you feel i have i'd require you to be specific about what you find contentious.

As i explained, this is a thought system that has the capacity to be understood at differant levels, the naturalistic, were a serpent is just a crawling wriggly thing, a tree just something in the garden, a metaphorical level inclusive of sexuality, a mythological and cosmological level, which is what most of my explanations of the artifacts have been concerned with, and the suggestion that it is possible then to extend this into the realm of mathamatics and astro-physics, as well as a technological level..i've provided a tentative basis for how that would be realised.

I'll add, that what i suggest is in itself a stepped level of understanding, were the lowest level is the naturalistic, that an explanation which concerns itself with only one level of interpretion is inadequate, and that the highest level must be considered.

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 05:04 AM

Originally posted by VonDoomen
reply to post by Kantzveldt

learned something again!

Now this makes me think.

You are sure that this iconography represents the bull?

Which would be taurus the bull?

Which would be the "age" before the age of Aquarius correct?

gotta say I really loved the math charts you added. Its always boggled my mind how much these futuristic and scientific charts/graphs look so similiar to ancient artwork.

Reminds of the theory that Rosalyn chapel has stone carved glyphs which represent sound patterns that you can view in sand when it is blasted with a certain frequency. The name of this science alludes me at the moment.

I believe you are referring to Harmonics.

Also the Age of Taurus preceeded the Age of Aries which in turn preceeded the Age of Pisces which we are in now. Arguably...

ETA: Aquarius is next but the date at which it starts is up for debate.
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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by pirhanna

Are you serious !!!????

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 06:15 AM
Ok. Let us start with the your initial post.

Jiroft, probably to be identified with the City of Aratta known from Sumerian texts, was like Sumeria itself almost certainly a Dravidian culture, maintaining trade links with the Harappan culture of the Indus valley, in a sense the missing link between Sumerian and Harappan culture.

How did you arrive at the conclusion that Jiroft/Aratta and Sumeria was a "Dravidian" Culture?
What do you understand by the term "Dravidian"?

there is a proposition that the Jiroft Culture is an Independent bronze age culture.
How does Dravidian culture come into the picture when it is an independent bronze age culture/civilization?

Your iconography is iconography only. not substantiated by science. You bring in science to speculate that the iconography which you mention in your post does indeed point out a star-gate allegory.
Gentleman, what you refer to as the "Mountain in the Horizon" in your post is nothing but graphical representation of The Ziggurat.
Now, you would argue that the Ziggurat is a symbolic representation of the Mountain in the Horizon. Then would go to the extent and say that even the Pyramid would be the symbolic representation of the Mountain in the Horizon.

It can be seen that the portals are placed in the context of a general architectural setting, and thus archaeologists somewhat lazily conclude this is merely representation of the general city, however it must be noted the Egyptians contextualized their Doorways of the Horizon of Heaven in terms of a Palace Facade, and that this can be seen as representative of the Heavens, thus the mundane reflects the Heavenly;

On what basis do you arrive at this explanation?
Just because "you" think that the graphical representations on the plates, mugs , cylinders are all fitting your theory?
Is your theory acceptable to the scientific or archaeological or historical community?
or is it just your pet theory?
taking the artefacts into consideration?
Why cant the creators of the artefacts have a creative license? Do they have to confirm to some sort of standardized iconography? Each artisan has his or her own creative philosophy. Why cant the artisans of the jiroft era/culture have some sort of creative license?
Artisans would naturally craft into their creation, the most popular themes of their times, repetitive patterns, patterns that were pleasing to the eyes of the people of their times.
Do the patterns and themes compulsorily have to represent the ideology of the jiroft culture??

Nothing in the artifices or images indicate anything relating to Stargate.
it is you yourself who is stressing on the term Stargate.
You are finding star-gates everywhere you want to. not that there were star-gates in every object or pattern that was discussed. You want to find star-gates everywhere and so you found them.
That is what i wrote about Deliberate Pareidolia.

Just because some images indicated a domed or parabolic shape, you put in the scientific part of the tale.

Sinusoidal forms can be viewe3d everywhere. In inannas breasts, it mountains. it is just because, the shapes are as such. There is no scientific theory in the picture.
Human hair is wavy. if there is a graphical representation of a human( a woman) with wavy hair in jiroft artefacts, you would have associated some scientific aspect to the wavy nature of the hair and would have brought in star gates into it too.

Your specialist art history experience should be applied as symbolic and not as scientific.

Why bring Gobekli Tepe and its carvings into the picture? Just because there was a criss cross pattern you found on one of the carvings which you felt could match the worm hole theory and voila you got a star-gate science.
is there any connection between the Jiroft culture and the culture that built Gobekli Tepe ??
As far as we know, nothing.
But you are hell bent on linking them because if you could link both, your wormhole theory or essentially the star-gate theory has plausibility.

Essentially you are twisting every image you find to suit your pet theory.

Now isn't that fantastic?
Now isn't that so fringe-ish?
of course it is - fringe.

I do not possess any Specialist art history experience.
I do have a reasonable knowledge on archaeology and history.
But i do possess an analytical mind rich with common sense, which you also possess but which your deliberately refuse to exercise since it would contradict your theories.

have a nice day.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by Egyptia

Hardly. The oil is a diversion but it's not Stargates that make the U.S and Israel covet's the democratization of the area s that the NWO can include that part of the world. They create chaos, anarchy and out of disorder....they give the remedy of the New World Order. These stargates do not exist. It will take more thn drawings and stone tablets to convince me anyway.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:18 AM
Okay... enough with the stargate threads. Why doesn't anything come through these stargates anymore? If they're scattered throughout the planet, why doesn't ET come through and say hi once in a while?

This is the basic logic to the stargate theory: stargate exists. nothing comes out. nothing goes in. stargate exists.


posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:24 AM
reply to post by coredrill

Anthropological evidence from Sumeria, and written and linguistic evidence suggests they were Dravidian in terms of race, or you could just look at the Temple of Mari illustrations;

Its early days for Jiroft, but the cultural links and similaraties to Sumeria are evident, and their writing system is being considered of a Dravidian form.

There is extensive literary evidence from Egypt and Sumeria that the pyramid and ziggurat were understood in terms of 'Mountains of the Horizon', you should familiarize yourself with this.

The portal representations on the artifacts do have to correspond to stringent cultural parameters in that the context for these was of grave goods, this is the iconography for transition into the Heavenly realms, the afterlife, the artist wouldn't just play around with these motifs, tradition and form is everything there.

I use the popularized term 'stargates' because i think this is an important cultural legacy and should be drawn attention too, the Sumerian texts were more specific in terms of refering to the gates of the horizon in terms of the Gate of Anu, or Enki etc, the Egyptians used the term the Doorway of Heaven.

Again i would suggest you need to fmailiarize yourself as to how extensive literary referances to these gates were, and what function they played in Mesopotamian astronomy, having done so perhaps then you can appreciate why they are so consistently represented on the artifacts.

The reason i brought Gobekli Tepe into it, curiously, is that i was making the case for higher levels of understanding, above the naturalistic, metaphorical, mythological, cosmological, a level concerned with geometry and mathamatics. In my opinion the repeated concern with an horizontal rectangular megalithic stone placed upon a vertical is of that level

That degree of concern with abstract form has of course perplexed archaeologist, if the simplest explanation should always be considered the most likely, the one i have offered is currently the only one available.

There is another example also from 11,000 years ago from Djade al Mugarha, again this information is of an abstract, geometric mathamatical form, a pattern. which again in my opinion is toward the highest level this system of thought can find representation;

In terms of art history this is highly anomalous, those are the worlds oldest murals upon the first known adobe brick wall construction, currently stored in Aleppo, it was those murals that prompted my research into such iconography

What my research has indicated is that if i showed the pattern to the religious representatives of Andean, or Meso-American, or North American, or Sumerian, or Elamite, or South East Asian and many other cultures, they would have been able to provide me with an explanation as to what it represented, that the colours in themselves represented three levels the Underworld for Black, the white the Heavens, the red physical life, the terrestial.

They would also indicate that the motif is the mountain of the Eastern horizon seen facing in opposition to that of the West, that this is a cosmological representation of the world
, the red and white mountain is that of the East, the white and black mountain is that of the West, the diagonal/serpentine form is the means of transition, they might also explain how this pattern is best seen repeated to infinity.

It's not about 'pet theories' for me, i wanted to understand this...sorry i shared it with you.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:34 AM
There is link here that mentions quite a bit about Inanna. I find her quite interesting especially after reading and seeing some of Zacharia Sitchens videos. When I saw a statue of her with a tube running behind her helmet that REALLY peaked my interest.

Here is one such helmet but there seems to be some type of power pack etc. I understand mainstream education not wanting to go in that type of direction. But seeing these things on ancient statues is overwhelming in a new age type direction really!

This sure looks futuristic to me though of course it is incredibly ancient in a sumerian kind of way.

Of course Zacharia points out the possibility that she was involved in medical proceeders that involved our present day DNA structure. Of course I can not say it is 100% true but based on these type of statues one has to really wonder I think.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:38 AM

Originally posted by Kantzveldt
reply to post by coredrill

Anthropological evidence from Sumeria, and written and linguistic evidence suggests they were Dravidian in terms of race, or you could just look at the Temple of Mari illustrations;

What "anthropological " Evidence are you talking about?
Could you provide any reference?

and what does it so specifically indicate in the painting from the temple of mari?
i don't get it. could you point it out to me?

instead of stating things, try to back it up with evidence or links to substantiate what you state.

your point of literary evidence about pyramids and ziggurats being Mountains of the horizon - please provide a few links please?

aah when i got to the mural one...i now know who you are. we argued a lot n this mural on unexplained mysteries forum. lol.

no more comments on your post.

thank you.

fringe for sure.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 08:30 AM

Originally posted by Egyptia
reply to post by Kantzveldt

I have always suspected that the exploits and attention regarding the 'oil' issue was always intended as a diversion for the world and from that which 'they' were truly after................namely ancient stargates.

Excellent thread!:up

Yes it is excellent, and I think as you do, Egyptia, on the Stargate theory. (cool username!) I have heard some pretty weird stories come from Iraq from soldiers who fought there. Wonder what the Rich Elite would do if they found a working Stargate? Would they attempt to use it? I have a strong believe they already possess Time Travel, wouldn't that serve the same purpose? All these questions, and no real answers. Star and flag OP, great post, well put together.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 09:52 AM
is there a possibility of this has something to do with why we want to make war with Iran? probably unrelated but it could be. gracias.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by coredrill

Here's a resume of the anthropological proposals regarding the origin of the Sumerians, it isn't that impressive to be honest, which is why i'd tend to suggest looking at the best illustrations from Mari were if they look like Dravidians then...of course such a simple approach has to be 'fringe'

Sumerian Origins

For the association of Egyptian pyramids with the mountains of the horizon just repeat 'Akhet Khufu' several times, for the ziggurats you need to consider in what manner they are being described and with what associations;

O E-mu-mah (House with a magnificent name), rising mountain of heaven, your holy sides and your great foundation are most precious. Interior full with princely divine powers, a beaming light which shines, shrine with your back to the blue sky and your prominent front to all people, in the Land it represents a binding agreement and a single track. Magnificent river with open mouth gathering together your ...... divine powers, your base is great in awesomeness, a righteous hill grown in a broad place

O ......, shrine where destiny is determined, ......, foundation, raised with a ziqqurat, ......, settlement of Enlil, your ......, your right and your left are Sumer and Akkad. House of Enlil, your interior is cool, your exterior determines destiny. Your door-jambs and architrave are a high mountain, your projecting pilasters a dignified mountain. Your peak is a ...... peak of your princely platform. Your base serves heaven and earth

O E-melem-huc (House of terrifying radiance) exuding great awesomeness, Ec-mah (Magnificent shrine), to which princely divine powers were sent from heaven, storehouse of Enlil founded for the primeval divine powers, worthy of nobility, lifting your head in princeship, counsellor of E-kur, pillar of the surroundings, your house ...... the platform with heaven[/i]

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by thetiler

Yes the seven aspects of Inana's adornment are interesting, she sheds them one by one of course as she entered into the depths of the underworld, then puts them on again to re-ascend.

1. The SHU.GAR.RA she put on her head.
2. "Measuring pendants," on her ears.
3. Chains of small blue stones, around her neck.
4. Twin "stones," on her shoulders.
5. A golden cylinder, in her hands.
6. Straps, clasping her breast.
7. The PALA garment, clothed around her body.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 11:33 AM
These are the kinds of posts on ATS that i LOVE to read. Well composed, extensively researched, well thought out, and beautifully written. This really got me interested in digging deeper (pardon the pun) into this realm of concepts. I have never heard of stargates other than the television show/movies but now i have an overwhelming urge to research more about what you have brought into the light. Star and Flag! Thanks OP!

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 11:37 AM
Stargåte SG-1/ATLANTIS is just a fictional tv series. THere are no stargates or goa-uld's. Sometimes I think a lot of people here think it's real.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 11:44 AM

The Sumerians were thought to invade Mesopotamia from the south, coming through the Persian Gulf from the east. Speiser suggested that they may have been related to the Dravidians (1930:83).

from the google book linked

Fifteen years ago H. Crawford referred to the old speculation that the Sumerians were round-headed and the Semites were long-headed and noticed after C.S. Coon (1949) the great tooth size of early inhabitants of Mesopotamia, which used to be taken as the evidence of their affinities with the Indians (Crawford 1991:9).

historical background. However, also physical anthropology contributed to the debate, especially to the idea of alleged round-headed “Sumerian race”, and to the theory about the Sumerians’ Indian origins. It is quite evident that this first motif originated in the misunderstand- ing between some physical anthropologists who treated conventional ico- nography as comparable with the osteological data, and philologists who enthousiastically accepted the discrepancy between skulls and art representations as “scientific” proof of the small contribution of the “Sumerian race” to the Mesopotamian population. The hypothesis of Indian origins was relatively better grounded, although no author tested it in proper way and it still remains only a speculation.

It is evident from the above that relating the Sumerians to Dravidians or indians is pure speculation only without any anthropological evidences.

Basing your evidence on a reference to a statement in a book by E. A Speiser Mesopotamian Origins: the Basic Population of the Near East. dating from 1930??

Archaeology is an evolving science. What we thought in 1930s is not what we know now. Archaeologists do accept changes in assumptions. It reviews itself and changes/ accepts the notions.

We now know that many middle eastern civilizations evolved independently of each other and in later stages have come in contact with each other.
Jirfor culture was one such and Sumerian culture was another such.
Could you provide any other
Agree that both Akhet Khufu and the praises in Sumerian liturgy, mountains are mentioned.
But, is an inverted parabola with straight lines on the side, credibly translated as the mountains of the horizon or passage between two mountains? just curious. i would like to know how you arrive at this conclusion.

regarding your assumption on the temple of Ishtar at Mari/tell Hariri, could you direct me to the site which contains that illustration. i have tired searching for them, but all i get are inscriptions on stones and all.

This particular Mural, you have bandied along a lot as evidence for "neolithic Interventionism". You used a paper by Dr. Pilloud, to support your claims of depicting DNA in it. and Dr. Pillourd was completely displeased for using her paper and distorting the facts and asked to inform you to desist from doing that.
And you claimed that that the pattern what you reconstructed was accurate and the pattern on the rock was inaccurate.
To which i had commented that "So, the ancient pattern is inaccurate and what you have shown is the correct one. If you are depicting something that's different from the ancient pattern, why are you linking you idea/theory with a pattern that doesn't have anything to do with your theories? huh? this is what i would call..deliberate selective electivism... followed by all fringe folks like daniken, childress, hancock"

and you being a art historian got into an unwanted fight with a proper trained geneticist who ripped your theory apart, that you didnt know how to substantiate your claims and left it as it is and poofed.

Forgot all that?

So you still use the Mural, in another theory to back up your statements of precision.

Come on.

lets hear more.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 11:48 AM
went through all of these pages and i still don't see any evidence for the OP's "stargates"...just ancient art and structures. can we subtract stars from posts?

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

The images brought to mind also the Greek Medusa Depiction

The winged figure holdign two serpents. Is this imagery attached to the ancients African schools of mystery? ( And by African I mean Egyptian, Nubian, Persian, etc) The Dogon also have images similar to those of the Samarians.

This intaglio was found during excavation of the Yuz-Oba (Hundred Hills) Barrow, Kerch. It is executed on a piece of semi-transparent chalcedony, which was of particular value in the Classical era. The representation of the snake-haired Medusa was probably intended as protection against evil forces. The contour of the figure, the characteristic shape of the wings with their turned-up ends, and the patterned lower border of the tunic correspond to the oval shape of the seal.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by coredrill

The question then given the sketchy nature of theanthropological evidence is what do we know now...?!?...if you're happy to remain with origins/ethnicity unknown that's fine by me, linguistic and writing style is supportive of Dravidian background, and like i said the example from the Investiture of Zimri Lim, fragments held in the Louvre, sure look like Dravidians to me

Investiture of Zimri Lim

Sumerian city states didn't develop entirely independant from each other, they were reliant on trade, Jiroft particularly so hence it's excellence in craftwork.

The inverted parabola seen on the Jiroft artifacts on the first example i provided is consitent with the akhet symbol;

Furthur example were provided were it was seen associated with the 'handbag' artifacts were the concerns are clearly astrological, a mirroring of constellations across the horizon, with the arc/handle correspondant to the arc of the ecliptic plane across the sky.

I think it's inappropriate to drag up old threads from other message boards, but briefly i used the paper by Dr. Pilloud to support a case for unusual patterns within society and reproduction at a particular site during the Neolithic, that neither she nor yourself appreciated my speculative suggestions of what hypothesis this could support is really neither here nor you maintain when the extensive debate became increasingly focused on genetics and evolution then yes that is outside my area of expertise and interest.
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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by Kantzveldt
reply to post by HomerinNC

He (Enki (?)) approaches the maiden Nisaba in prayer. He has organised pure food-offerings; he has opened up Nisaba's house of learning, and has placed the lapis-lazuli tablet on her knees, for her to consult the holy tablet of the heavenly stars. In Aratta he has placed E-zagina at her disposal

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Tablet?? Maybe these "wormholes" open into the future. This tablet could be a futuristic version of the i-pad. It would have enough memory to hold all of the technological readings of its time. Self-learning and regulating. Position itself to the stars? Learn the natives speech? Who knows lol!

Point being, we are probably coming from the future to somehow change the past? Its fun to think about anyways!

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