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Will Japan Go Far Left?

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 10:10 AM
The DPJ(Democratic Party of Japan) is having more and more pressure placed on it to hold a national general election as the Japanese government finds itself once again fractured and fighting along party lines. Prime minister Noda recently survived a vote of no confidence as he pushed forward for a planned tax hike which is a point of hot contention with not only political leaders but also with the people of Japan. Among the many serious problems Japan is facing the massive debt, which the people of Japan had nothing to do with creating, is one of them.

Noda Survives No confidence Vote

It is interesting to note that the vote of no confidence was lead by the minor parties in the J-gov which included The Communist Party of Japan and the People`s Life Party(recently formed by defectors of the DPJ).

I am wondering if Japan will go more far left once national elections are finally called by the ruling DPJ. Both the DPJ and the LDP are becoming more and more untrusted by the people of Japan. I live in Tokyo and I do not hear many native born Japanese speak highly of either of the major ruling parties. It is the far left which has been the biggest supporters of the Anti-nuclear movement in Japan.

The Japanese Communist Newspaper The Japan Press Weekly(also know as Akahata) has taken a hard Anti-Nuclear stance in support of Zero Nuclear power in Japan.

Japan Press Weekly Urges No Nuclear Power Restart

When taking into account the massive Anti-nuclear protest and ever growing Anti-Nuclear stance many of the common people in Japan are taking, is Japan reading to go more far left? It appears the far left is more than willing to listen to the will of the people on the Anti-nuclear and debt issue. What do all of you think?

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