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EDITORIAL: The Civil War of 2016

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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by AGWskeptic

Originally posted by starwarsisreal
Wow many people ridcule me about the a possibility of coming civil war two in america whe even army officers are talking about it

Army Colonel's write a lot of junk. They have one goal, to be Army Generals, so they do whatever they can to attract attention from the flag officers they work for.

I read a scenario while I was in Panama that had the banana republics joining together to grab the canal.

So yes, there are many many wild scenarios floating around there.

On the subject of Colonels, At the begining of WW1 the Germans had a good chance to complete the execution of their slowed (By the British) war plan. The History books say a colonel on the general staff judged the situation too risky and halted the German encirclement of the French Army, favoring a safer trench warfare situation.

That was the Beginning of the End in Europe.

Trench warfare killed the Lost Generation and the war debt facilitated the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, Hitler, World War Two and the Cold War.

Colonels are the dorsal fins of the illuminati.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by AGWskeptic

Even afterward - there are still a lot of theories flying around.

Depending upon who is standing what watch - they have their own little differences in how they stand it. Some people stand ECP cover a little more dynamically (my preferred method - I like to be staring drivers in the face as they come in and to be right there if a Gurkha runs into a problem - though I'd rather drop my M-4. I'm just as accurate with my 9mm at all practical ranges we'll encounter and if I need more than the standard magazine load - that problem can be dealt with by the mounted weapon). Theory is that a bomb of that size is going to take you out even if you're behind one of the concrete 'lego blocks' - so you may as well move around. And a marksman won't have much trouble taking you out in either case.

But you have the people who like to use the block for support (particularly when you're standing there for hours of endless traffic) or who like to capitalize on the shade at the edge of the 'tent.'

And... well - you've seen how SOPs will vary from command to command and theater to theater.

There's logic and reason behind each theory.... and some work better at addressing some threats/hazards than others; you just never know exactly what's going to hit you and when.

And the bottom line is that this is something of a short straw of a job; security. If someone really wants to cause you harm - they can. At that point, your primary job is mostly to absorb the brunt of the damage and keep it away from assets deemed valuable (apparently more-so than you).

We're on a pier - so we don't dig holes in the sand... and they don't allow us to drive... but there is so much truth to this that its' kind of sad, really.

That Wii controller, however, is just an awesome idea. "You must have this with you while playing the game. You take it with you everywhere - to eat, to the bathroom, to fill out paperwork - it never gets farther than an arm's length away from you."

Even the most rabid gun enthusiast dreams of the day they can go about their day without that #ing anchor tied to their body.

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