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A word about the UK Government, or absence of it.

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by ironsavior

Congratulations on completely diverting the topic of this thread into your own rant based on a position of utter ignorance towards the UK. To say that we are racist of the Spanish or the Greeks is almost hilarious to even consider. Oh and well done too for selecting such an informative tabloid as your source of knowledge for the majority of the British population.

Just please stay away from the Sun tabloid for the love of God!

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 06:17 AM
Hi all,

As a UK resident I am pretty amazed at peoples comments re racism. Of course there are racist elements in Britain, as there is in EVERY country. But Britain is also one of the most welcoming and multicultural countries in the world! Sure, this has downsides, but I for one am proud of my countries ability to welcome those poor unfortunates who come from less privileged countries.

We in the west often forget that the majority of the world is FAR worse of than us. You think the UK government i corrupt? It is, but it isn't even close to the "governments" of Burma, China or Russia. Think we have it bad as a populace? Sure, things are ropey, but we're not even close to the populations of Iraq, Sudan or North Korea!

Yeah we are run by bankers and idiots, at least we have an excellent standard of living compared to the rest of the world! Maybe those who complain so prolifically should get off their bum and work towards change.

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 09:35 AM
Here where I am the locals cannot stand the government, despite the gushing coming out from many to herald the Olympics a huge success the actual poor see only a massively over budget monstrosity that will NEVER rekindle any of its cost no matter what Lord Coe or Barmy Boris says.

The locals look at the bank people still treating themselves to huge slices of public money, they see the utter ignorance of Cameron in his avoidance of a public say on the EU, his paymasters have taught him well.

And as for rascism, well many agree but here in a reverse way, a set of new council houses have been built and allocated, every single one has gone to an immigrant Muslim family because of child numbers. Like it or not the indigenous folk of all creeds and colours are not best pleased by this.

They are being cast over because they chose not to breed beyond their living ability yet families new to the UK are getting preference for being a larger drain on resources and benefits, or do people believe a man in one job can provide for 8 children, when in fact in most situations neither parent works. Whilst many liberal oh so nice people who commute from Lower Didsbury and read the Times will shout bigoted poor people of little intelligence ,I can tell you they are indeed fed up with this shambles forced upon them.

Believe it or not these poor little bigots DO see huge amounts of money being given to the EU while our entire law process is controlled from Brussels, yes they do know that we cannot ratify our own trade treaties as they are done 'on our behalf' by EU commissioners, and yes they do see falling to almost non existent housing stock while we still welcome people from all over the world.

Shame we will never know what percentage of these people actually put into the system compared to those that simply take and take and take.

So yes, people do wonder why we seem to have no government, or at best a set of yes men and women who help themselves to the plunder while in government while doing NOTHING for the the people who need most.

Lets see, who do we give a tax break / incentive to, the poor old lady in number 40 who's barely got a penny after her pension was stripped bare and her state benefits are being eroded by higher living costs, or shall we give it to Lord Five Bellies living in a multimillion pound house who's using schemes to pay little or no tax in the country.

You guess who got the break....

What government...
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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by JakeWatkin

Cannot do anything with words, you need weapons in a revolution.


posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 10:49 AM
Government ceased being important once a Central Bank was put in place. It has become totally redundant since it now relies totally on for example in the UK, the BOE, to keep that print press going 24/7 in order to finance government spending.

The UK itself is in a state of reverse, in every possible way.

People are getting poorer, but when I say people, I specifically mean the workers. There seems to rapid increase in food banks being used, but these aren't being used by immigrants lost in a new country or by poor never been in work citizens, no, this is for the most part due to an increase in WORKING FAMILIES! You know why? It is because the workers get nothing and you get even less if you were born here.

Prices are rising but wages are falling. Public Services are in a total mess, school places are becoming even more difficult, council housing associations have on average a two year wait at minimum and there is no such thing as affordable housing, our Social Care service is a disgusting joke where are old and vulnerable are basically left to die. However, this country seems to still feel the need to allow immigration at the current "official" rate of 200k a year, even though the real figure is more than likely far higher when you take in to account illegal immigration. The business sector don't care, cheap wages, bigger profit, this in turn dictates the government as most politicians are in way or another, involved in business. Do these people work and work hard? Some do, but many do not, they think what a score landing on a shore that pays you to have kids and stay at home. That would be fine if in such areas where there are rapid increases in immigration, there was also not a rapid increase in crime, which is far from the case! It would be fine if these people become British, which is certainly far from the case! It would be fine if our own people took priority, again a million miles from the case! Why won't they train up our 2.5 million unemployed? Well that would probably mean paying them a liveable wage and many have become very accustomed to the unemployed luxury lifestyle. Once you become a worker, its stragiht down hill!

Then there are our own, a sizeable minority that is ever increasing is totally unmotivated and completely out of touch with reality. Everything should be given to them simply because they are breathing and why shouldn't they have 5 kids and the state look after them all, its their right, even though it is also their kids rights to have parents that actually can parent and take responsiblity for the needs of a child, let alone several.

Then there is the NHS, a service that when it first come about worked well enough when the vast majority of working age people worked and contributed and did not rinse it. Once it become the World Health Service, it is now a failing service that needs an 8% increase in budget just to stand still! A service that prefers cheap labour who can hardly speak the language than to invest in home grown nurses. So much so that I know nurses who have had to go to Australia to get work!

Then there is the Police, oh my favourite! The one I know first hand! The Met, for example, was once the greatest police force on the planet. The knowledge and expertise, there were guys there that could and often would, solve a case by simply stocking up on the booze and not going home until that case was done. Over the years, though PC BS and liberal ideology, the MPS now remind me of Robocop in Robocop 2 when they programe him to be a total pacifist in order to please the public. The police are a joke, the new recruits are clueless and most of them I would not trust with a barge pole. The protocol and procedures once in place for a reason to get the job now, have been replaced with "I haven't got time/I'm not getting paid overtime to do that". Justice has become a joke, most know now that they won't serve the time, simply because its too expensive for the state to have you in jail. Its ok, you only break in to people's houses and thieve and kick their teeth in, no one died, 8 years, 3 years served!

I could go on, we produce nothing, we manufacture nothing and the bottom line is...

Too many taking out and not enough putting in.

We are a bankrupt nation in every way, so who actually cares about the government? It's gone way too far beyond that now.
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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by dodgygeeza

Yeah yeah I now the stories
but you failed to answer the simple questions !

sorry but It is crystal clear U.K attitude towards Southern emmigrants

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by ironsavior
but you failed to answer the simple questions !

You linked articles about Greek migrants coming into the UK, about Spanish economic policy in relation to migration and about jobs in the UK that have the requirement of speaking Polish.

Now I answered these questions quite well I feel and to answer them again would be to repeat myself, so frankly, you failed to read the simple answers!

Originally posted by NoMatterNeverMind

Originally posted by ironsavior
How can it be explained that several factories adopted polish as official language and therefore Greeks Spaniards Are put to a side.

I think it is interesting that if a factory adopts Polish as its official language, in Great Britain, that the Greeks and the Spanish are the ones put to a side, but we sort of just ignore anyone who speaks the official language of English, or any of the recognised languages (Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Scots, Ulster Scots, Cornish), being put to a side.

As far as the racism against Greeks is concerned, it seems the article that you linked is making the basic point that if Greece was to collapse economically (more) then because of EU border laws a lot of them (the Greeks) could move to live in the UK, and cause a great deal of pressure on current unemployment and lack of housing for those people who are already resident.

The Spanish article seems to basically state that the Spanish government is to clamp down on people migrating there and being a burden to their system, and that David Cameron should adopt a similar principle.
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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by dornicks

There is a government in the UK, and there are many who think that government is in place because of their voting and is there to offer a service to the people of this country.

I have to agree with you, dornicks, that not only this government but at least the last labour term, big business, corporations and unelected organisations like the UN and EU are listened to far more and "encourage" our government to do their bidding.

This bidding is apparent in the fact that we have been told that the banking sector needs billions of pounds as security for their failures to operate and management their businesses as the vast majority of smaller businesses in the UK. What safety net is their for Comet and their workers? None.

Because we have found ATS, and have started on a journey to getting better understanding of what goes on, I would challenge those who have posted that the post is all words but gives no action. You are posting to the converted. It is the millions of sheep voters in this country who are more interested in the later edition of reality shows and gossip about worthless people, who we should be attempted to talk to and with.

Too many people vote for the party rather than the person, and are driven by their view of the left and right, rather than asking what their local candidate can do for them and their local community. There was a time when I felt that voting is something we should all do, but those who seek our voters are only interested in getting our vote and then listening to that their party whips say they should do. I accept but a small number of MPs, a very small number who vote based on the facts and what their voters are telling them.

There are many challenges faced by this country and certainly our membership of the EU does impact many aspects of our society, and goes back to my point of voting and representation. If you have have real access to those who ask for your vote, and they will listen and many decisions on what there electors say rather than their party leaders, that might go a long way to changing government. But currently, the voters voice in this country is drowned out by other interested.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by SecretFace

wow i think you covered as much as needed to be.I would add though on what seems to be your favorite bit,that police stations are no longer manned by the police,most are manned by a private security company with one staff sargent in place behind a desk.Very few on the streets (we do like our cctv system)

They worked out how to deal with 'the people' during the eighties give them what they want for five minutes then slowly remove it again.We almost stood our ground during the fuel crisis,but they did the same again.We were unhappy that fuel went upto about 92ppl.How much is it now??

Apethy has become a way of life i'm afraid

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