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Sorry, i had to............

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 03:02 AM
this is a post i did in another thread, but after i was done i realized that i was just ranting on someone elses thread, and as i read it it seemed to ring true so ill say it again so maybe someone will open there eyes and see whats going on. btw it reffers to chick fil-a BS going on

just because he got fired from another company doesn't mean there was not some back door deals going down, if this guy was a cfo he knows something about business, right? he knew a viral video would be nothing but free advertising, whats the saying any publicity is good publicity, im calling bullsh*t on the whole thing,how much u want to bet chick fil-a stocked up on chicken before the announcement to maximize profits, and now i think about it, they media and the organizations involved in the media coverage need to put a face on the story so people sit and watch. Everybody wins, the gay community gets publicity for there cause, Christians get to spread the message of intolerance the chick fila company makes bank, and the news networks/government get sit back and laugh again about how its able to distract the masses from the real issues, with an issue that doesn't matter at all, F chick-fila, F the media , F the gay community F the breeders F the goverment, wake up people this stuff doesn't matter.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 03:08 AM

Originally posted by DocHolidaze
chick fil-a BS going on

im calling bullsh*t on the whole thing... ...Everybody wins, the gay community gets publicity for there cause

I suspect that the fired CFO was merely what he appeared to be - a politically correct bigot who was happy to bully a minimum wage employee, who could not answer back, in the interests of pushing the gay marriage agenda.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 03:14 AM
reply to post by ollncasino

i bet he got a fat severance package, and had some of that chicken money to keep him afloat till one of his buddies(on either side) gets him a new job. THe whole thing is a scam

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