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A homework assignment for Law enforcement in the US.

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 04:50 PM
So, I was thinking.

Police in the US live in a fantasy world. They say we do and to a very real extent that is true.

so we are all living in a fantasy world.

here is the deal. I see tons of "events" on the rise of law enforcement doing some bizarre things and going WAY out of line in dealing with the public. I am not even going to list the infinite number of outrageous and ALMOST far fetched things we see EVERYDAY.

The problem is that they pretend like it either is not true, doesn't happen too often, Or that somehow the infinite recurring and experientially growing number of incidents are not representative of law enforcement. That the bad apples exist but somehow they dont get around so much that there is no way the public can take things to be THAT BAD.

Well, I think they need a wake up call before a possibly nationally crippling wake up call, which IS brewing.

I have a homework assignment for all law enforcement in the US. Even the retired, sympathizers, everyone who is law enforcement or knows law enforcement.

I want you to go out and talk to people who are not in LE. I want you to ask people a simple question.

"if you knew a REALLY bad cop. A horrible threat to the public who was being protected by his fellow police officers. AND If some people in a town over from you or in your state capital took revenge on bad cops would you consider getting even with that bad cop?"

I want you to look at their facial expressions and note the anger....listen to the stories EVERYONE has. Look at the people who will chime in passionately. I want you to wake up to the FACT that a public backlash is brewing for which you are not prepared. I am not talking revolution, but rather the public support for evening out the playing field.

Don't say your a cop and see how far they will say they will go. Say you are and note the defiance from them or the fake passive aggressiveness they will display. You are trained to tell when people lie. If you do say you are a cop, you will see allot of lies. If you don't you will see the true side of the sleeping giant you guys are waking up one outrageous act at a time.

People don't think to the bad ones being an exception anymore. You will see that what WAS unthinkable for our parents generation is not that unthinkable anymore and is not isolated to thugs or criminals. You will find that an average guy can sit around in a bar and talk about cops deserving a punishment for being bad, or for letting the bad ones do what they do.

I know you will say no, I am crazy and that could never happen. I want you to read up on what the FBI thinks about it. I want you to talk to people in the know who do fear a revolt in the US, or at least expect some sort of public backlash for the sudden and unprecedented increase in unqualified and under trained LEO´s hitting the streets.

You guys need to wake up and once and for all FIRE the cavemen. If there is a myth of the bad cop, you have to stop protecting them since that makes them look like they just got caught but are everywhere undetected. If they are in fact on the rise, you need to address that now.

People now have a deep seeded and strong running hate for police that is not normal. You can blame it on them, but I suggest you get your heads out of your collective asses like you suggest to us all the time and smell the blood lust brewing.

MOST people have a story they have lived or have seen or had happen to a loved one where police acted in a "TERRIBLE" way towards them. Even if it is true that we "bitch". You have to address the situation of public sentiment because the fact is, they have more guns than you and are really scared of you.

That fear works for you when they feel alone. They don't feel alone anymore. People cant help but vent their frustrations and when they all talk about the same thing when a cop drives by, or hassles them for doing non violent, non criminal acts, they add that to the tally. The bill is pretty damn high, and they are pooling it as one large tab.

They may not consider a revolution, but they are considering "getting even". Making that "one" bad cop they personally know paying for being a public menace. Every police station has one and that is not normal. They have noticed regardless if you have not.

I only ask that you do this so you can wake up from the fantasy land that you think we alone live in. You share in that day dream of business as usual where as the public is freaking the F out.

this needs a national intervention and you guys need to start firing the retards. Stop protecting them because once a couple people who are even slightly deranged start taking retribution, it can catch on a national level and people will support it. You cant talk that fear and hate out of them. You need to take action.

If that means to you that you need to make them fear you more then you are probably part of the problem and are in fact a bad cop who doesn't have the balls to do what the harder ones do. It also means that you will make things happen allot faster and be allot worse for your fellow police officers.

The heavy hand has gotten you here and the fact is, you cant be this alienated from the public without a massive call for pay back. We are not that evolved and it is looking very appealing to the jobless, frustrated, tired and scared people who are on the rise.

Please take this as a little bit of advice from a concerned citizen who sees his country starting down a road that can not end well. Either you do it gradually or suddenly, but something must be done since the unprofessionalism and belligerent aggressiveness is on the rise. The public anger is also on the rise on par.

so do your home work and ask around. See for yourself what people think and take a step back and see where that can logically take you. If you think like a macho caveman you will say they need more fear.

That WILL translate into feeling threatened and justifying a violent example be made. It wont be one guy. It will be a wild fire you will not like, since it will be socially involved on a national level. If NY is known one day for those guys who go around beating up cops in the name of civilian justice, they will find like minded supporters in every state, city and town. THAT IS THE REALITY.

you can fix this. It is not a catch 22. You can do your job and people will thank you again like you grandparents were. The thing is that uniform doesn't earn it. Your actions do. We don't all get a save form a cop. We all do get tickets, harassment, disrespect, ect ect....

You are not represented as a social good anymore. You need a massive PR campaign when you guys have the money, but right now you need to take a step back and see if you are not creating the enemies your kids will have to face. The enemies that will have decades of anger brewing for which some one WILL answer unless the public feels safe around cops again.

so go out and take the pulse of your people. You cant hang out with cops all day and accurately know what the average guy thinks of you and what he feels justified in doing. You might find that everyone has a " I would go to jail for that" scenario well rehearsed about police. That speaks volumes.

You cant fight your people, because the second you set yourself apart from them, you are building a potential for a fall. An angry and motivated population driven to action can defeat armies. While you are looking like one every day, you are not soldiers. You are defenders, not warriors. You will regret inaction , or incorrect action now later down the road.

please wake up...... For the sake of us all.

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to be made into a printable document and passed out to police departments around the country.
Police seem to have a "back stage pass" to a lot of questionable behavior regarding rules. I wish I could say the majority behave themselves but from my experience ( majority of friends and family being police officers) I feel its only fair to say ALL have taken advantage of the free pass to break the rules at least once.

Does this make them bad? No, It makes them human, but the responsibility and accountability does need to be there, and I think hanging out with your coworkers creates one hell of a gang mentality that can be detrimental to understanding how you interact with others.

I noticed it when I worked for the sheriffs Dept, and as a correctional officer, and as a soldier. I see the same thing with LEO's as well. This "Us against them" mentality is what needs to be fixed. sadly The federal government has other plans and is trying to create this gap between the law abiding citizen and the citizen police officers.

Thanks for posting this OP, really good points. S&F
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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 11:43 PM
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 12:03 AM

here is the deal. I see tons of "events" on the rise of law enforcement doing some bizarre things and going WAY out of line in dealing with the public. I am not even going to list the infinite number of outrageous and ALMOST far fetched things we see EVERYDAY.
reply to post by BIHOTZ

The thing that makes me laugh is if these 'events' were happening in North Korea or Iran etc or whoever has been deemed the next enemy country, there would be sanctions and it would all be used in the media to convince the public the people in those countries are oppressed and needs intervention to 'free' the people from oppression.

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