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U.S. starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam

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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 05:41 AM
Salam and peace to ATS member.

This is really going to make you sick.

But sickness is not a totally bad thing. Your body will produce antidote to ensure you against next attacks.

DANANG, Vietnam — Vo Duoc fights back tears while sharing the news that broke his heart: A few days ago he received test results confirming he and 11 family members have elevated levels of dioxin lingering in their blood.

The family lives in a two-story house near a former U.S. military base in Danang where the defoliant Agent Orange was stored during the Vietnam War, which ended nearly four decades ago. Duoc, 58, sells steel for a living and has diabetes, while his wife battles breast cancer and their daughter has remained childless after suffering repeated miscarriages. For years, Duoc thought the ailments were unrelated, but after seeing the blood tests he now suspects his family unwittingly ingested dioxin from Agent Orange-contaminated fish, vegetables and well water.

Dioxin, a persistent chemical linked to cancer, birth defects and other disabilities, has seeped into Vietnam's soils and watersheds, creating a lasting war legacy that remains a thorny issue between the former foes. Washington has been slow to respond, but on Thursday the U.S. for the first time will begin cleaning up dioxin from Agent Orange that was stored at the former military base, now part of Danang's airport.

I have some old news about Vietnam where people are still facing the consequences of the war with USA.

I really doubt that human beings have done this.

I don't know how those who did this have been feeling , but I don't feel well.
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