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Are People Being Coerced to go on Shooting Rampages?

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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 02:22 AM
I've been curious after the past couple of shootings that have happened as to why or what reasons have these people gone on these rampages.

First I want to talk about Wade Michael the supposed "white supremacist" who was "too stupid" to tell the difference between Sikhs and Muslims. First of all White Supremacists seem to be very knowledgable about the people they hate. After all, how can they hate a group of people if they don't know the reason why to hate them, and more importantly, to spread the word of why to hate certain groups of people so they can gain more followers? So I doubt he got the two groups confused.

Also it seemed like Wade Michael had something to live for. He had his great "Aryan" girlfriend and you would think since Aryans believe they're becoming extinct he would have tried to have as many children as possible to keep the whole hate thing going. Maybe somebody could have threatened his family and girlfriend to such an extent as to make him go through the entire ordeal to further some groups agenda. That would also make sense as to why he killed himself so any secrets he knew would die with him so if some nefarious group was blackmailing him with the death of everybody and everything he loved if he spoke he wouldn't make an accidental slip up. Also, just like with Aurora you have the whole 2 shooter theory as well. Maybe somebody else was there to make sure he went through and finished the thing off or he had some kind of handler making sure he would comply with them.

Second, with Aurora shooter James Holmes acting off the wall in his cell at jail and looking all kinds of crazy in court, is it not possible to believe for a second that somebody got inside his head to make him do these things? I believe since he's the only survivor out of these 2 he might go the Surhan Surhan route. Now he may be doing this to get some kind of insanity plea so he ends up in a nice kushy mental asylum for the rest of his life. But what if he's mentally exhausted because of the latest kind of Manchurian Candidate program drugs etc, a group has been using on him?

Now I'm not saying that I truely believe this, but I thought I would want to bring up these questions because of the fact that we've all heard more and more of a push on changing our 2nd Amendment Rghts to make the kind of equipment Bill Clinton banned illegal again, as well as some other drastic measures. Does anybody think there is an agenda behind this? Or do you guys think that people are starting to "wake up" and snap because of our increasing economic decline? I myself as a college educated unemployed citizen would rather do something crazy and unmentionable than work at McDonalds, maybe I'm arrogant, but I bet a hell of a lot of other people think the same way I do too. So do you guys think that this stuff is "Enviromental" or "Conditioned" behavior that's been coming out of people?

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 03:21 AM
There is an agenda being pushed that much is certain. Whether it ties into the actual crimes being commited remains to be seen. However, it is not stopping the anti-gun nazis from taking advantage of the tragedy.

Another possibility exists however, what if the increase in solar activity is screwin with our brains on a atomic mutation type level? What if this is causing people to go ape shat? Sure we read about the massacres, but have you browsed the local medias of this country and others?

Seems like everyone is going batty....for odd reasons if any.

I reckon it is plausible for there to be a controller of sorts that drives people into their agenda unwittingly. After all, the law enforcement of this country can now read your name on the inside of your underwear without you knowing it...whos to say that they don't pick out the right canidates for the job this way?

They find that one thing you cannot bend on and exploit it subversive like. Thats not to far fetched is it?

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 03:22 AM
I guess we will never know unless someone comes forward publicly and states "Yes, it was me, I'm the psycho-handler", in other words, a whistle blower!

I haven't informed myself completely on those shootings yet as I've not had all that much time just lately but I've definitely picked up on the batman shootings as it just throws up a lot of questions.

One things though: The US government, and other countries too I suspect, have had the odd few mind control projects like MKULTRA. Those are just the programs that we KNOW of, nevermind the stuff thats more sensitive than MKULTRA.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not jumping to the conclusion that it was a false flag and that the government was directly involved


Just the fact that people HAVE tried to brainwash and control other people should give law enforcement some pause (especially looking at James Holmes confused/dazed state) and broaden their investigations.

In the end I don't know, cases like this seem to throw up more questions than anything and I'm sure we'll never hear the full story.

I find it hard NOT to believe that there is some kind of agenda behind these atrocities.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 03:26 AM
Direcly coerced? I sincerely doubt it. But indirectly influenced? I think absolutely so - even if it's incidental. Our society is so high pressure and we are exposed to so much violence, selfishness, alienation, fear,etc. that a troubled person can find themselves very, very isolated, angry, and being innundated with negativeity with a quickness.

The cult of the anti-hero doesn't help either. Anti-heroes make for great movie, book, and comic reading - but in practice the concept is simply destructive, banaal, and evil.


posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 03:30 AM
The reason is because people get ticked off at the world. So ticked off in fact that it creates a self achieved paranoia/psychosis attack that nothing can calm. These attacks may not be visible to the average person as these people will typically remain reclusive, away from the societies that create this disturbance. The thoughts in their head will start to fester inside them, creating intricate plans of revenge. Some that can take years to perfect and practice.

Most of these people just want to be heard. But in this day in age it has become impossible for a one single person to bring anything to the mainstream without popularity or loads of money. And often the only way to become a household name is to create an act of controversial violence.

They get their point out and its almost a guarantee to make the news to kill multiple people to make a statement.

They give us hints. They give us time to prove themselves wrong. But as with most people these days they are too busy or ignorant to notice. Often laughing at the subject that has been put before them.

You cannot contact your local congressmen anymore to arise a subject that can bring change.
You cannot start a revolution in this day in age, as it will be suppressed as soon as the nosy next door neighbor catches wind and calls the police.

There will be changes being made some good some bad. But...

There will be blood.

Nobody can say there can be a change with peace. As there has NEVER been one revolution without death.


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