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Red State: OMG. This might just be the moment Mitt Romney lost the election (Andrea Saul blunder)

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by OccamsRazor04

Pretty sure that started with our Constitution, so I guess nothing got f'ed up since that is how it always was. Can you show me where the Constitution talks about Healthcare?

What got f'ed up is us thinking that since something isn't in the Constitution, that it isn't a "right".

Sorry...I don't worship a bunch of slave owners preaching "equality". They couldn't foresee the state of our healthcare system.

So for idiots to claim that "guns" are a human right, but "healthcare" isn' is an insult to intelligent humans all over the world...they are blindly following a document like a child who can't think for themselves.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by spyder550

What the hell has the government had to do with controlling the cost of healthcare.

Absolutely nothing, I'm sure. I'm sure the big government fiends (on both sides of the isle) and the people controlling them have nothing at all to do with massively inflated costs. What could they possibly have to gain from it? They're obviously just reacting to something they have nothing to do with. And if you believe that, I have some land to sell you (as they say).

But health care is controlled by the magical invisible hand of the almighty free market. In a cozy little estrangement between providers and insurance companies. As the cost goes up the insurance companies can charge more for premiums everybody profits but the consumer.

Sure. I'm so sure a bunch of diabolically brilliant capitalists are going to deliberately drive costs so high people start hating capitalism and calling for government intervention. That makes perfect sense to me! Actually, it kind of sounds like someone is deliberately steering the Titanic into the iceberg and most people are just too stupid to realize it.

You are wrong to whine about the government.

The government is wrong to blame me for my own existence.

If you want the government to control costs and if you wanted the insurance companies out of the picture.

I do not want the government to control costs. I don't really care what it costs because I'd just as soon lay in my own bed and die (if that's what it comes down to) as to pay any of these bloodsuckers one red cent.

What I was getting at was that the obnoxious government is going to butt in one way or another regardless of how people feel about it. If they're going to butt in without so much as an invitation they sure as hell are not going to blame me for breathing when we've got these people charging a hundred thousand dollars for a life saving operation. All this crap used to be called extortion, if I remember correctly. Free market or not, there's still a difference between legitimate business and putting a gun to someone's head and demanding payment for "protection". Insurance was never a legitimate business. It was always a racket. And for some reason, the same government that drove the mob out of business has been in bed with the "insurance industry" for decades. Maybe they didn't like the competition.

Gee. It sounds like the government is already interfering in the free market. Only they're playing the role of mob enforcers, basically.

Where were you during the healthcare debate.

It was not a debate. They were telling us what they were going to do and we were welcome to complain about it. Then they did what they wanted to do anyway and told us to shut up and get used to it. That's not a debate. That's a decree.

I was not here on ATS but I had more than a few arguments with obnoxious Obama groupies. Which did no good at all. Because you can't win an argument with someone who believes you should be fined for breathing. You can't win an argument with someone who believes you should be forced to pay an extortion artist for the right to live.

This is exactly what the democrats were talking about when they wanted a single payer system. With regulation on costs. and the whole insurance middle man removed.

Nonsense. Obama lied about the individual mandate (claiming he wasn't in favor of it when he obviously was). He had the power to do whatever he wanted and he chose the mandate even though he'd basically promised his own base he wouldn't do that. He just knew the individual mandate wouldn't be popular so he couldn't tell the truth about it until after he got elected. Then, suddenly, he changed his mind and his fan club let him get away with it and blamed the Republicans (Who couldn't have stopped him if they wanted to. Which they didn't because they're all in it together).

Did you vote democratic -- did you speak up -- if you didn't this republican concept of universal healthcare is the best you can hope for, for now.

The vote is worthless when they're all the same. Did you notice Obamacare is basically Romneycare taken nationally? I'm sure that's a coincidence. You think when they gave us a choice between a broken down old man and a batty women and Obama they weren't "nudging" us into voting for Obama? You think they wouldn't have somehow found a way to do the same damn thing with "healthcare" if by some miracle McCain had won?
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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by MoosKept240

Originally posted by muse7
So turns out Mitttens is an evil socailist who wants to implement his Romney care and force everyone to have health care!

Who does he think we are? Sweden?!!?

I really like that nick name. "Mittens" it works well and made me laugh, thanks for that.

I really just wanted to say that. I don't understand all this stuff that is a big deal. I find it hard to believe a statement like that could turn things? I am not saying I am for Mittens, lol, I am for something different, if there is such a thing, but I work and try to stay a float. So its hard to follow any of this stuff anyway.

No you are not Sweden. Because here we sell out our state created healthcare to greedy corperations that destroy the health care we had and increase suffering for the elderly for the same cost for the taxpayers but more money to the parasitic poleticians that have become insane in spending taxmoney for their own gain. While making profits for investment bankers. All poleticians in the world are becoming corruptive trash with very few exceptions.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 02:49 PM
Romney, the consistent presidential candidate, whose slogan went from REPEAL OBAMACARE to REPLACE OBAMACARE in just a few months time.

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