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Over 100 Million Now Receiving Federal Welfare -- The Most Ever !

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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 05:11 PM
Here in the UK our government is PAYING (selected) farmers up to 200'000 per year to grow/produce.......
.....wait for it.... ..... nothing!!

Less than 10 years ago, there were mills and factories everywhere. Now they're all closing down. I don't get it, you shave a sheep, blend the wool (I used to work in a yarn spinning factory, its easy to do), spin to yarn. How can it be MORE expensive to use our homegrown goods, than for it to be shipped in a container halfway across the world through several countries?

The one thing I have noticed is a huge rise in advertising 'adventure', excitement', 'education' and a 'great career' in the military. I wonder if there is a hidden agenda for having mass unemployment?

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 05:19 PM

The greatest progressive lie there is as if salary taxation is the same thing as capital gain taxation where that money depends on whatever way the markets dictate and can be whiped out in a matter of minutes as we saw in the the so called "financial crisis".
reply to post by neo96

kind of sounds like gambling to me....and well, I think there's something like a 50% tax rate if I happen to hit it big on the lottery!!! besides, they were betting on both sides anyways....they won regardlless of which way the wind blew!!!

and, if all else failed, and in it did!! the nice kind hearted taxpayer was there to bail them out!!

as crappy as our economy is, hey the one thing is sure, they have done a great job in protecting the wall street investor!!! with our money!!!!

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

We're a little more evolved than a lion or tiger or bear. We have these great big frontal lobes that help us figure out ways to solve problems. Using our big evolved brains we can find ways to live with the Earth instead of against her. And in fact there are ways thought out. My favorite is The Venus Project. They have a sustainable plan set in place that will free us of the mundane tasks such as labor and scavenging for food. It will take the initial work to implement that system, but if we work together for the freedom of society, instead of perpetuating the cyclic system of slavery, poverty and wealth we would be able to get the new system up and going and start living lives we want to live, not the lives we have to live because that's the way things are. Things can change.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by mac420

It's like you have this pretty, perfect drawing of a big beautiful house. You say, how we can all be happy and prosperous and have this house. You just don't have any *blueprints* to actually build this house. Some call it day-dreaming...

There will never be a time, in your lifetime, that what you envision will happen. Not in this world. Wait until you have the weight of real responsibilities from real life sitting on your shoulders. Nothing like real life, to burst one's bubble....


posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by mac420

We're a little more evolved than a lion or tiger or bear.

Say's the one who preys on other humans to get "free food" and "free housing". Lions, tigers and bears aren't cannibals.

We have these great big frontal lobes that help us figure out ways to solve problems.

But instead of using those frontal lobes you sit around and whine because no one is supplying you with your "free food" and "free housing", and want to pretend you're really not being greedy at all.

My favorite is The Venus Project. They have a sustainable plan set in place that will free us of the mundane tasks such as labor and scavenging for food.

That's using your frontal lobes! As if reducing productivity to "mundane tasks" is intellectualism. The left hijacked intellectualism long ago and look at the product they now come up with instead of intellectualism. Pointing to science fiction and fantasy to justify your Marxist ideals is worse than Marx himself and helps us understand why he felt so compelled to declare: "I am not a Marxist!"

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by Destinyone

Pretty presumptive of you to assume I don't know what real life is. It sucks. I have no delusions about that. But the fact remains if we worked together it can be accomplished, as NASA just demonstrated the other day. The plans are made, it just takes *shudder* funding to make it happen. If we didn't have that blocking us, it would be a reality. Money is the last thing we need to abolish in order for our species to achieve the next step, whether you call it enlightenment, spirituality or common sense. We have the means to do this today, but our priorities are focused on killing each other because of petty, non-existent differences, greed and beliefs.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:14 PM
Wow eight pages and no one did any cross checking on the facts. For instance if a family of four has grand ma or a handicaped kid that counts as 5 people. A little disingenuous propoganda there Mr. Sessions.

I'm on tablet now or I would do a proper argument but a simple search bears this out.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

Excuse me, do you know who I am? What I do or what I have done in my life? No. You are some random internet person inflating his ego by attempting to intellectually bully another anonymous internet person. Even if I did have food stamps or housing assistance, why is that wrong? And how does it have anything to do with 'preying on humans' or 'cannibalism'? Nothing. Some people have better opportunities than others. You can chock it up to personal decisions or you can attribute it to bad luck. People are different, people are diverse and one thing that works for one person may not work for another. If everybody had the same opportunities and resources, people really could try and make something out of themselves.

again, you assume too much. I don't sit around and expect handouts. I am in college working towards becoming a valuable member of society. Everyone is greedy, but then again, we're only human. We have faults. And pointing them out and saying, don't listen to this guy because of X is a terrible mindset to have; and unforgettably, that is how our culture is. New ideas, no matter of simple or fantastical are shunned for the comfort of old, tried and true ideas.

And you default to us vs them. Left vs right. That is irrelevant. If ideas work they work. Simple. We don't need 40 humans on a factory line doing things a machine can easily do. There is nothing noble about that. People should be free to pursue what interests them. Not be tied to the same factory all day, everyday, for the rest of their adult lives and in doing so, only scrape by a meager living, working week to week and barely surviving. Where do they get hope to better themselves? They know their fate and there isn't a lot they can do about it, because the need the job to get the money to be able to fight until the next week. That is a sick system.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by mac420

This is just more disingenuousness from you. You enter this thread and make an argument and when I make an opposing argument you accuse me of "bullying". If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, but don't lie and call an opposing argument "bullying".

You ask what if you were on food stamps or government assistance and ask how that is preying, without a hint of irony. Who do you think is funding these food stamp and government assistance programs The Venus Project?

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

Always thought of this country as one giant zoo because if the wildlife ever were to return to the wild they would perish and it's complete with cages,bars, and "caretakers" and get testy and try to take your hand off if you don't feed them when they want.

Government pushers and social engineering pushers win the darwin award.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:44 PM
In 2010 Americans gave 290.89 billion to charity according to the American Association of Fundraising Council. That's a little less than 1,000$ per capita, and somewhere around 2% of income (numbers include foundations, NPOs).

Compare this to 427.7 bil in welfare payments made by fed gov, about 12% of budget.Another 45% of budget used on social security and medicare, amounting to nearly 1.6 trillion.

So almost 60% of tax dollars go to needy, while only 2% of discretionary personal income.

Overall, America spending 2.5 Tril on assistance and poverty is still perpetuation.

Solution to the problem is a commitment to assist the elderly, poor, and sick in the private sector. If citizens donated 10% that would cover the 2.5 Tril currently being spent, system would be more efficient because Fed government is overburdened and private sector can specialize. Burden on US gov would decrease and it would be realistic to spend half of what is currently spent on benefits.

Just as welfare creates laziness among the lower class to work, it creates laziness among the upper class to donate.

I would like to see lower income taxes and a heavier reliance on sales tax when it comes to government funding

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by neo96

Government pushers and social engineering pushers win the darwin award.

Ever notice how those pushers embrace everything about Darwinism except survival of the fittest? If a scientific theory doesn't fit their politics they change the theory rather than question their politics.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

I agree with that for instance Global warming became global cooling which increased the powers of government that increased the powers of the EPA that killed jobs, and wealth that people only choice was to end up on welfare.

Yep they sure do.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by PrinceDreamer
What I really don't understand is how everyone seems to blame the recipients of this aid and always completely ignore where the true problem lies. It is all well and good blaming someone for receiving welfare, but for the vast majority they just don't have a choice, if your a married man, wife a couple of kids and the only work you can get is in McDonald's how do you survive on that?

A single person can't survive on money earned working at McDonald's. Don't get married and don't have kids if you can't even afford to support yourself. Hate to say it, but common sense has to rule here. People like what you describe should be in line for free condoms if they can't keep it in there pants without producing children they can't support

How does he feed his family and pay for his home and bills with the wages they would pay him? He is not being lazy, he is after all working at the only work he can find, and yet you would castigate him and spew out bile and hatred like he is some mass murderer just because he needs to feed his kids.

Nope. I would call a person like this stupid, because they have no business reproducing if they can't support themselves. I would also call that selfish, because they have no consideration for the lives they bring into the world.

The real problem lies with the corporate take over of America, most Americans think they live in a capitalist country, and you really don't, you live in a corporate controlled country, corporations that are bleeding you dry, sucking the wealth out of your country and storing it overseas so it never comes back. Take a iconic American company Apple, a company that turns over trillions of dollars, makes multiple billions of dollars in profit each year, do you really think the company would not survive if it made its products in America? Are Americans unable to assemble iPhones and iPads? No, of course they are, but Apple don't want to pay Americans a fairs day pay for a fair days work, they want to pay Chinese workers a pittance to work under such poor conditions that they have to put a suicide net around the factory building, and only when they can do the same to Americans will Apple bring manufacturing back to the US, and that is where the real problem is.

What, I mean the guy who is working at McDonald's has all sorts of opportunities to be part of Corporate America. They can apply for student loans. They can get grants, and apply for a scholoship..............If a person sits on there rear and does nothing other than decide to work at McDonald's, they should not expect anybody else to help them either.

You can blame unions, you can blame an entitlement culture or any other excuse you want, but the collapse of America is due to large corporations and the banking families that own them, often surreptitiously. You need to get these people out of government, you need to stop electing Ivy league and corporate stooges into office, tell me truthfully when was the last time a normal middle class man was in charge of your country, elected president? Has their ever been one who wasn't "connected"? And while your at it riddle me this batman, why does a politician spend billions getting elected into office for a job that pays less than half a million in wages each year, I mean they spend thousands of millions to get a job that will pay them 2 million back over the 4 years, there has to be some other motive behind it, wouldn't you say.

I don't hate anybody. I hate the choices that people make for themselves. Welfare is one of them.

Stop hating the helpless, and start hating the greedy slime bags that really cause the problem

Sorry? Nobody is helpless unless they want to be.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 07:09 PM
I'm in my early 20's. Three years ago I was involved in a car accident and sustained some severe injuries. Since then I've spent 6 weeks in mental hospitals over 5 separate visits. I'm diagnosed bipolar and possibly developing schizophrenia. I haven't worked since the accident, dealing with depression. I have however, been active intellectually reading a lot of books and trying to develop my intellect.

My parents suggested I file for social security benefits under disability... Family has money struggles.

I could receive benefits, for sure. But I refused to accept that I am incapable of providing for myself in my adult life. Was a great test taker in high school and have scored at genius levels on IQ tests though I'm not sure if I buy into that. Still, I'm certain I have value in society in some capacity and can always go back to college and get any degree I want, although I'm very skeptical of the education system.

So I'm pretty frustrated when I see this many people filing for benefits and conceding to the notion that they are incompetent or otherwise milking the system selfishly.

Although, I guess I could understand a person in a situation similar to mine but without any family support taking that road...

This is tricky stuff and I think the overall direction on federal spending with regard to charitable causes is the issue that best represents the differences in parties.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 07:35 PM
Actually it's only about 20 million or so. The rest of that money goes to secret projects under the giles of being sent to people receiving assistance.

So that's 80 million times about 1000 per month that equals = 80 Billion

80 billion being sent to fund secret projects.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by sarra1833
I wish I could get off welfare (Food stamps and housing). I had to get on the stamps in 2010 and have tried constantly to find work. Aside from two very very part time and super temp jobs (one lasted 6 weeks, the other 2), I have had zero luck. Every single place will not hire me; and I've worked steadily since I was 13, starting out with my mom at her office working summers between schooling. I lost my job in 2010, funds dried up, and NO one is hiring.

Depends what part of Southern Illinois you are in. Can you afford to travel to St. Louis for employment? Have you checked into working at home? You have a computer, and places like U-Haul now only hire their customer service staffed from people working at home.

Can I afford to move? Not at all. Not with 48 dollars to my name. I'm blessed to have a good boyfriend who pays for my home phone and net so I have something to do when not driving to the closest town that's an hour away to find work, and going to all the tiny towns closer hoping someone will hire me. When you have one job position open and everyone in a 300 mile radius from even the surrounding states are coming in to apply, your odds look next to nil.

By your picture, you look very young and healthy. If you cannot afford to travel to a more urban area to work, what is keeping you from offering your services to be a nanny for other people that do?

I tried to get a college education. Back in 10 when things were going great, I started my bachelors at Devry. Hindsight says I should have gone somewhere but lack of a car dictated online school was the only option, plus working all that I was, I had no time to do a traditional. Now that my loans dried up and I can't finish my bachelors til I pay back that 57k I owe, I'm back to crud, still on welfare, trying desperately to even get a part time job at some fast food, Walmart, etc. NO one is hiring. I can not get a lucky stand for the life of me. Makes me feel like a horrific person who is worth crap. I used to hate the term 'useless eater'. IF I wasn't looking for jobs all the time, using friends gas up in their cars when THEY"RE strapped for money too, to find jobs all the time, I'd start to agree that I was useless too. I actually am useless, not for lack of trying to find work - but because obviously I'm such a horrible person, despite decades of working, that no one will hire me. They pick others.

You are only looking at the negative, and you have explained many ways that you support being so. Perhaps you should sit for a day, and check out the job adds for people to work at home (be careful, here) avoid Craigs list if possible or other questionable sites. Have you thought about placing adds on reputable sites offering your talents? Use you mind in a positive way............think!

I went from being more than self sustained to having to depend on food stamps to keep my son and I fed. And I had to get into housing in April as I couldn't afford the 300/mth rent for my old two bedroom. Even this 50/mth rent is now a struggle. I hate relying on friends to pay my crap. I HATE IT. I'm such a thorn. I'm not the 'offing myself' sort, but I'm starting to look into freakin' illegal activities to make money, that's how bad it is.

Do your friends have children as well? Why aren't you at least bartering with them for what they give to you? You babysit for them, and they pay you a fair wage for doing so? Heh?

Not all of us crave to be on this program. But some of us need it to live. I hate needing it to live. But I have to.

Where is your family missing from this picture? Nobody can live anywhere for $50.00 a month, even with parents, siblings, etc...........get real and get off your butt and tap into being creative.

I hope the app I put in at the temp agency will take kindness (pity) and get me some work that could turn permanent somewhere. My work ethic is super strong, I'm the most customer oriented person ever, a clean freak job wise, meticulous to detail....... I don't know what employees are LOOKING for if all that plus dependability is NOT good enough. Outside of what I learned in school, I have no training really.

Nobody should be taking pity in you, and if that is the way you think, that is all you will get. Hey, even if you work for your friends babysitting, and or cleaning homes, you can put on your resume that you are a fantastic domestic engineer, and you wouldn't be lying if you got references............Be creative!

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 08:05 PM

Originally posted by jhn7537
reply to post by sarra1833

I see that you're in S. Illinois... Have you ever considered moving up North around the Chicagoland area (thats where I am)... There are opportunities up here for sure, I work with recruiters (IT industry) and they cant get people fast enough... I wonder if its more of a geographical thing for you, because you sound like you would be a solid worker for any company...

Don't you see it? People will come up with a billion reasons for why they can't do something if they really don't want to. Why doesn't the boyfriend support a trip via Greyhound and enough to be in a hotel for a job opportunity?

Hmmm, well you have the answer in her answer, He pays the ever loving necessity of a cell phone bill. Get real, there are free services for people in dire straights where they can recieve IMPORTANT MESSAGES for things like a job offer. Most major cities offer these types of services free, to people like her in her situation.

Quit sounding like you care when you don't. Misery loves company.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by Sulie

You are unkind and very narrow minded. The Lady in your email, is actually working with me, via emails, on ....a job!

Stop being so jaded, and thinking you know it all.....get off your tush, and help someone if you know, and care so much....


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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 08:10 PM

Originally posted by sarra1833
reply to post by jhn7537

I moved here from the chicago burbs. It's so expensive up there (when I moved, rent for a two bedroom was 1000 a month and my roomie and I were struggling. Now rent for a one bedroom is over 1100 pretty much everywhere except ghettoville. I can't hardly afford my 50/mth rent and to get in housing up there takes about 5 to 8 years on a waiting list). I was unable to find work there so I moved here where you cant find anything for over 400 a month, and I'd moved down with a great job which I worked at for about 6 months. Til I got super sick and work refused to find anyone to cover me: I had to go in with laryngitis and a high fever, shaking and sweating hard, to answer phone orders and make pizzas by myself (gas station with food court). Being a derp, I had vented on fb - which is only friends and family up north, no one from down here, and my page was private to everyone then....... the job found out and fired me a few days later, despite me working the two full shifts I had to. I even had customers freaking out how horrific I looked due to how sick I was.

Anyway, after that faux pas, I held those two very temp jobs and nothing since. :/ I hate the bed we sometimes make without thinking. It can really screw up things.

(I unlike some, do admit when I mess up. THAT was messing up. Can't fix it however.)

Bull poop. I lived in Chicago almost my entire life. I thought about moving back permanently and found a place to rent in Wadsworth that was $400.00 a month with utilities included. It was on a farmette, and I was given the option of keeping my own garden there, as well.

What is with you people 'bitchen and expecting crap to fall into your lap?

I was offered several jobs that paid a minimum of $14.00 and hour!

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