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Greatest 2012 Olympian-Blade Runner -leaving none behind

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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Bladde Runner

Should I have the chance to be a compettitor in the Olympics, after getting the best training possible, my ONLY compettitor in the entire contigent of altheletes is the disabled Oscar Pistorius.

Some complained bitterly and vilely that he has a higher advantage than others with blades for legs. That's utter BS if not pure cravenship of the self-centred, as they think themselves gods on earth, strutting around with their well toned bodies and bling medals haughtily, but only with air in the mind

The Olympics is never fully about the human shell or the worthless metal around the necks. It is about human's perseverance and mental discipline, to use whatever means ethically, to achieve success for oneself and one's loved ones, thereby society.

Pistorius had proven that and more. Even though he had not won or even qualified for the finals, he had given and is an inspiration of hope to all disadvantaged humans around our world, of what is possible. It all lays within the mind.

Today, after hearing a BBC report from a german reporter in Syria, who had witnessed the indiscriminate bombing by the HumanSlayer Assad, a 3 year old child had both her foot blown off. It...hurt me much....similarly with quake victim children whom had their limbs destroyed by rubble....

But looking at what Pistorius had achieved, it proved to humankind that there CAN be a life for those whom had suffered. There may be discriminations, as Pistorius had suffered before, but it had never got him down, so much that he took it upon himself to ELEVATE the lives of the disabled by proving the possible,by his example of his effort, to live and even give the haughty able bodied a scare of their lives.

All it needs are more research in better and cheaper prosthetics, to help our fellow disabled brothers and sisters, so that none be left behind.

Being able bodied myself, even with a strong mind, I doubt if I can win against him for he has a far superior mental strength built up over those painful years he grew up with. That's me, but more critically, is that Pistorius had shown to all Humanity, none, no one needs to wallow in self pity, pain, hurt and suffer discriminations, just because one is disabled.

The limbs may had failed, but the most vital organ of all humans - the mind, still functions as before, and with better prosthetics, life can still go on, to live and love, leaving none behind.

Thanks Oscar Pistorius. You are the true Olympian and the true meaning behind it. Mind over matter.

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