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Strange Dream - Just Stress and Normal Stuff?

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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 01:02 PM
I have strange dreams sometimes anyway, and I figure a large part of it is influenced by my reading of comic books, other fictional works, and playing video games.

That said, I sometimes wonder if I'm in a meditative state or a sleep state, as I'm conscious sometimes laying there, thinking things, sometimes having some of the most perverse and disgusting, wrong thoughts I can imagine.

Sometimes, these thoughts manifest and the body believes what my mind tells it, I guess, so it sometimes seems as if I'm being molested, but nobody in my house would, and I wake up to find nothing there. I think it could also be nerves, as the male body does tend to exercise the reproductive organs when the body is at rest.

Either way, I only remember bits and pieces of this specific dream, but I recall that I was either walking or riding off into the sunset with either a friend or family member (I think this may be related to the episode of Top Gear I had watched before bed, where they raced across the desert). After that, I recall the feeling that I was in a much deeper state of mind than usual, even for a dream. It was like two levels down from that of my usual pre-sleep/in dream state.

I saw computer code flashing before my mind's eye and felt like someone was trying to "overwrite" me or my brain, or take me over or something. Being a Christian by faith, I remember rebuking over and over in Jesus' name in my mind until I came out of the first, second, and 3rd levels of my consciousness, to wake back up once more to the surface. I'm a computer programmer and have been reading a lot of Iron Man lately, so that could just be my mind in a lower level imagining itself as getting the whole "Extremis" treatment, but I could also see it as being a demon attack, or perhaps my stress at work or my stress in re-learning a computer programming language.

Some people say aliens, but no, it'd be demons, not aliens, and if it were an "abduction," it would only be in the psychological sense that they were messing with me, as they can't enter me - I belong to the Lord, and they can't take what is His.

Any ideas?

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