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Manic/Psycotic episode on ATS

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 06:20 PM
I find your thread interesting. I am not going to attempt to classify you or your experience, however, I do have some questions regarding that time frame. At any point during that experience did:

1) You have a thought in your head maybe a question that you asked yourself, then were guided to a sight or
heard something that could be interpreted as an answer? (E.G. You're in your living room and you think to
yourself "it feels like something bad and supernatural is in this room" and your sibling walks into the room
saying "yeah, it definately is, yeah, it's bad" and you look at him or her and realize he or she is just on the phone talking to someone else about a different topic.) - telepathy/connected thoughts/collective consious possibility

2) Did you feel a tingling in your forehead or a feeling of stimulation or "activation" in your head?
3) Did you have so much energy that it you could easily classify it as borderline supernatural or more, yet
you have at least one point consiously accepted the statement that it was a just a symptom of mania, which
is according to professional doctors a type of state that someone who suffers from bipolar disorder can be in?
4) You said something about being connected to an electromagnetic grid. Did you at any point have recognition
of people around you making subtle ideomotor movements(little subconsious body language actions) that you
thought had some sort of significance, possibly with the grid or just being actions that psychologically had an
effect that you realized and other people wouldn't because it went under their radar? --Increased awareness
5)Have you had recognition to being so logically superior to your peers surrounding you that you feel as though
something supernatural stepped in and started checking the extent of your logical capabilities? If so, have you
felt like whatever unknown thing was doing this was also warning you at every level?
6)Have you ever been in such a state where you are feeling very bad possibly evil (nothing like depression).
The energy is still there, your consious and train of thought are all negative thoughts though. If so, did it ever
feel like you were being zapped by electricity like you were attracting negative ions or something similar to that
effect? Did you feel like your ego was not moveable?

I had a spiritual experience and these are some of the things I went through.
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