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Real Matrix - Lets get together

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posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 01:41 AM

You're really confusing me. Do you or do you NOT believe in this matrix thing!? In one sentence, you'll say something like "C'mon guys, get real. There is no matrix". In the next sentence, you're arguing FOR the existence of the matrix.


posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 12:32 PM
I am not an arguer I say what I think. The mind is the key to all, right ? Why not listen to it when it gives you hunches about things. Something in my post are from personal experience with my G/F being Bi-Polar and I have really vivid dreams since I was young. But alot of it is just hunches and stuff that I have just said someone prove this wrong. Not to say that everything I say is true .. but I will say this everythign I say has not been proved wrong and if it is proved wrong then I will BELIEVE in the other ... anyways ... ... On with the thread and not about me ... I also wanted to let you know that I am for and against the theory of a Matrix. What is your theory and how does it involve a matrix ... Do I believe that we are all plugged into a machine .."NO" .. is my answer ... Do I believe that we are all connected ... A big "YES" ... and this basically goes back to my belief on CAUSE and EFFECT ... if there is a cause and an effect for everything which I believe nothing happens for NOTHING .... So that would put together EVERYTHING in life fitting together almost as if it were ****... Well .. never mind about that example lol lets keep it simple ... let's just say everything fits together liek a puzzle ... Can everyone get a good visual off of that lol ... Tell me what you think peace ..

[Edited on 10/14/2004 by bet555]

posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 05:09 PM
Dear Bett, and other members heavily intoxicated with Matrixism; to convey your message in a productive and logical manner, i would suggest touching up the english and bringing in examples of other philosophies -- not matrixism -- that adhere to those of which you share. I'm not trying to sound offensive, this is something of which i found myself doing when i first joined this site.

Here are some good links i came across.


posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 01:07 PM
Oh, my lovely friend, Im so happy to find you again in the MATRIX
This is the best thing of the MATRIX and I like it because of it. Any way, everything is just interpretation and the MATRIX is just the part of the SHOW. And you know "The Show must gone" but Im not relly sure in this phrase
Do you know I prefer the story about the Gigant Teature. The Matrix is just one story in it. In this teater we are sometimes actors, sometimes audience. But I have seen that some actors play as mania, for them playing is as drog and I can call this drog MATRIX because their small teatres are almost equal- standard. And you know we call all the standards Matrix.
With a lot of LOVE

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