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A Thought Told At Twilight [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 10:51 AM
It is the last of my hours, this cycle voyage near complete.
I sit and glare at all before me, with the horizon drawing near.
My friend and foe The Darkness lurking ever closer.
Death is once again upon me, but I shed not a single tear.

With the death of The Darkness, my return is always assured,
a resurrection prophecy that is fulfilled each morning.
I fear little in my journey, for each passing is the same for me,
yet forever slightly different in the places I will be soaring.

Often am I misundersood, my thoughts begin to wonder.
Do you love me? Are you afraid of me? Do you fear my anger?
Can't you see my gifts to all, my proper side of balance?
The greatness of myself is far more important than the danger.

Tommorrow I shall begin refreshed to show my face again.
Will you all miss me when only The Darkness remains?
I may be gone from you for a time, but I promise I'll be back.
And for the times after tommorrow, I'll shall return the same.


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